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She’s like Bridget from Guilty Gear, but flipped and reversed.

Maybe she was born into a family that really wanted a son, or maybe her decision to larp as a man was hers and hers alone. Whatever the case may be, she's a woman who is living a man's life. She can be a prince, a hero, a dastardly villain...I'll leave that up to your discretion.

Obviously I can play her, but if you're in possession of a character that fits her M.O., you're more than welcome to claim the role for yourself. I'm very versatile.

I have multiple ideas for this prompt, so take your pick. Or suggest your own set-up! I love when people send me little plots.

I'm a detailed, descriptive writer who posts on a daily basis and communicates regularly. I do enjoy making conversation with my RP partners, so you can expect me to be chatty! (If that bothers you, I can reign it in. No problem—just let me know how you feel in advance.)

I sincerely hope I've piqued at least one person's interest. Thanks, all!
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