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Current My mom always makes pasta without sauce. It's disgusting. She's the reason I hate pasta.
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Going nowhere, going nowhere.
1 mo ago
Worn out places, worn out faces.
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If someone wants to abandon a RP, they're not obligated to tell you why.


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AnnaWinters 3 mos ago
Prettige feestdagen :D
AnnaWinters 7 mos ago
Someone just sent me this one. I had to share :P
Foster 7 mos ago
Long story short: because magnets.
RougeRogue 8 mos ago
A hello from the Rouge Rogue to you o/
Gunther 8 mos ago
Love the Bea Arthur meme, "Go hug a landmine!" ROFLMAO!!!
Who is your avatar? Kind of looks like Karen Gillan, but I'm assuming a comedian on Netflix and Karen is no comedian. Although she is kind of funny as Ruby Roundhouse on Jumanji.
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