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The Aedelfarri - Turn 1

The foundation of the old Aedel culture is their stories. Sagas that have lived on long after those they were about have been lost to time and with time those same stories were exaggerated and changed beyond recognition, as is the way of oral traditions. Young boys are brought up on tales of daring heroes who conquered the elements and mighty beasts with only a blade in their hands and courage in their hearts. To meet the challenges of the world head on is an honorable thing and it is the only way a self proclaimed king could be allowed to act. For to gain glory and infamy is a mark of success among rulers of the Aedels. However maddening their legacy may be, to gain one is to show you left your mark on the world and to have earned the notice of the angels. Whatever the fate of Waebury and Eric's fledgling kingdom it would never be one of note if its people met their first challenge by hiding or running away.

And so the saga of Eric ap Edrin began as he and his thanes strode into the forboding forest in pursuit of this mystical bear and its hidden choir. In one hand Eric held an iron short sword, in the other he held a small sack of food. If this was some dark fey of the woods that would threaten them then he would meet it in battle and return victorious or die a glorious death. If this was some lost angel of the wilds then he would offer it food and salt as a king should, and earn an ally for his new kingdom and would return in glory. Either way Eric would earn a name for himself.

Back at Waebury

While the warriors set off on their hunt the remaining Aedelfarri were left to busy themselves with the hard work of building a town that would outlast its first winter. For now food was the most pressing concern for the average Aedel family. Farms would take too long to yield real results and their best hunters were away seeking out magical bears. So their eyes fell on something they had become all too familiar with over the past weeks. The sea would serve.

Fishing was one of the few ways to pass the time and make yourself useful on the cramped deck of the longships and the Grass Dogs were a people used to the coast. So with rope salvaged from their new homes and basic tools that had survived the trip they set to crafting nets and hook lines as well as baskets that might capture whatever delicious animals that might live on the sea floor and were beyond the ability of the children to catch.

The Aedelfaari - Turn 0

"Land Ho!" Came up the call and a grand cheer followed as the haggard travelers saw a safe chance to finally free themselves from the cramped squalor they had endured on their crowded longboats.

The wind was high the day the Aedels made landfall on the new continent. A brisk and billowing cry that sent the the sand and salt spray flying all around them. Aedelfarri longships cut into the land, one after another as their cargo spilled out onto the sands, eager to feel the ground under them again. These ships were first made for raiders, made to travel light and fast so they might be pulled up land and out to sea again quickly. Today those ships would be dragged up the slopes of the bay the Aedels had spied from the sea and up to the fields beyond. The men and women given thaqt hard task grunted and complained but eventually the ships found their way to a strong plot of land.

The keen eyed among the immigrants had spied a few possible landing grounds but the final choice fell to their chieftain, Eric. In the end his heart was taken by a windy bay on a northern peninsula that might help them plant their feet firmly in these new lands and did so remind him of home. Fertile ground was found, with a nearby forest that might offer game and lumber. A lone hill was chosen where they might start the making of earthworks and build a fort house that would project power across the land. With all this decided the longships were brought to their final resting place, their inhuman figureheads staring out across the landscape as only the maddening visages of the angels could. And so the ships were slaughtered. They were turned upside down, their spare parts stripped from their hull as a makeshift mixture of wattle and daub was made to form each longhouse's foundations and outer shell.

This was the beginning of a settlement they would call Waebury, a secure place among the waves.

Centuries later historians would find scrimshaw carvings that depict Aedelfarri people gathered in feast and celebration. At the head of this crudely depicted group is a male figure, facing towards the rest of this assembled group, his beard is of a different pattern and his head is adorned with a crown that sprouts into regal prongs that did not exist but were instead created by artistic license. This is one of the earliest depictions of the founding of Waebury. It would fall to later artists and scholars to try and put into words the unrecorded speech that Eric would give to his assembled subjects.

Though all agree that he stood upon the hillside and shouted words to the effect of, "We are no longer a clan among clans. We are no longer dogs among beasts. We are a small folk now, as we were before but we are free of those that would keep us so. We are free now, for we have traveled far, and we will grow strong." Or words to that effect.

So went the self coronation of Eric ap Edrin, first king of the Aedelfarri and the kingdom of Aedelfarr.

Official Name of Nation: Empire of Rubrus
Nation Leader: Empress Alina Romanovna
Form of Government: Absolute Monarchy
Nation Capital: St Izenval
National Language: Rubrun

Nation Claim
Sarazyl, Rubrus, Birobnya, Noyavgut.

Brief Look:

Rubrus is one of the old powers of Eastern Europe. With an emphasis on old. Many consider the empire as being a place of stagnation, a nation that is stuck in the past. The divide between the ruling aristocracies and the lower classes is incredibly pronounced. The ruling powers are centralized in the few and scattered major cities of the empire, living in opulence and reveling in the arts and culture that their aristocratic inheritances allow them to enjoy. While the majority of the country is made up of farmers, woodsmen and other tradesmen that live in the rural towns that dot the sweeping northern plains. There is an emerging middle class of clerks and bureaucrats that has been brought about by the industrial revolution that has spread over Europe but they are the firmly in the minority. Some may be lucky enough to find work with a noble household or serving an overly wealthy scion who wants a fashionable secretary.

The Rubrun navy is a fledgling branch of the military. The northern waters have traditional made sailing in great numbers difficult and the ice has served as a natural barrier what few threats may come by sea. A naval career is seen as a quiet and easy life (as far as life in the military goes) for those who willingly join up and a way to quietly brush drunks and embarrassing family members under the rug for the noble families willing to throw money away on an officer's commission. The thin spread of industrial resources makes outfitting a full army difficult for the Rubrun army but what equipment is made is done by dedicated craftsmen and worthy of praise, this leads to soldiers using hand me down gear and being given training that puts an emphasis on equipment maintenance. The true pride and joy of the Rubrun army is their cavalry. With horses descended from the steppe stallions and a tradition born from the nomadic warlords that founded this ancient empire. Young noblemen vie for a place among the ranks of the famed cavalry regiments, each one looking to make a name for themselves and to bring honor to their house and ancestral arms.

Recent News:
- Empress Alina marries Prince Pashkov Sadoski of The Kingdom of Claidor, cementing and alliance between the two nations.
- Tensions rise with The Kingdom of Ilastiri as both countries train their military forces.
- Diplomatic relations are opened with The Republic of Toubres.

The Aedels

Nation/Clan/Kingdom/Tribe Name: The Kingdom of Aefarr
Represented Color:Yellow

Race: Human
Nouns include: Aedelfarr/Aedelfarri/ Aedels

Capital: Waebury
Ruler: King Eric ap Edrin

Type of Government: Fledgling Feudal Monarchy

Religion: Many Aedel clans were converted to an eastern faith that was brought to their home land in a lost age and have since added their own national slant to its aesthetics and philosophies. Theirs is a monotheistic religion. Based around the church of Dow the far god. Dow is revered as the maker of all things and is regarded as being far beyond mortal comprehension.

Dowist Mythos says that after creating the world and all life Dow looked upon their works and was pleased. But Dow is all knowing and knew that they were too powerful to live among their creations, so Dow made their angels to act as the caretakers of creation. Since Dow would never answer a mortal prayer (and it would be the height of hubris to think one's self worthy of praying to them) the church venerated the pantheon of angels act out Dow's will. This pantheon seems to contain an endless number of angels, some named, some not. The angels are often depicted as humanoid in shape but their heads are always bizarre and impossible in shape, being made up of swirls, spirals and other inorganic shapes. Another feature that varies among them is that the more sets of wings an angel is shown to possess the more powerful and high ranking it is.

Geographical Location:(The blue dot on the Eastern Peninsula)

History: These people call themselves the Aedelfarri. They come from a land far to the West. Far across the waves and farther than the eye can see. Their old home land was one of wild forests and foreboding mountains, a rugged land that made a hardy people. It was also a land that was carved up into the territories of clans beyond counting, with family borders that were always shifting like the tide. Most clans were lead by warlords that granted themselves the title of "Chieftain" or "King" depending on each one's whims. This mosaic of tiny kingdoms that would only qualify as a small city in other (more developed) realms were never much to speak of but the Aedelfarri are a proud people and each would shout to the heavens about how their own piece of their ancestral lands are the best of them all.

The Grass Dog Clan claimed an arable bay on the western coast of their old home. Theirs was a relatively gentle existence, where border skirmishes were few and the greatest enemy of their clan was seasonal storms that might threaten their harvests. Yet this was not to last. The Old Lands were invaded and this time the clans did not unite swiftly enough to repel the foreign forces as they had done in the past. This time the external threat was slow and insidious. Small forces that tested border forces and agents that sowed the seeds of doubt that said reason could win peace were sent ahead. So the story goes anyway, most people are too proud to admit that perhaps their nation was weak or slowly destroying itself from within.

This is a story that unfolded like a history essay. One that the average Aedelfarri cannot possibly manage to retell thanks to their lack of education. Kingdoms and faiths have vied for the Old Lands but the Grass Dogs always survived and hung onto their ancestral lands. Until they could not. When the young chief, Eric ap Edrin took the command spear of his clan he say two extreme options. To stand in their lands and fight as they risked a slow and inglorious death against the many wolves at their door. Or to set out across the sea and risk an inglorious death among the waves as they looked for peaceful lands where they might grow strong again.

Lucky for this ragged clan of Aedels they succeeded. Their longships reached the shore of a land similar to the home they left behind. Shallow hulls slid up the beeches and boats were flipped and turned into longhouses. The beginnings of a new home took root in a familiar bay and this clan found itself alone in a new world. Emboldened by adventure and ambition, Eric named himself king and decreed that they would build a new nation, formed from one clan and made whole through unity.

A new Chapter for the Aedels would begin.
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