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Current Aw yeah,pay day
1 mo ago
We out here feeling panic for no particular reason
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I haven't even really got to rp yet lol
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Feeling Sad and Concerned
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I was going to write a new status and my mind went blank so now we’re here


So uh Bio

So what do I put here? I'm new for one,I'm a student teacher and this is a site I'mma keep up in my background,I like wearing sweaters and staying inside,and snuggling. I love to do all kinds of things and I'm sorta a jack of all trades,good at all but master of none. So uhm I'll see ya around if I'm not sleeping!

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We were just discussing demonic dealings and such of the underworld darling
Is this alright?

Looks great,I’d love to join in and I’ll make my character later
Bright Glowing Bird
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God of Combat
bet,I'll do it tomorrow when I can type better
I got approval to join in but that doesn't make me any less nervous
Welcome to the guild, and there are a lot of people here who love gritty fantasy so yeah,WELCOME
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