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3 days ago
Current Finally, I think this cold is clearing up. I'm just going to keep DayQuil in a Pez dispenser for the rest of the year.
7 days ago
I can't believe it. I think I'm getting another head cold. This sucks.
11 days ago
I'm away at the mini vacay, so replies may be slow. I should be back up to speed after the 10 or 11. Please pardon the inconvenience.
27 days ago
Woo! I'm feeling even better after being sick haha! I am going to be going to a mini vacation June 7 - 10, so I may be slow about replies, but I'll try not to be.
1 mo ago
No longer sick, but the echoes of illness remain. Like, I keep thinking my nose is running when it's just fine. Ignore me touching my face every five seconds to check and see if I'm leaking. I'm fine.


Hey everyone. I used to be really active here, but then life got in the way, you know the old song.

But, I'm back, so here's a bit about me:

I prefer 1x1
I also prefer casual role-plays.
I don't like to do romance
I like medieval, sci-fi, steampunk, animal, and teacher/student type of role-plays.
I will promise once a day replies.

Hope to hear from you soon,
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