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My intro post is up. I apologize in advance if there's grammatical errors, I didn't really proof read it and I haven't been RPing or writing in over a year.
Winter never was a kind time of year in North Dakota. The heavy snows and freezing temperatures were hardly hospitable, especially not since the climate of Earth had long since turned to the more extreme. Out in the wilderness of the mountains, there wasn't any help, protection, or safety from the elements for miles. Perfect training grounds to keep his skillset sharp.

It had been almost 6 months since Galius had been on active duty. Between the medical leave for his injuries and the TCMP being tired of trying to convince him that he could better serve if he were to undergo the replacement surgery for his vocal chords, it seemed that they had given up on trying to make things work for Galius. Why help a man who didn't want to be helped? He couldn't lead the soldiers he was to lead as a Lieutenant, and they wouldn't demote him for unknown reasons. Maybe that was what Galius had been hoping for. Laying in the snow with naught but thermal clothing and a wrap to protect his head from the frostbite, Galius hadn't moved for hours, seemingly unphased by the cold and the extreme weather. He had been waiting for a target, a moving one, to give him a slight challenge over the series of empty beer bottles already shattered on the mountainside. Staring down the scope of his rifle, he eyed his target, a small buck, roughly 200 yards away according to his optics. Simple.

The steam rose off the tip of his rifle as his implants confirmed the kill. Slowly standing and shaking off the snow that had fallen on his back, Galius cracked his neck, the long hours of being immobile having taken their toll on his body. Slinging his rifle over his shoulder, he began the walk down toward his kill when his implants began to blink a red dot signifying a classified message. As he walked, information scrolled across the bottom of his vision, indicating he needed to be ready to move out to headquarters within the day. With a heavy sigh, Galius turned and headed toward civilization. He had a transport to catch.
He had always hated this place, loud, bustling, and absurdly over-done, the TCMP headquarters would be a tourist hit were it not highly regulated and travel to it limited. He wondered just how they got away with spending this vast amount of money on all these structures that served for little else than to look pretty and give the commanding officers something to pose by. Galius had about two hours until the meeting that he was supposed to be on started. Dressed in his Viper fatigues with his rank emblazened across the shoulder, Galius looked like a man about to be deployed rather than a man about to meet his commanding officer. His hair was tied back in a pony tail and it was obvious that he hadn't showered on his transport. Technically, the way he was dressed was proper, which was good, because he hated the dress uniform, but no doubt anyone who was expecting perfect appearance would be upset with him. Though, it's not like they gave him much of a choice considering how little time they gave him to get there. It's a wonder he made it on time at all. He exited the transport and tossed his small duffel bag across his shoulders that was sure to set off every single checkpoint from here to Central.

It took him longer than expected to get through all the checkpoints from his transport, but even so, he had 45 minutes until the meeting. What better way to spend it than with a nice, morning scotch. Only a couple minute's walk from Central was Dirty Dan's, a strip club that was a favorite among the TCMP who were sleazy enough to go in. Galius enjoyed it solely because the lighting was low enough that no drunk asshole who hadn't seen a day's combat in his life would ask him about his scars. As he walked in, he noticed that the day shift was on, and took a glance at the girl on stage whos vitals showed she was pregnant.

When he sat down at the bar, a fat old man walked up and stood across from him, no doubt waiting for his order. Galius simply pointed to the bottle of Macallan 15 year on the shelf behind him. The bartender looked at the soldier peculiarly, but realized that if he was drinking this early in the morning, it's probably best that he didn't ask. The man grabbed a glass and reached for the cubes of ice below him when Galius waved his hand at him and shook his head. The bartender nodded and poured the scotch straight into the glass. Galius took it and dropped a few credits on the counter, enough for two drinks.

Standing up and walking over to the stage where the pregnant and somewhat homely stripper was doing her work, Galius sat down and watched. Only one other patron was in the bar at this hour, and he was completely drunk. Galius sipped his scotch and watched the hips of the girl in front of him for only a couple minutes before the drunk soldier started flapping his jaw.

"Hey man," The soldier slurred together, staggering over and slapping the much larger Galius on the shoulder, "Maybe they should get us the 'A' ladies in here, huh? This one looks like shit!"

Galius ignored the soldier, not even making eye contact, and continued to watch the poor pregnant girl, whose heart rate had increased most likely because she was pissed at the audacity of the drunken soldier. She continued to dance, and slipped slightly on the pole, recovering and continuing her routine before the soldier spoke up again.

"See! She can't even do it right! Dumb whore." The drunk spat out again as she glared over at him and Galius, who still hadn't removed his eyes from her. The soldier foolishly stood in front of his view. "What'sa matter? Can't talk, asshole?"

Galius' eyes were now firmly fixed to the drunk as he stood up and towered a good foot over the man. He downed the rest of his scotch and took a step toward the drunk, who stood his ground. Galius stared him in the face and watched him shrink, the cold stare that he had given so many obviously working in this case. The soldier struggled to keep eye contact until he averted his eyes and saw the rank and insignia of the Vipers on Galius' shoulder and quickly realized what he had done.

"S-sir. I'm sorry sir... Forgive me sir. I'm drunk." He said, stepping back and lowering his head like a whipped pup. Galius nodded his head toward the stripper and the soldier looked back quizzically, then back and Galius. He nodded again, and soldier pulled a few credits out of his pocket and put them in the stripper's waistband. Galius cracked a grin and patted the soldier on the head. His optical implants were telling him he had about 5 minutes left before the meeting, just enough time to make it.
Galius made it just in time to the meeting. The long walk down this absurdly extravagant hallway would have him arrive just about a minute before the meeting was supposed to start. He turned the corner and entered the room to be greeted by the woman who was no doubt his commanding officer, which was shortly confirmed by his implants informing him of her rank, as well as other random bits of information, as well two very high ranking men whom anyone in the TCMP would recognize. Galius snapped to attention and saluted, realizing just how serious this mission may actually be...
Should be good. Every iteration of Galius that I use is fun to play because he so rarely speaks. He's tough to write for sometimes!

I like everyone's characters. Should be fun.
Name: Galius “Ghost” Vansen
Age: 29
Appearance: You know me, I hate photos…

Tall , dark, and dangerous. Galius stands 6’1”, with black hair that waves down the back of his head, constantly wrapped and tied on mission to avoid getting in his way, Galius might have been a woman’s man, pretty and smooth, had he not chosen his line of work. The remnants of an explosion burn still mark the upper right side of his face. While not readily apparent, it’s visible if make eye contact with him for long enough. His eyes are a brown that is so deep it might as well be black and his rugged scruff facial hair complete the look.

His frame is completely ripped from his training (more on that below), but a massive scar can be seen across his neck, remnants from a gunshot wound that he survived. He certainly looks like a man who has seen a lot in his few days.

He rarely speaks as a result of his injury, and is often very stoic and calm. His nickname, Ghost, is a result of the quickness and silence that he typically moves with, because often if someone did not keep track of him actively, he would disappear when they turned their head.

Nationality: Earth. Scottish-American

Rank: Lieutenant.

Bio (what is in his file): Little is known of Galius’ past prior to his joining the TCMP. He was born of a Scottish mother and an American father who was a successful businessman. He enlisted at 18, seemingly fed up with a boring life among his parents in luxury. He quickly showed an aptitude for firearms, being top of his training class for side-arms and long rifles. After one deployment as a investigations support officer (see: glorified bodyguard), he returned to TCMP headquarters with rave reviews from his superiors.

His effectiveness, eagerness, and bravado made him a favorite among his commanders, and he was promoted and told that, were he willing, they wanted him to train and join the Vipers, the TCMP’s elite marksman squad. Following 4 years of training, Galius successfully completed his tasks and joined the Vipers, and was deployed on multiple missions in the following years.

He excelled as a sniper, providing cover and taking out targets without being spotted. His most reputable mission was the assassination of Max Alliser, a notable terrorist--In the middle of his compound in broad daylight. Unfortunately, Galius also suffered burns to his face from the escape on that mission, as he used an explosion to cover his exit.

His next mission, he was sent with a team of Vipers to root out a terrorist organization holed in the mountains of a mining colony on Eden III, a remote moon in Terran Territory. Galius was struck in the neck during a shootout when the mission went sideways. Details on the mission's failure are classified.

He spent the following 6 months going through multiple surgeries. He died twice on the operating table and the doctors managed to bring him back. Ultimately, through the miracles of modern medicine, they managed to keep him alive and he recovered from the injury. However, the gnarly scar is a obvious reminder of how close he was to death.

His injury changed him. He ceased to be smooth and charming, and rarely ever spoke. His vocal chords took damage, and his voice was a raspy growl that sounded like he was a man about to die, which may have something to do with it. He had been replaced on the Vipers, having been injured for so long, and was relegated to regular TCMP work, however, his superiors gave him a promotion for his efforts. He was effective at his job, but was a poor leader due to his stoic nature and intimidating stare. His lack of desire to communicate with anyone made it difficult to work with him as well.

He was born to be a soldier, and so they sent him under Sienna’s command, to see if they could still get some use out of his skills…

Equipment (Non-combat):
-Nautilus Special Operations Implants – Implants that are standard for the Viper organization, Galius’ right eye and forehead were fitted with a real-time tactical display that feeds him information about the battlefield around him, giving him locations of targets, surveillance, and various other information. The implants act as a HUD over his vision, and are immensely effective.

-Remington IE-1099 Rail Pistol – A large side-arm to be sure, that uses magnetic fields to project conventional bullets at high velocity, Galius carries this weapon everywhere, as it can double as a medium-range weapon in combat and in urgent situations for a properly trained marksman. 10 shot magazine.

-Underneath street clothes, Galius wears the Viper’s Armstech SKD (Specialized Kinetic Defense) armor. A lightweight fabric-like material that is very effective at protecting the wearer from light-arms fire. It is perfect for all times since it is practically weightless.

Equipment (combat) :

-Remington MK-999 Sniper Rifle – A conventional ammunition sniper rifle, the MK-999 is effective at ranges of up to 2 miles, provided the sniper can hit the target from there. The .50 caliber ammunition is perfect for armored and non-armored soft targets and light-armored heavy weaponry or vehicles. 12 shot magazine.

-Vertigo Corp EN-01 Energy Rifle – A medium-to-long range energy rifle, this rifle has about the longest effective range possible for an energy weapon, and is collapsible to boot. Galius carries this as a secondary for any robotic/shielded targets, as it fires a charged round that is effective at disabling and destroying non-human targets. 8 shot magazine

-Armstech AKD (Advanced Kinetic Defense) Armor – The combat armor of the Vipers, Galius wears this lightweight plate in combat. The plates are interlocking and designed for his body frame, so it provides for ample fire protection while being completely silent. While not heavy armor, it is effective at stopping medium arms fire, and comes equipped with multiple tools useful for a field operative, such as mechanics in the hands and boots of the armor that allow him to scale sheer surfaces by increasing the friction to the surface.

-EMP grenades – For disabling shields

Specialized skills: Galius is an expert marksman. He is skilled in direct combat as well as support roles. he chooses to carry long-range rifles, but is effective with assault rifles as well.
Bringing this back, eh? I might have to become active again... Provided you're down with RPing with an old bud again... haha
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