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We're done here.
We are not.

It is my growing personal conviction that there's a culture clash between this place and our particular group. Every single time we've tried to engage with people here, it's ended up exploding in our faces. I'm woman enough to admit that some of that is likely on us - no one in the Alliance is a particularly meek or amiable personality on the best of days (there's a reason I act as the group's spokesman), but a larger part of it is on folks who seem to be surprised that we're not willing to job our faces off to inflate win counts around here and grovel at the feet of Da Champs until we've 'earned our place'.

RPGuild's Arena doesn't really seem to enjoy the sorts of fights we do, and we don't enjoy the sorts of fights we keep finding here. Everyone in the Alliance cut their teeth on a tier of combat where star systems were legitimate targets, and we all like savoring combat and drawing out a fight for twenty, thirty, or more turns over dozens of exchanges. A true display of each fighter's versatility, adaptability, inventiveness, and perseverance in the face of unrelenting, unflagging war. One Punch-y instagib five-post fights are not considered marks of skill or distinction for us; they're considered marks of scorn for a player considered beneath the attention and effort required of a proper fight.

We've decided it would likely be for the best for us to withdraw from play here. You don't want us here, and we don't particularly feel like being here anymore. Why keep pretending otherwise?
So. Let's do this properly.

First of all: I've been specifically asked to handle this in Tezcatlipoca's stead, as I am nominally the thread GM and also because I'm far calmer and more able to deal with horse manure than Tez is. You're talking to me now, not Tez.

Second of all: Decoy, Keileon, all you other TZDL guys? Kindly stay the fuck out. This has nothing to do with Mobius' tournament, and your input is neither required nor desired.

And thirdly: Xavier, people who are interested in resolving issues honorably do not write disgusting, "I am literally shitting down the other guy's neck" autokill posts without warning, on the thin and flimsy justification of 'my opponent won't talk to me anymore, and I don't like how they're treating my powers!'. You posted that pile of moose dung knowing full well it would provoke anger, arguments, and Problems; you don't get to play the injured fucking party here. You had the same option LeeRoy executed back when his fight with me turned sour - simply stop posting and move on. LeeRoy got to keep his dignity, nobody remembers or cares about that old fight anymore, and furthermore he gets to take another crack at us because he hasn't shown us blatant disrespect and flung filth in our faces.

Saying "I know this will cause disagreement but I don't care" doesn't resolve you of having thrown the first pooball. Tez was perfectly willing to just let this thing fade away unremarked on. Now she's not. Now I'm not. Twice before, I argued Tez down when you made grievous errors that should have earned you serious damage, counseling moderation in the interests of a clean fight. Your hand-to-hand is sloppy, your timescaling issues are severe, and now your honor is deeply in question.

Tez gets to write one post doing whatever she likes, because hey - you got to write one post doing whatever you liked. Fair is fair. After that, someone's going to tell me how to close this thread because nobody needs or wants another Negatomsk vs. Doc three-page shitfest. You, Xavier Bloodbayne, are off our radar forevermore. Don't ever bother asking for another fight with us, Luchalliance or otherwise. Don't bother Rilla trying to cry to Papa that the mean nasty masked guys are bullying you - this is an off-the-books unranked fight nobody cares about save you and us, the man has better ways to spend his time than being dragged through the mud a second time for this crap.

What you can do right now is simple - shut your mouth, let Tez have her post, then go and be about your life. Don't argue, don't yell, don't throw more fits in public. Just shut up and go away. We'll do the same.
Xavier Bloodbayne, you have failed your mask.

I have not read your final post, nor will I do so. A bare skimming of the post, and a reading of your laughable 'Reasoning', shows it to be disrespectful, arrogant, and presumptuous - especially in a fight which you should have lost long ago. Twice before, I have counseled Tezcatlipoca towards forbearance and cooperation, from the desire to have one single fight in this den of iniquity and dishonor that went properly for once. This, however, is strike three. Your 'Reasoning' is flawed and your choice of methods is craven.

'Dread Metal/Energy' being indestructible, infinitely reproducible, effortlessly persistent, and held to be automatically superior and sovereign to all other forms of 'destructive energy' is the powerset of a coward. Such a 'tool' is not for those who seek glorious and honorable contests of will and wit, but is instead the safety blanket of a player unwilling to accept defeat.

RPGuild officials will no doubt side with you, as this website has repeatedly proven itself hostile to the Luchalliance. That is as it may be. Know, however, that to those who fight with fire in their souls, steel in their bellies, and glory in their spirits, you have proven yourself worthy only of swift and savage disposal.

Tezcatlipoca, you are free to end this match however you see fit in El Rey's timeline. Should you wish to continue this farce, I will not stand in your way. If honor is beyond this wretch, perhaps sheer brutality will get through.

Do as you desire, free of censure. Show Xavier why El Rey is known as the Fifth Apocalypse.
Also, as for Gonad's perception, that's different. Gonad must perceive someone to be a threat in order for the Beardforce to evaluate them. The Beardforce does the rest in terms of power-scaling.

Just to make one thing clear, here...this would be both powergaming and metagaming, insofar as I understand either rule in a general sense. The Beardforce being allowed to know the entirety of Lobo's sheet from the word Go in order to amplify Gonad to the theoretical maximum that Doc believes Lobo capable of is...problematic, in a rather staggeringly high number of ways. Not least of which is permitting Gonad to know, simply by saying "U BAD GUY", exactly how powerful his foe is and what that foe is capable of. I recall, a very much significantly lesser and vastly more limited version of the same sort of sensory ability is what got me permabanned from all tournaments forever here, ne?

The Beardforce allowing Gonad to match Lobo's own demonstrated power is one thing, letting him even the field. The Beardforce allowing him to pick whatever field he likes and completely disregard anything Lobo might do is another thing entirely.

Anyways. Insofar as the rest of it goes, I'll let Negatomsk and Doc do their own debating. I'm sure we all have our opinions on how the fight is proceeding and I understand that all the RPGuild regulars are rootin' for Doc to show all us Luchalliance punters What Our Place Is and such so we stop botherin' y'all...but it's not your fight, @RiDaku. It's not yours either, @Vordak. It's not mine either, which is why I'm restricting my comment to the given Beardforcism and not the actual mechanics of the fight. Let's let the fighters do their fighting, ne?

I believe the other contestants of the tournament have made their message clear - they don't particularly want us here, either.

I know the cold shoulder on profile recommendations has frozen out Tezcatlipoca's desire to compete completely. Being told your sheet is a hair's breadth from being rejected, then left swinging in the wind for close to half a month wondering WHY your sheet is a hair's breadth from rejection does a number on one's drive and enthusiasm for an event. Enki has had to abandon one sheet already and was, prior to the decision to pull out, wrestling with the judges over his second. Rize was informed that he was unwelcome at the event completely, and at all future events of the same name.

Even if compromises in terms of character acceptance could be reached - and Negatomsk's Lobo Blanco shows they can be - none of us want to be here anymore, either. Considering the fact that Mobius invited Dias and myself, specifically by name, to attend - and did so on our home board, with copious evidence of our typical profiles and styles - I feel that perhaps the man should've been prepared for us when we showed up.

For the sake of gentlemaskly conduct I'll keep the rest of my disputes to myself, but in short - no, there is no compromise I'm prepared to make at this point. There are folks I will regret missing the chance to test Maquina against, there are folks I'm now quite glad I won't have to waste my time on, but I have better things to do than to play Sandbagger #3 on Mobius' tournament brackets.
@Guru When I'm addressed, I'll respond. To a point, anyways. I expected to be @'d a great deal when Mobius and the others show up, but I'm going to do my best to be a good little girl and abstain from that particular fracas.

No promises, however.
@LeeRoy Do better than you did with Virtuoso. At least, if you intend to challenge me within my own tier again. Hm hm, fine enthusiasm however! That is indeed the spirit.

@Albatross City Such things are holdovers from the original sheets the characters were converted from. Had Mobius not flipped schitts over the lot of us being powergaming chumps trying to steal his money (as if any of us believed he was going to actually be paying us if we won anyways), I have no doubt such immunities would've complied with the 'resistance' rules declared within the tournament. La Maquina's own resistances were culled from her original sheet for a reason.

It's my view that over-fussy profile acceptance processes pre-tournament are an aggravating waste of time - ensure the sheet is written in a way that the player's intent to comply with the spirit of the tournament is clear, move on, then punish transgressions in-match with points off in judgment. For one, it allows an event to get rolling much more quickly and smoothly. For two, it offers an opportunity for a player to polish their Underdog skills, rolling with whatever breach is occurring if possible and in the doing score major points with any competent judge. Players who break the spirit of a competition in order to try and win within technicalities of the letter of said competition should not advance regardless of their lawyering ways.

That is, after all, a disgrace to their masks.
eleventy keks

@DLL you guys better be here for whatever next tournament be hosted on the guild. now aint the time for RP fighting communities to be drifting apart, y'know.

We have no intention of absconding forever, as my offer of challenge to Doc indicates. This particular 'event' has simply burned too many of us for the rest to continue to desire to compete. We shall be around.
Greetings from the Luchalliance.

It is a sad day for competition, and unfortunate news I must sadly bear to all of you assembled for the 2017 TZDL competition, and yet my scorn outweighs my sadness, my anger outweighs my caution, and my disdain outweighs my amicability.

When I was personally invited by name to attend the Duel League event being held in RPGuild this year, I reached out to friends and allies to create something memorable. We desired to make a splash, inject some life and color into the event, and promote the spirit of heated competition and showmanship often lacking in such events. In pursuit of this goal, we banded together to create an alternative collective of beloved characters – our
Luchalliance. We were told that the Duel League was a competition for characters on the higher end of the ‘medium’ power classification – a place where many Luchalliance players excel. We were told there would be honor and glory to be won.

We were sadly misled.

After being forced to make concessions to La Màquina’s sheet that not only break the spirit of her character, but render her easy elimination in the preliminary rounds of the tournament a nigh-certainty, I conferred with the other fighters of the Alliance and discovered many similar stories.

My friend AtlasRize was summarily rejected from the tournament with little explanation given, no chance offered to correct grievances with his entry, and informed that he need not reapply to this TZDL event, or any TZDL event held in the future.

My friend Tezcatlipoca was informed that Rey del Oscuridad II’s sheet was bitterly contentious and on the verge of outright rejection, and yet has gone for close to two weeks without a single word offered by way of advice, correction requests, or indeed anything else which could be used to correct this ‘bitterly contentious’ sheet.

I myself was subjected to the revocation of my approval to compete immediately following what I perceived to be a respectful, if somewhat heated, discussion of the Luchalliance usage of the term ‘ether’ and our methodology of inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness concerning the use of mystical phenomena-based powers and abilities. This revocation came with a list of requests which resulted in the forced reduction of La Màquina to very nearly low tier levels of ability should I wish to compete at all – and this in the face of a tournament where a single character is permitted to consist of two full-sized dragons able to devastate the entire battlefield at once with unavoidable bombardments of lightning.

I am not afraid of Jason – indeed, I had looked forward to putting my Dragon Slayer skills to the test, as such a battle is precisely what I’d hoped to find in a tournament advertised to me and mine to be squarely up our alleys. There are many names in this competition I had been fondly anticipating the opportunity to test, eager to see for myself the extent of RPGuild’s power when it was unleashed in full in high-tier combat. Sadly, my backhanded rejection from the tournament and the questionable treatment of my fellows does not afford us the opportunity to meet you on the field of glory.

The Luchalliance has decided as a unit to withdraw from the Duel League Tournament. We will not waste our time further with a man who clearly does not desire our presence and ‘invited’ us merely to try and inflate his numbers. To those of you who were in turn anticipating testing yourselves against the Masked Warriors of the Alliance, I invite you to seek out individual challenges against warriors you favor. I myself hear that @Doc Doctor is in search of ranked matches often denied him here As a demonstration of good faith, as my last match ended rather anticlimactically, and because Gonad amuses me, I offer such a match to you, Doc, should you be willing to contest with La Màquina as she was originally written – the way she was intended to be played. Win, and you may claim your season points with my blessing. Lose, and Gonad must wash his beard. With actual soap.

May your masks go forever unsullied, fellow champions of the Ring. And to the TZDL management team, I say this:
good fucking riddance.
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