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Siris prepares himself as the yeeks quickly rush towards him and his allies. Right before the first yeeks are about to reach he sees an arrow come flying towards him. With quick reflexs Siris blocks the arrow with his shield, avoiding a very unneeded injury. Although, having had to have move his shield to stop the arrow, the yeek warrior right in front of Siris was willing and able to take advantange of that brief opening in the young warrior's defenses.

Noticing the yeek's attack, and thanks to his many years of training, Siris pivots on his left foot bringing his right foot behind his left and effectively turning his body quickly 90 degrees. The yeek manages to slice the frontal part of Siris's abdomen, but noticeably nothing that could be considered even minimally fatal; as opposed to the very serious wound if his dodge wasn't succesful.

With as much speed as before, Siris quickly puts his right leg in front if his left in a lunging position, while simultaneously pushing the spear out of the way because of the turning of his body, and pierces the yeek through the chest.

Siris: Not bad foul beast, not many can have the honor of injuring me HAHAHA! while removing the sword from the yeek's chest as it falls to the ground.

While fighting Siris had noticed some of the other yeeks had slipped past him, although hearing the sound of battling and yelling behind him he knew his allies were currently fighting them and saw no need in having to personally go and defeat them.

Siris begins to move forward to prepare to fight the archer that had previously fired upon him but is delighted to notice he doesn't have to bother himself seeing as how Zarif had already shot two arrows into it causing its quick demise.

With the archer out of the way Siris sets his sights on the weird looking yeek that had caused the other ones to increase in strength.

Siris: So, you thought you could stay behind safely while we fought and, in your hopes, were defeated? Allow my blade to show you the error of yours ways

With quick movement Siris runs at the yeek ensi, slicing its head off before it can react.

Siris: Hmph, at least attempt to put up a fight he says while taking a moment to look at everything.

Siris moves 5 tiles to 25-12 and attacks and kills yeek ensi #2

Seemingly after he told Etor to hurry, Siris noticed many of his companions all rush in to attack the enemy

Siris: 'I have become more charismatic than I thought'

Feeling it only fitting for someone of his strength to take the lead, he begins moving towards the stairs of the ziggurt.
He sees a yeek with a bow near the stairs only for it to be quickly attacked and presumably killed by Etor, but Siris keeps moving forward and goes up the stairs without hesitation

While starting to go up the stairs he sees Ashür in combat with another yeek. Although another of his companions, Makeen, was right behind him. Siris passes him right as he launches the knife at the yeek that would prove to be the killing blow. Siris keeps moving forward passing Ashür

Siris: "Do not worry, for I have arrived!" he says seemingly to Ashür but in reality to no one in particular

Although he didn't say it, he didn't even directly think it, Siris was glad to have capable allies

Passing the dying yeek's convulsing body, Siris reaches the top of the stairs seeing Zarif there as well. Having reached the top of the stairs Siris now sees the large amount of yeeks coming towards them, as well as them begin to move faster after hearing certain chants from a strange yeek. Putting these thoughts in the back of his mind,
Siris takes a couple of steps forward while walking with his shield and sword to his sides while raising his voice
Siris: "The time for the mighty to take the lead has come!!" while raising his sword toward the big group of yeeks charging towards them he continues
"HA HA HA! Truly, you are as foolish as you are unlucky to have to face me in battle and not even attempt to run away!"

Siris stops walking and begins getting into his combat stance

"For against the likes of you, if you fight me with one, ten or one hundred; the only thing that will change is your body count!"

Siris moves 6 tiles to 24-16

Siris saw two yeeks lunge at him and immediately put his shield up. The first yeek slammed into the shield much harder than Siris anticipated considering it's size, but not strong enough to force the warrior lose his stance. While stopping the yeek with his shield Siris pierces the yeek through the gut, killing it in one blow. Afterwards he immediately pulls the sword out and prepares himself for the second yeek's attack, using his shield to use the yeek's momentum against it so it falls to the ground where Siris quickly finishes it off.

After finishing off the second yeet, out of the corner of his eye he spots another yeet coming towards him

Siris: "Hid yourself behind these other too huh?! Well no matter!"

When Siris got a proper look at the yeek he realized his mistake, although the yeek itself wasn't too close it's weapon was (if one could call it that that is) much closer. With a quick movement of his left arm Siris manages to deflect the Yeek's makeshift spear from stabbing him in the stomach, but not enough to completely avoid the blow which causes a relatively large cut on his right side.

Siris tries to immediately swing at the yeek but the surprise damage and the extra distance caused by the yeeks spear causes him to miss, allowing the yeek to take a couple of steps back and be out of immediate harm

Siris: "UGH!"
"You are not like the others, but you shall quickly fall to me nonetheless foul beast!"

At that moment Zarif passes them both and starts to head inside the ruins. Siris was about to take it as his cue to attack his enemy immediately since he felt like he was being left behind for being slow but stops himself when he hears his companion Etor thank him for his aid.

Siris: "Hahaha!" Siris confidently laughs trying to hide how much he's concentrating on the yeek in front of him to try to think of how to attack it without taking anymore damage
"It's the least someone of my skills can do! If you wish to thank me buy me some alcohol as celebration after we are finished!"

With those last words he rushes the yeek warrior to try to get past the spear's long reach before it can attack. The yeek tries to stab the human warrior in front of it but, with his shield, Siris hits the spear hard to his right. Following that momentum, Siris continues spinning while moving forward enough so that he turns a full circle followed by a fast and sharp cut into the yeek warrior's throat. While not enough to decapitate it, it was enough to cause it to certainly have a painful death despite its failed attempt at trying to hold its throat.

Siris: "In the meantime, let us finish off the rest of these creatures!" he shouts in Etor's direction
"Of course, I could also do it by myself! And that is what will happen if you do not hurry my young friend!! No time to waste!!" turning to face Zarif's direction

Siris moves 4 tiles to 24-22, then attacks yeek warrior 4

From his current position while charging towards the enemy, Siris could hear his comrades battling the yeeks and was rushing towards them to both aid and to gain more glory. While running Siris sees Zarif to his left coming towards him, figuring Zarif was probably trying to circle around and potentially strike the enemy from another direction. Seeing this opportunity, Siris extends his arm towards Zarif

Siris: "Zarif, assist me! Take me to the battle!"

Siris moves 1 tile to 16-26, gets targeted by the rescue command by Zarif, then gets put down at 22-22

Quick to act, Zarif gives Siris a nod and grabs his arm to help hoist him on his mount while trying to avoid slowing down as much as possible. While rushing towards the enemy, Siris notices his ally Etor bravely fighting by myself with a small swarm of yeets surrounding and rushing in to try to end the brave young warrior's life.

Siris: "HAHAHAHA! Etor you reckless fool!" Siris shouts while preparing to hop of Zarif's camel
"Don't you know only I can fight this many enemies by myself?!"

When Zarif slows down his mount to prepare himself for the rush of enemies Siris jumps off near Etor

Siris: "Although my young friend, you have earned my respect" while getting into a fighting stance and preparing his shield and sword
"allow me to offer my assistance!"

Continuing his charge, Siris prepares himself mentally to face his foes, giving a short yet confident laugh to be heard by both allies and enemies alike

Siris moves 6 tiles to 16-27

Siris: "Make sure to leave some for me!" Siris shouts to his two horse riding companions while
charging with his shield in front of him

Siris moves 6 tiles to 11-28, equips sword and shield

Watching everyone getting ready to go on the offensive, Siris enthusiastically removes his sword from his scabbard and starts walking towards his enemies not bothering to hide his overconfidence.

Siris moves SIX tiles to 8-31.

Siris: "HAHAHA" Siris says while giving a friendly but slightly hard smack on Lyun's back
"Looks like only us two are capable of handling those monstrosities head-on, isn't that right my friend?"

Siris: "An attack from three different sides? Why not, that sounds like a fine idea Etor. Against creatures such as these though, I feel I alone am enough to count as a sufficient attack HAHAHAHAHA." almost laughing loud enough to be heard from the yeeks near the ruins.

"One group can attack from this position, another from the opposite side of our current position, and the last one somewhere in between those two positions. I feel that is more than good enough."


-------STATISTICS------- -------MASTERIES-------
| VIT -- 26 | 60% | BLADES -- C
| MGT -- 10 | 75% | POLEARMS -- E
| SKI -- 3 | 40% | AXES/BLUNT -- E
| SPD -- 9 | 65% | BOWS/RANGED -- D
| SRT -- 1 | 13% | THEURGY -- N/A
| MND -- 0 | 5% | MYSTICISM -- N/A
| LUK -- 3 | 42% |

Secondary Statistics
WGT -- 9
ACC -- 12
AVO -- 6
RES -- 1
CRT -- 4

- INDOMITABLE: Character permanently gains +7 VIT.
- BATTLE FURY: MGT increased by 1/3 and DEFENSE by 3 when VIT is below 50%

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