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I want to do a roleplay with a major idea in mind being tickling. Or, several, even group ones. Now that isn’t saying that there won’t be other RP elements, such as romance, 18+ content, and I am down to do a whole narrative and plot as well. But, tickling will be one of the main focuses of the RP, even if not all consuming. I want to make that a disclaimer.

Now, I have several ideas for scenarios involving tickling. They can be tweaked to fit more short, medium, or long term roleplays, as well as casual or advanced depending on the partner. Here are some of those ideas:

-Haunted mansion/Cabin in the Woods

-Alien abduction/Space/Sci-fi

-Medieval/DnD like fantasy/Royalty

-Underwater or mostly water based/Swamp

-Island/Tomb Raider/treasure hunting


-Machines/Steampunk/Secret Lab

-Superheroes/Villains/My Hero Academia


-Slice of Life

-Fandom pieces (especially anime, just ask)

These are just the major themes for each, and for most of them I have an outline of a plot in mind. If you ask me I’d be happy to share my plot ideas with you.

Along with many other ideas, these are just a variety of ideas that I have. And if you have any ideas or want to work with one with me, even better! I would love for these to be full, blown out plot ideas with a whole story but I’m also okay with simple ones. Please let me know either here or in a PM if you are interested or have any questions or comments for me. I am very flexible and am an experienced roleplayer with too much free time on my hands.

I hope everyone is doing well in these troubling times and has a wonderful day of roleplaying!

-Master T
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