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How many chances do you usually give to a bad RP?

To further explain, me and this person arranged a romantic RP, the person themself is great, they are not the problem.

The problem is their character, we started playing and I already simply hate her. She has a difficult personality to work with and I am honestly not enjoying it and I don't think my character will ever get to love her if she continues being the way she is. I don't think it's the players fault, maybe it was me who misinterpreted the character profile.

I am super tempted to drop this RP but on the other hand we barely started, not even 10 posts in. Do you guys usually give chances to bad RPs ( feel free to add your tale of bad rps gone right) or you drop it as soon as you feel the dread kick in?

And if I am to drop it (considering I will let them know and not ghost) do I simply tell I wish to stop or do I tell it's because their character makes me want to roll my eyes to the inside of my skull?
Specifically from the past three months. Why are all the freakin' holidays smashed into a single twelve week period????

I know my rp partners are probably either tired of waiting (and hearing me apologize >>; ) or just tuned out completely.

How do you guys deal with the stress of wanting to write but not being able to and the anxiety of thinking people hate you? Sorry, that last question got a little far away from the title lol.
Well hello

as you can see, I currently only have art. I like my art, but would also love to get a faceclaim to go along with that.

the hair should be brown to copper
and I'd /prefer/ if the faceclaim was not wearing makeup or girly clothes as I am a tomboy and I can honestly say I've never worn a dress or makeup.

other than that I'll go easy on this and not require anything else. please and thank you so much in advance
I was thinking about what mannerisms my favorite RPers have their characters do that really get my character to respond and get me all mushy. So I thought it might be interesting to compare people's favorite romantic mannerisms (or actions, or gestures).

I'll start:

One of my favorite romantic mannerisms is...when a character admits they have feelings then shows vulnerability and fear of rejection by looking away and blushing.

I don't know what it is about that, but my characters tend to find that so absolutely adorable and will walk 1000 miles and back for that character in that moment. It's so beautiful. Those mannerisms seem so very useful in the romance genre
So, I have a lot of ideas. So many that it feels like it would be kind of excessive to post them all separately. But when I group them together based on the character and post them all at once, I don't seem to get as many responses. In your opinion, is it better to post a lot with one starter on each, or to just post once for each character with all of the starters in a list? download samsung s10 ringtone
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