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10 mos ago
Current Lol this website is super confusing! HALPPP!!?!!!


Hi guys! (: I'm 22. Single mom. I love anime and TV shows in general. I'm a Supernatural fan training (meaning I'm trying to catch up on the series. No judging!!) I love music. I love art! Anymore questions just ask!

Dean Winchester is daddy as fuck by the way.. Yes I'm a basic b***h.. Oh well.. Lol

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Bump! Come on someone rp with me! 😊
Bump bump bum it up! 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Bump! 😊

Hey guys! 😊 Female here seeking a male to play as Dean Winchester from the TV series Supernatural. 18+ PLEASE!!


-Must 18 or older!

-Mature Roleplay only

-Must be able to write in Multi-Paragraph

-Must be familiar with the show and the character

-Type out a sample roleplay in this forum please!

Stay spooky guys!! 😈😈😈

I'd definitely be interested! (: also I'm new to this site so I'd really need a run down of this place! 😂😂
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