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Current Moving House (Again...)
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NaNoWriMo is done
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NaNoWriMo is keeping me very busy. I have not forgotten you all
5 mos ago
My Landlady is insane - my current focus is my living situation. Will reply when possible
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Moving house. Please be patient with me.


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Hi! I'm Medilia. I've been around here since 2009 and have been roleplaying for a lot longer than that. I've got very varied tastes. Lots of plots and pairings.

I roleplay mature MxM roleplays.
I will usually reply daily although life gets busy so at the very least it will be once a week during busy times.
I write graphic adult scenes and looking for someone comfortable with sex, blood and gor.

Anyways - That's enough of that. Everything is negotiable so please look through my plots and pairings!

For simplicity plots are divided into categories

That's all for now - but more to come.
Hi! Medilia here, I've been around since 2009.

I'm a very flexible roleplayer and do all different things. Here is my full interest check:…

But this interest check is very specific.

I'm looking for pirate roleplays.

My conditions are pretty simple:

- MxM only
- Please don't abandon me

That's it. Literally.

I don't really have a plot. I want to work with my partner to create one. So if you're interested hit me up.
James purrs like a cat as he is petted, the noise coming from deep down his throat. The young vampire glows with pride happy that he has appeased Dorian. Unfortunately the older vampire's reply does not appease him. The idea of wondering indefinitely in search of whoever was behind his creation was not a thrilling prospect. He wants to experience the absolute freedom and safety that Dorian seems to promise him when they finally arrive at his home. James has made it clear that patients was not a virtue that he possessed. James lets Dorian pull him to his feet. His instincts starting to alert him as well that it was time to return to the safety of the inn before sunrise.

By the time they return, James can hear the town starting to awaken. While it was too early for most he hears the mail boy and the milk boy nearby preparing for their deliveries. He listens to all the noises trying to memorise them incase they are ever useful in the future. Stepping into the common area, James is aware that Dorian still has an arm wrapped around his shoulder. He wonders if it is to keep him from losing control and going after the other patron. But James is satisfied and feels no need to hunt, especially when his prey smells as unpleasant as the man in the common room dues. He goes upstairs and once in the room he is released from Dorian's grasp. James looks down at his outer clothes as Dorian comes to help him remove them. Another set ruined, he is once again mystified as to how Dorian keeps his clothes so clean and undamaged. Stripped down to his leggings and undershirt, James crawls into bed with Dorian and rests his head on the older vampire's shoulder.

Yawning James is ready to drift off as the sun presses against the shutters. His head shifts upwards when Dorian comments on his hunting abilities. Grinning James lets out his purring noise. 'Tis too bad that humans are usually much easier to catch than beasts. They are stupid. I've had them walk right up to me with no fear and all but present themselves to me to eat.' He yawns again clinging to his adoptive-sire. He does not feel the need to feed off him tonight but he does sink his fangs into his collar for the comfort of being so close to his Sire.

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