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I'm a workaholic. LMAO
1 yr ago
RP and normal writings in the works.
1 yr ago
Working on some projects.
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1 yr ago
Having to scrap my most recent project. That's okay. I can think of something else.
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1 yr ago
Looking for Story Driven Roleplayers willing to play both Official Characters (Canons) and Original Characters (OCs). Can do AUs, Crossover (Homebrew style), Canon Divergent and Semi Canon Compliant.
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Name: Online I go by MegaMatt ZX
Nickname: Matt, MegaMatt, Mega, MegaMatt ZX
Age: 22
Ancestry: a mix of all types of European and a small bit of Cherokee (Possibly Powhatan, but that's TBD) Native American
Rank: not sure what to put here.
Unofficial title: Sadistic Bastard
Likes: Pizza, Pepsi, movies, games, shows, comics, anime, animals, D&D, and spending time with friends.
Dislikes: deliberate assholes that act stupid and entitled, bullies, trolls, Petty people, pity parties, drama, and ignorant people.
I am known for who the hell even knows.

Storyteller, Writer, jokester, sarcastic and sadistic bastard.

Writer and storyteller
Multi character RP
I can play multiple characters at once.
Detailed and heavily story-driven
Pretty chill and laid back
I can do lewd if I'm comfortable enough (it can't be the only thing we do.)
Multi franchise RP
Feel free to ask DM if you want to talk or RP
Lewd is those 18+ only
Will not do lewd in groups.
The writer is indeed male, as the profile name suggests
We will discuss boundaries before we start RP.
All RPs I do are fictional and don't define my real life.
Rules when Role-playing with me.

1. Do not start role-playing with me right away and out of random. I like to plan stories.

2. All Rps I do are PURE FICTION and do not equal Real life. Distinguish the difference between fiction and reality before role-playing with me. To further add to rule two, there are some things I'm okay with in role-playing and fiction that I'm not okay with in real life. So if there are things that either of us is not okay with or agrees on, consider this factor.

3. Regarding morality, I do not see the world in black and white, merely shades of Gray. Do not belittle anyone that you may disagree with certain things. It pisses me off when people belittle people over differences of opinion or even over fiction. We're all only human. That being said, however, there are some things that I will not support either. I don't think there's any need to start a war over that shit unless it involves real people and not fictional characters. I only care if it's reality and not fiction—the only exception.

4. It is important for all parties involved to know the limitations of others when it comes to RP. What they're okay with and what they're not okay with. This is important so that there are no issues. Communication is important.

5. Although I encourage detail in role-playing, I do not require it. However, I would probably try to encourage it as much as possible by being detailed. Hence why I mainly RP on Discord. Also, possibly here as well.

6. I have done it before but I am not strictly an nsfw role-player. I try to keep those types of RP private, as all nsfwrp should be, in my opinion. I like to keep certain things about myself private. Not to mention I mainly want to do SFW RP. NSFW RP is only for those who are over the age of 18. Minors, do not ask for this. Also, as said earlier, I only do those RPs privately in DMs and with the other person's consent. I don't do NSFW group RPs and never will.

Responses might be late, so please be patient. I can be very busy at times.

More may be added over time and may vary. Violating these rules could lead to me not responding or blocking, depending on how severe it is.

Stories I'm doing outside of Roleplayer's guild: Dragon Ball: New Frontier,
Castlevania: Devil's Land alongside @AngelBites15 in her discord server, Panda Resort, some normal AO3 Stories (Work in Progress): Dragon Ball New Frontier Expanded Universe, Dragon Wars Galaxy AU, Dragon Ball Lost Legends AU. Also have upcoming projects as well.

Role-playing 101, mainly for newcomers to RP. You should never gatekeep and restrict your number of RP writing partners. However, you should always establish boundaries. These boundaries are not just for your writing partners but also for yourself. Limits that they have as well as your own. It is essential to ensure that neither you nor your writing partner crosses any lines. Hence, it would be best to discuss boundaries before you begin RP in the first place and remain in communication regarding that should boundaries change. I've made plenty of RP mistakes and lost good writing partners, but I've also learned a lot from those mistakes. There's a reason why boundaries are important. Being young and dumb will cause you to make a shit ton of mistakes that could cost you, good writing partners and friends.

I can be OCs, Canons, Alternate Canons, or somewhere between.

I like Dragon Ball, Castlevania (Two obvious ones), Star Wars, Godzilla, Megaman, DC, Marvel, Superhero content, Indiana Jones, Middle Earth, Legend of Zelda, and many others can't think of at the moment.

Currently looking for fellow writers for roleplays involving Dragon Ball Castlevania, Star Wars, Middle Earth, etc. I do AUs, Canon compliant, non-Canon compliant, various eras, genres, etc. Looking for Story-Driven Roleplayers willing to play both Official Characters (Canons) and Original Characters (OCs). Can do AUs, Crossover (Homebrew style), Canon Divergent, and Semi-Canon Compliant.

Currently looking for those interested in a non-canon compliant multiversal Dragon Ball story as well as a Dragon Ball au-story centered around lost Legends like El Dorado, also looking for those interested in a potential Star Wars RP either in the Old Republic era, during the Jedi Purge, post return of the Jedi, or during the Clone Wars. Looking for a Castlevania group for Castlevania stories set in 1891 with a Canon departure for the story's sake. Finally looking for a middle-earth story that's a mixture of The Lord of the Rings and Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War. More will be added later on. Also looking for those willing to do crossover elements in certain stories and even those that can be semi-canon accurate to Offical characters.

Still, many projects are being worked on, but slowly getting there as we go. RP stories so far that I'm working on:

Castlevania Devil's Land: discord.gg/4jVFH5mDVt

Dragon Ball New Frontier: discord.gg/vbYhhxpphV

Dragon Ball New Genesis: roleplayerguild.com/topics/189977-mos…

Castlevania Rhapsody of the Moon: roleplayerguild.com/topics/190024-cas…

Upcoming projects: a few Star Wars RPs, one set during the Old Republic, one set during the Clone Wars, one set during the early Empire, and one set after the events in Return of the Jedi. This will be in the guild.

Another Castlevania story is also in the works, set in the late 19th century with a few departures from the original lore. This will also be held in the role players guild.

Potentially more in the future.
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