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4 mos ago
Well, communism doesn't work, so~ :^)
7 mos ago
when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's...AMORE
7 mos ago


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Same tbh.
Alright, good thing is that I'm back from the hospital.

Not so good thing is that I'll have to go to chemotherapy.

Bad thing is I won't be on.

So, yeah, guess Óscar is gonna stay sleeping on the barracks :^)
I'm gonna be absent this week cuz I'll be at the hospital lmao, something wrong with me apparently
@neogreggory But...J-Julianus...
@Oak7ree I want Óscar to be in the band :^(

Also, I'll post something tomorrow night, been really busy studying my man.
@Themerlinhawk Here Fat Albert, checking in.

>an insult is as bad as blowing a raspberry
K lol
If you antagonize someone just by blowing a raspberry at them, I'm scared of what happens if you openly insult them lmao
@shylarah Wtf what did Óscar do to antagonize Bel lmao
@shylarah Oh baby, you don't even know how jeopardized the mission's going to get.
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