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@Leidenschaft@DeadDrop I'll meme you two if you continue

"Holy shit, it works?!"

The Spaniard had been trying to get a lava lamp to work ever since he unpacked it from his luggage, the IRV Howard's electrical system not being the most customed to such trivialities on the crewmember's quarters. The room smelled faintly of strawberry, due to Guijarro's hairgel and whatnot: He was really touchy when it came to his hair, more often than not taking quite a long time to get it in the perfect position. Apart from all of that, the room wasn't decorated at all apart from the glow of the newly working lamp, the jazz onboard making Óscar perk his ears up, surprised at the AI's music choice although the music that came from the headphones around his neck was more than enough to make him forget about the travel they were going to perform. A job is a job, sure...but the newly-made guard wasn't really experienced in the watery depths of planet Earth. Not at all.

Óscar began to take out his other clothes, which basically consisted of: 3 black hoodies, a black shirt with what appeared to be the Metallica logo on it, some other more colourful shirts that appeared to be ever-so-slightly tighter than the Metallica one, a variety of jeans and sweatpants and the clothes he was wearing at that moment. He wasn't one for formal wearing, he absolutely hated the idea of having to dress nicely...well, mostly because the tuxedos and shirts were way less comfortable than his casual attire. After the unpacking had been done, the Spaniard looked around with a comfortable glance -- It sure as hell wasn’t his own apartment, but it had a cozy feeling to it: The metallic walls and doors kept the room silent most of the time, the lighting from the lava lamp was relaxing and the room itself wasn’t too spacious nor too tight.

"C’mon Óscar, first day, let’s see if you have to work with fuckheads or with slightly better people than you’re used to."

With headphones on his neck, the man walked out of the room and slowly made his way to the cafeteria, guided by the signs on the walls. Was the music coming straight from the messhall? It sounded like it, but why would that kind of music come out from there? As soon as he entered, those questions were answered. Óscar sure as hell couldn’t resist letting out a chuckle at the decoration of the room, slowly advancing towards one of the party hats on the table and examining it while keeping his other hand inside his jeans, shuffling his torso to keep the hoodie in good shape. The cleanliness of the place was something to raise an eyebrow at, but, it was obvious that the room in which they’d be eating for most of the expedition was going to be sparkling clean. As he turned around, still with the party-hat in hand, he noticed the Greek Biologist glancing around with an unamused look on his face, to which the ex-bounty hunter snickered with a pat of his own stomach.

"Not th’ best presentation ever, eh?"

He asked in an attempt to make conversation with whom appeared to be the only man in the room right now. Demetrios didn’t have the look of a boring person, or at least not the kind of guy to just have one topic to converse about, just like 90% of the people he had already met in the IRV Howard up until now. Óscar took a seat near one of the tables, lowering the volume on his headphones and leaning on the table itself, glancing back around the room while speaking up: A raspy, slightly deep voice was now asking the Biologist.

"So...I suppose we are gon’ work together, aye? What’s yer name lad? If you don’t mind m’ asking, that is."

His tone wasn’t either too rough nor sweet, hushing in a neutral kind of voice to ask the Greek man about the tasks that they both had to do around the IRV. The Spaniard had experience in the security jobs, that’s for sure, but he wasn’t bad on cultural topics and whatnot: His travels and happenings in life had really opened him up to many other kinds of people and countries, having an extensive knowledge about many country-specific habits and whatnot, he'd surely find something to make Demetrios feel slightly more comfortable around him...all in all, they were going to work together in the ship.
So, uh, Deadrop won't be available in like...2 weeks.
So, yeah.
So, uh, Deadrop won't be available in like...2 weeks.
So, yeah.

You have a tarot card for your character.
Don't tell me that's...
@Graviloquence Still better than my shitposts.

Basic Information

Name: Óscar Guijarro.
Nicknames: Beardy, Poleo.
Gender: Male.
Age: 34.
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Latino.
Nationality: Born in Sweden, spent most of his life in Spain.
Occupation: Retired bounty hunter, now security officer.



Óscar is simple at first sight, his body being that of an average male of his age, but it seems that he takes care of his health and body, shown by is slightly muscular body: Nothing too crazy, but he's fit. He seems to be a fan of numerous video games and comics, which is shown, once again, by his shirts. Guijarro also dons a full beard, complete with black, slightly long hair that he takes care of, sometimes putting it softly under the hood of his...well, hoody. His eyes are brown, which aren't really special or anything, but he, at certain times, seems to have some sort of twitch on the left one, the causes are unknown, more than likely accumulated stress of some sort. He has baggy eyes, possibly related to his unscheduled sleeping time and/or insomnia.

Height: 1,89 Metres.

Weight: 62 kgs.

Hair: Black pompadour.

Eyes: Brown.

Skin: Slightly tanned.

Scars / Markings / Etc: Tattoo on the lower arm, representing a snake engulfing the planet Earth.

Clothing Description:

He tends to wear dark, baggy clothing, tending to choose black amongst all other colors. He usually prefers to wear hoodies, sneakers and baggy jeans, but if on-duty, he'd wear the generic attire a security officer would wear on the IRV Howard. Apart from that, Guijarro, when off duty, usually likes to cover his hair with a tuque when he hasn't brushed his hair: He takes it really, really seriously. The tuque would read "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS", with golden letters on the front.


  • He carries around the basic security guard equipment of the IRV Howard: A retractable baton, a taser and some pepper-spray.
  • He'd also carry around a walkie-talkie, again, normal officer stuff for when he's on-duty.
  • A basic swiss army knife, which is an old present of a family member, given to him around the age of 20 or so.



He isn't the smartest guy in the world, that's for sure. He also isn't the most kind-hearted person either, seemingly taking care of his own before others and more than once running away from a situation, but once you get to know him, you can see that there is more that catches the eye. If you take care of him, he will take care of you. He's a believer of the status-quo and the karma, meaning that if you do something to him, he will do exactly the same to you, good or bad. Since stuff happened while he was a child, Óscar feels the need of love: Not just sexual love, but friendship and overall care. Most of the time you can find him listening to music, trying to zone himself out of the world, so he doesn't think about anything and there. If he finds someone that needs him, he'll be there for them, but most of the time they don't return the favor, sending him into a spiral of sadness and drinking, thinking that nothing in the world would change if he wasn't here. He tends to hide under humor, most of the time being unfunny and/or offensive, but getting the job done and making him look like a normal unemotional idiot. Also, his movements are sudden and really... "special", often making use of his hands while talking to give them more emphasis.

Aside from that, he has different points of view about the world depending on his mood. Usually, he is a happy-go lucky individual that trusts people easily and is happy to help whoever needs it. But, when Óscar is going through a rough time or is just sad/angry, his manner of viewing the world around him turns really, really objectical. In that state, he views everything by facts and not emotions. Save a friend or someone that can give him something? Leave people to their death just so he can run away, or risk his own life for strangers? Although these are really extreme examples, Óscar can really, really go into them if his psyche gets turned around by things that happen.

- Tends to stay focused in dangerous situations.
- Very calm, down to Earth kind of person.
- Rarely will argue with other people, preferring to take the most diplomatic approach possible.


- When angered, he tends to insult/argue/fight with everyone else, later being filled with regret for a long time.
- Not the bravest guy around, staying behind and rarely risking himself for something that someone else can do.
- Gets really, really emotionally attached to people really fast.


- He's a nerd, that's obvious. He may appear hipster at some degree, but the old cultures and history of the world really appasionates him. Guijarro hasn't studied none of that, of course, but he does know some interesting things here and there.
- Even though he may look rough on the outside, inside he's just a guy that likes normal (even cute) stuff. A cold night, watching TV near the fireplace with someone you love by his side: It's those kinds of things that make Óscar wish he had tried to go back with that girl on his younger years, it's those kinds of things that make him regret some decisions in life.


- Overall, Óscar hates agressive people. He gets that sometimes you have to be pushy, or even threaten people to make them do better choices in life, but when you can talk things out and just calmly see the facts, why even bother with physical or psychological violence?


- He is scared of not being loved. We live only to experience things, and love is one of the most important things in our lives, so, if no one cares about him: Why continue on living? If someone really, really appreciates you, they will at least think about how you're doing at times, remember you. He doesn't want to be forgotten in time, he wants to be remembered.

- Besides that, Óscar is also invaded by the fear of failing at something or letting down someone. As I've said before, people that care about you will remember you, and if you have let them down and are seen as a fraud or an useless piece of garbage: What good is it then?

- And, as all humans should have, he also fears losing someone. He has already lost many people during his earlier years, so, he should have adapted...right? No, humans are social animals by default, and if someone you have created a bond with goes away, then it hurts. And not only that, but the matter is only worse if the reason that they are gone is caused by your actions, or, yourself as a person.


He was born in Sweden, 2023. His mother was Swedish and his father Spanish, so the cultural exchange between the two helped him to start talking two languages at an early age. In 2029, when he was only 6 years old, his family moved back to Madrid (Spain), so his father could show him what was Spain like. On his 7th birthday, he got his first handheld video game console, and he became an addict to it, playing it nonstop and usually replaying the same games over and over, feeling that this was an unlimited source of fun. They didn't live in the best neighborhood of the city, numerous cases of vandalism and overall violence ran through the city, but he didn't experience anything.

When he was 8 years old, his mother experienced a very painful headache while having a family dinner: 3 days later she was dead, a very tiny vein on her brain had exploded and left her in a catatonic state, so the doctors had no reason to not unplug her. When his father told him, he felt a hammer on his heart, thinking how could this happen to him. On the next months, his father contracted larynx cancer, which was literally eating him from the inside: Even with his vocal cords removed, it wouldn't stop. Óscar had to see his father getting weaker and weaker each day, the hole in his throat getting bloodier and bigger, not stopping, until it happened: At 3 am, on his summer break, he woke up to find the dead corpse of his father on the bed, entirely covered in blood as he could only associate it to another vein being broken, this time the one on the neck, connecting to the brain. He was only 15 at that time.

After that, his father's mother and brother started to take care of him. He had to change home and meet new people, but, this was a refreshing change. His social life became better, opening up to more and more people and even meeting some interesting gals along the way, one which we'll call "Sarla" left a special place in young Óscar's heart after they broke up. He was far too young to truly understand the real meaning of love, but, could that be his other half? Could Sarla be the one to spend his whole life with? He'd never know, as they lost contact of each other shortly after.

With his legal age coming soon, he experienced what in Spain call an "Epifanía", which is realizing what was his purpose in life. He knew he wanted to be an actor. Óscar finished his obligatory studies and slowly started to make his way up in theaters and small cafés, in which he sang and played the guitar, to entertain the public and earn some extra money. He only starred in classical Spanish plays, such as "Don Quijote de la Mancha", "Don Juan Tenorio" and so on. But life wasn't going to put it easy for him: In 2043, when he was 20 years old, his fame started to decrease as another actor, jealous of his fame, started to spread false rumors. He didn't get called by any more companies to play in theaters, his friends left him alone thinking that he was some kind of pervert after hearing the rumors. One night, while exiting one of the bars in Vallekas (His neighborhood), the failed actor saw the man who ruined his career, his life. Drunk and mad with anger, Óscar started to follow the man to his own home, in which he confronted him. They started to argue, reaching the point of physical violence, starting to swing his fists at the man before realizing that he committed fatal mistake: Letting his nerves get the best of him. He quickly retracted his acussations and traveled far away from the rumours and his non-existant family.

Fast forward 7 years, the Óscar from before was dead, there was just a broken man, which was caused by the grief and anger of all the problems life had thrown at him for all of time. After the incident with Manuel Sardana, Óscar left Spain, flying to Texas, the place he thought that was the safest for a man that had lost everything. There, he tried to make a living by becoming a bounty hunter: Receiving training in small firearms and already improving his Karate and Judo skills from when he was young. He gained some fame, starting to even accept jobs for dangerous criminals, slowly making himself a respected man that went by the alias of Beardy.

Fast forward yet another 7 years, now a 34-year-old Óscar that has been going around countries for the length of his career as a bounty hunter. He retires, after some time, due to the travels slowly making him less and less sociable, not really being able to make any attachments because of his now old job. To take advantage of the situation, make use of his experience and participate in what he saw as an adventure, he signed in to try to join the expedition into the Mariana Trench. With his years of experience, training, and capabilities, he was accepted to maintain the security in the IRV.

This is not going to go as he planned since the beginning.

Skills and Stats

Gifted(+5):, Handguns, Hand-to-Hand.
Adept(+3):, Persuasion, SERE, Computer Science.
Average(+2):, Awareness, First Aid, Surgery.
Novice(+1):, Marksmanship, long guns, Stealth, Crafting, History.

Spanish: Native speaker.
Swedish: Advanced.
English: Advanced.
French: Basic.


Relationship Status: Single.


-Father: Juan Carlos Guijarro, dead.
-Mother: María Victoria González, dead.

Opinions of Other Researchers/Crewmembers:

(I'll edit the relationships once we get to know each other.)

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