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Goddamnit, just now I see this RP going on! I guess it's too late to join now, right?

Count me in, I am /very/ interested.
Is it alright if I control some of the guards for the next reply? I'll wait for one more person to do a post, though, not to overdo it.
So, whom'st is gonna be on the mayor's place as well?
Hope you like the collab I did with our great GM!
The Day The Music Stopped!

"Listen up!" shouted the dull, metallic voice as Meadows addressed the assembled hostages. There were about fifty all told, huddled and shaking with pale, blanched faces and tears streaming from their eyes. They were seated between two buffet tables on the far side of the dining room, closer to the door and away from the massive windows on the opposite wall. Meadows cocked his gun for dramatic flair and leveled it at the hostages, his cold, metallic eyes scanning them for any sign of movement, any sign of resistance. "We're here for the mayor, but we won't hesitate to paint the walls with any of you gnats if we have to. Anyone makes a move, their head comes off." He bared a wolfish grin at a sobbing woman and kicked at her leg with a steel foot. "Welcome to the new world."

He stepped off, leaving the hostages in the care of five of his men as he moved to the center of the room. One of his men had put his weapon aside and was fiddling with a holographic console emerging from his arm, gritting his teeth with focus. In front of him knelt two figures, New York City Mayor Lewis Stephens and his wife, Mariah Stephens, their hands behind their heads. They both had guns leveled at their heads.

"Are we streaming?" Meadows asked the man with the console.

"I'm trying," he responded. "I can get my eyes recording just fine, but something's wrong with our live connection. I think it's down."

"You have fine minutes." Meadows turned and shouted so that all his men could hear, "Five minutes, and then we give up doing it live and just record it, orders or no orders." He could hear the sirens outside as police streamed to the scene - they had the building surrounded, but they wouldn't dare try to storm it, not with the hostages in such a precarious position. He almost wished they would; he and his boys hadn't seen action in some time, and the shootout with security forces had been disappointingly short.

"Whatever you're hoping to accomplish with this," the Mayor said, his face a mask of stoicism, "It won't work. This isn't the way."
"Shut up," Meadows snapped, and turned around. "Five minutes."

"Sickly, sinful, spectacles stand, shuffle, shamble and saunter shamelessly in mine scandalized sight.." was one of the first things that Fernando even thought about, sitting in the middle of the whole group of hostages with still his music band's attire: white tuxedos and black bowties, signalling that they were indeed staff and not necessarily guests to the party. Anywho, watching such a scandalous scene play before him made his blood boil! How could such men harm innocent people like this, specially ones that could not defend themselves! Even though he had kept his composture up until then, the sounds of the sobbing and crying of his music-comrades and other guests started to slowly awake his fighting spirit in him, although going to town with all of the guards may not prove as the best strategy.

But, as soon as their leader turned around, Green Eyes herself manifested! More than likely invisible to the rest of guards, and using the 10 meter range that the Stand itself had, it attempted to quickly convert any kind of light-source that was in the room to literally roses! Any lamps or lights would be turned into said flowers if they were within reach, of course. "No lights here, they shall take the mayor somewhere else..." the man thought, a drop of sweat slowly dripping off of the tip of his nose, given the concentration and stress that this situation was more than likely inflicting upon him "...leaving his men here, for Green Eyes to dispatch..." sure enough, after making the transformations happen (which would take less than a second given how small the lamps were), the Stand dissapeared into thin air as Fernnado himself called it off.

"We are just civilians, no need to have the Mayor here now, right?"
the young artist thought, attempting to reassure himself that the plan was going to work. No guarantees. He wasn't an official hero and had never been in this kind of situation, but with great power comes great responsability!

As the lights flickered out, sixteen guns shot up and began scanning the room, looking for hostiles. Though much of the room was cast into shadow, including the area where the hostages sat, there was still enough natural light coming in through the window for a basic level of visibility.

"What the fuck was that?" Meadow demanded.

One of the soldiers crossed over to the nearest standing lamp and leaned into inspect it. "It's.. roses."


The soldier stepped back to reveal a handful of roses clutched in his metallic hand. "The lightbulb is roses."

A few calls confirmed that every lamp or light in the room had somehow been transformed into a flowering bouquet of roses. Meadows may not have known what was going on, but he could smell trouble a mile off. "Get the mayor and his wife upstairs into one of the rooms and set up. Let me know when you're ready. The rest of you, fan out and look for trouble, something's up." His men rushed to comply, three of them dragging the mayoral couple out of a side door in the room and towards the staircase that led to the second floor of the hotel. The rest took up positions around the room, waiting for the mysterious flowering force to show itself again.

8 armed men. 8 dangerous, cybernetically enhanced men were now all that remained in the room. Fernando looked at each and ever single one of them: should he sneak and ensure that the Mayor was safe on the top floor? Or should he stay, maybe costing the life of said man but being able to save dozens of guests with it? Nevertheless, each of those plans needed the same action to start them up - something that would not be adequate in such a nice piece of clothing, yet what had to be done, had to be done. Attempting to use the now dim light of the room as a distraction, Green Eyes materialized yet again, now completely invisible to everyone except to Fernando...and then he dissapeared.

He did not dissapear, per-se, but Fernando did infact hide himself quite well. As a homogeneous mass of moss that now slipped down the chair he had been tied to. Of course someone would see that there wasn't a hostage in their respective seat, which would cause some ruckus for sure. "We can do this, you and I my dear spirit! Let us show them what we are capable of!" and without much hesitation, the moss started to slither through the ground of the hotel's lobby, moving almost as a snake would in such a situation.

The sound of something moving around the ground would more than likely alert a few guards, although something else would make their eardrums shiver even more: the nearing yelp of pain from one of their comrades. As Fernan-moss was now slithering across the ground, using whatever piece of furniture he may be able to use to hide himself, Green Eyes started up. First off, she sent one of her materialized open palms towards the back of one of the guards, attempting to instantly knock them out! Once that was done and, if that did work at all, she'd touch said scum's clothes, which would start to transform into yet more moss: covering the (hopefully) unconscious guard, in an attempt to just freak out the rest even more so.

"Fear of the unknown, humanity's greatest threat for itself shall be the downfall of these low-lifes villains! These honorless scums that break all codes of ethics and morals, yes, their curiosity is the catalyst of their impending defeat and later arrest!"
@TheWizardLizard Instead of a full post by myself, could we do a collab? I think it'd be better instead of me writing about what Fernando would *do* without actually having your 'okay' to do so.
I'll be writing this evening. I...have an idea.

Should I be scared?
I think we should all be.

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