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Well, communism doesn't work, so~ :^)
14 Jan 2017 17:55
when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's...AMORE
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I'm gonna be absent this week cuz I'll be at the hospital lmao, something wrong with me apparently
@neogreggory But...J-Julianus...
@Oak7ree I want Óscar to be in the band :^(

Also, I'll post something tomorrow night, been really busy studying my man.
@Themerlinhawk Here Fat Albert, checking in.

>an insult is as bad as blowing a raspberry
K lol
If you antagonize someone just by blowing a raspberry at them, I'm scared of what happens if you openly insult them lmao
@shylarah Wtf what did Óscar do to antagonize Bel lmao
@shylarah Oh baby, you don't even know how jeopardized the mission's going to get.

Well, more like going undercover in a party to protect a dude.
Has nothing to do with a heist.
The strip club was submerged in mayhem, everyone in there was already beating the shit out of each other or running out of there to not get shanked by the drunkest of the bastards that were continuing the fight, and among the midst of the fight, the Spaniard was fighting like hell. He wasn't the kind of guy to get angry easily, he preferred to do his jobs swift and without any kind of collateral damage, so being involved in a "bar fight" wasn't something he liked, but what he did like was breaking someone's nose for going into his personal life: Shit, he came to this exact place, the world's end, to not only end the war by any means he could but to try and turn his life away from...all of this. He did see the fat ass of Betty storm into the place, with an unidentified woman. Óscar knew Betty, and most importantly her boyfriend Caden, one of the big guys from the Moons. "Bastardos, you're all sick!" he quickly realized how much things had gotten out of hands, slightly covered in blood and with bleeding knuckles he suddenly heard a voice call for him. "Eh?" he called out, putting a hand on his head as he started to rush trough the crowd, recognizing the voice.

"Joder, Charlie!" he said, looking as the gigantic biker raised his gaze up to Óscar, grunting loudly and continuing to try and beat the other man to a pulp, just before a beer bottle collapsed on the giant's temple, the Spaniard quickly kicking him in the head to push him off of Charlie, quickly grasping the man's gun and helping him up "Goddamnit dude, you had to come didn't you?". He didn't know Charlie THAT well, but working with the Laurents can lead you to being involved in some serious shit, and the best of colleagues come from shitty situations, ain't that true?

Sirens started to be heard "Cerdos...", quickly attempting to find the nearest exit, having to push and tackle most of the people up to the way there, most of the people turning their heads and trying to push them back, before realizing the man having a pistol in his hands, quickly turning back around and beating the crap out of the next person that they saw, more than likely the guy they were fighting before. The Laurents heavy cavalry and seemed to have arrived in, presumably due to someone calling in for help. They stormed in trough some of the other exit doors, starting to make good work out of the Moons, who were still putting up some quite nice resistance.

The pair finally got out of the place, just in time to go into a nearby alley, in which they saw Jim, the bouncer, still bleeding from his nose but appearing to be taking a break. He looked at the two, raising an eyebrow "Need help?" he said, putting the cigarette on his lips before extending his hand, at which Óscar nodded and looked at Charlie, then back at Jim "Just...give me the keys, and go home, Sus' is gonna get mad if you don't show up at your hour." he told Jim, smiling and chuckling whilst the other man handed him the keys, nodding "Also, Poleo..." the Spaniard turned "Good work on that asshole.".

The two of them walked up to where Óscar's car was, a nearby street with not much lighting, almost pitch black. "Dude, you'll need to wait until the police's done with the raid, you won't be able to get your car outta there with them crawling around..." he says, advancing towards the black Dodge Charger and leaning on it, attempting to clean the blood off of his leather hoodie while putting it on. "I'll stay here a while, I want to see if someone made it out, you can 'tay here with me or piss off to tell your boss about what happened, we'll see each other in another job either way" he chuckled.
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