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1 yr ago
Current W e w Discord what is up
2 yrs ago
I have a few rps I have left hanging, so sorry about that, life is crazy right now. Not sure when I would be active again.
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2 yrs ago
Yknow you procrastinate so bad when it's 4 am, you're still awake because it took you hours before washing the dishes from dinner and you just watched an episode of Dragula
2 yrs ago
Having serious rp withdrawal whew I should get a life
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2 yrs ago
To any rp partners looking, am currently put of town, hence slow/short posts


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Bumping again!
Or bluetooth keyboards. Also hiiiiii
hugs everyone
holy crap @_@ that sucks, dear
I could show you xD
Ha. We're both clinging to our vices, I see.
And yeah, I'm hesitant to jump into rps because of impending business. Maybe with you and/or my girl [@Killin] . Y'all are both so patient with me.

coz you're best waifu <3 I began roleplaying again with another long-time 1x1 partner (played Kire with her), and now I'm using grown-up Etta as my main. First time I did it :D
Heeeee ♥
I have been an absent bug, yes u.u

I missed forum rp a tad, so I thought i'd dip my toe back in to see what the crown is like.

Iz understandable, life gets super busy now :3 (and you'll be busier xD) popped back into the forum myself a coupla months ago

*nuzzles and keeses* :"> I meest you
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