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Well...i am vetaren now i suppose, of both the old guild, and this new guild, even if i am quite inactive now adays. I will be hosting games perhaps, when my interest flares again.

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There, abit more has come out.
Grrr, that map fails with paint. grrrr
Same here
Fuck yes! Sadly i can't remake my tundra giants faction or Skaven wannabes, but i'll make something ells.
5/10 Who the funk is that?
Ghost kept staring at the young man...a warrior that goes unarmed? What a fool. If Ghost had brought...or just plainly remembered he supposed, he could have given the young man a short sword. But still, Ghost saw honesty in the young man's eyes, a honesty he seems to have lost with his memories. He would however not zone out this time. The contemplation about who he is will have to come later, for now there was a bigger issue on hand. The battle had being going good for him, but this horde of unholy abominations would not yield easily to this skill. The fact that they seem to return twice when you slew one did not make the situation better. ''I'll cover your flank'' as he and the young man started to move rapidly away towards the girl that shouted at them. And his vow to guard his flank was soon tested as the heartless started to spring at them both from all sides. He quickly overturned the boy and tossed him in a quick motion on to his back ''Hold on, this will go fast''. Again he shoves his sword in front of him and starts pushing like a madman through the horde between he, the boy's and the others. This approached over, left him with scratches across his legs, burning with a dark intensity
Sorry, i forgot that today is tursday... I'll be posting in a few hours. For realz Enjoy this fan art while we waint
Oh its back.
Wensday folks i be posting
''Don't be chasing ghosts'' Oh no, Ellis is going to have a field day on my ass
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