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Current Okay so I have a bit of time off work and first thing I'm doing is catching up on everything. I'll be on and off for the first week of December catching up.
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Haha things have slowed a bit, the end of the year can be a tad rough though. For the start of November I'll be be busy and up till the middle I'll be sporadic but I'm making time bit by bit.
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To anyone I'm roleplaying with, for the first and more than likely middle part of July I'm going to be a little shaky on post due to general business.
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Back to Normal.
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To anyone I'm roleplaying with I'll be on and off during November so forgive me if I'm a little slow, I'll catch up and try to keep an eye on it though.


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The next morning Ryo was at Capsule Corp. mopping the floor at the entrance with headphones in his ears. He was surprised to find that Vegeta had actually spoken with Bulma and he had been hired at the job, he was only on as a temp to see what he could do but that was good enough for him. The money that he was offered was way more than he thought it would be so he had little trouble doing whatever job they wanted him to do. He had seen the head of the corporation in passing but he wasn't about to talk to the big boss out of the blew, he intended on being on the lowest wrung and making sure this place was spot clean. He intended on making a good impression so he could at least get a part time position, and the place wasn't all that bad, he was sad Soru wasn't working but this beat dealing with the jerks at his old job.
There was only one particular thing about this job that bothered him.

Ryo glanced over to his right to see Vegeta standing nearby, arms crossed and glare on his face. The man's anger seemed to flare when their eyes met forcing Ryo's attention back on his mop. He had been okay for a bit of the morning but apparently Vegeta had finished his morning training and the first thing he did was stand nearby and glare at him. He was pretty sure the man wasn't his supervisor, so he wasn't sure why he was staring at him with so much hatred in his eyes. The air was kind of tense with him just standing there glaring at him, and Ryo was doing his best to ignore him but it was hard to shake the feeling of being stared at when they were right in view.
He missed the friendly one that smiled all of a sudden, even the Majin.
He wasn't sure what had happened with Yuvo but judging by the face on the one named 21 it more than likely wasn't a good thing.
Something in him told him they hadn't found the guy and Ryo was concerned the one glaring at him blamed him for the mess.
"I really did not think this through..."
Yuvo crossed his arms in front of him, his eyes widening as he fell helpless to stop the blast. The attack collided a loud scream escaping from him as his body was torn apart by the energy. His death cries echoing in the valley before everything faded, no sign of the original Yuvo remaining when the smoke cleared.
A relieved sigh escaped from 21 as she finished scanning the rocks, there was no trace of him, which meant he wouldn’t regenerate. They learned their lesson after fighting Cell, it was best to leave no traces. 21’s gaze moved over to the clone, the now weak Yuvo only to realize his body was gone. Her eyes widening she immediately turned checking the area, but she could pick up no trace of him. His energy was already pretty low so it was hard enough to pick up on his presence.
“The clone Yuvo is gone,” 21 said looking at the others. “I’ll go check the area.”
21 flew away from the group and Goku looked over at Vegeta who was staring at Kinoko in silence, his eyes narrowed for a moment before he noticed Goku staring at him.
“What,” he said in his normal irritated tone.
“Nothing. We should help 21 find Yuvo. He’s weak but if he gets away it could cause trouble later.”

Vegeta remained silent but closing his eyes flew off in another direction, he didn’t want to deal with anyone at the moment. That Ryo person took one of his attacks and survived, even if Yuvo wasn’t hitting as hard as he was, for an earthling of all things to survive a blast like that...
Something about it bothered him, but for the time being dealing with Yuvo was the bigger priority.
“Hey Kinoko,” Goku said floating next to her. “Let’s help 21 find Yuvo then head back. I think it’s been a bit of a day for everyone.”
Goku rested a hand on her shoulder before looking down at the crater from her attack, the smile on his face faded for a very brief moment and closing his eyes he removed his hand crossing his arms over his chest.
Goku started to speak but ultimately stop talking; he seemed to take a moment before reaching up and rubbing the back of his head with a grin.
“Never mind, I think I’m just hungry. Let’s hurry and help 21 so we can get back and celebrate. If I can find Ryo I’ll have him join us too.”
With that Goku gave Kinoko a small smack on the shoulder before flying off in search of Yuvo.

Ah yes that wonderful time for all especially parents but congrats! There's nothing like having your own place.
Hahaha that's the best. I was glad to finally get it up sorry it took so long, the end of the year is always busy for me but I'm using my pockets of freedom to post.
Yuvo's eyes arched as power erupted from Kinoko, 21 tried to yell at her not to show him but by then it was too late. A bright grin rested on Yuvo's face as he stared at the Super Saiyan in front of him. His eyes moving over her form taking in her energy, he didn't have much time as he felt something invisible surround his body before it started to crush him. He blinked a few times surprised at the invisible force, though as his eyes moved to Kinoko he realized that she was the source of it. A small laugh escaped from him before he turned his head towards the sky laughing uproariously as Goku and Vegeta rose back up to join the fight.
"Stop don't show him any more!" 21 yelled.
"Hahahah fantastic!" Yuvo screamed.

Yuvo let out a loud yell and immense power erupted off him, blowing everything back, he pulled at the telekinesis around his body forcing it open before extending his hand grabbing Kinoko with her own power, grabbing her throat and slowly crushing it.
"Power! Power after power! I've finally gained the power of a Super Saiyan 3 and I have this new power! Kinoko! You are everything I want! Show me more! Show me more of your power! Go beyond! I need more! More!"
The three tried to approached but Yuvo held his free hand out stopping them with telekinesis a bright grin on his face as he glanced over at them.
"I'm not talking to you," he said before focusing back on Kinoko.
Goku and Vegeta grit their teeth as they struggled in Yuvo's grip, Goku started to power up to break free but he froze realizing that if he did that Yuvo would just notice his energy, looking over at Vegeta and 21 they had come to the same conclusion.
If they went Super Saiyan Blue his power would go far beyond anything they knew, he might approach a god's level at that point.
"I'll rob you of everything! I'm beyond-"
Yuvo turned his gaze only to see Ryo inches from his with his fist back, the next moment he found himself in the side of a moment. Ryo shook off his hand letting out a small sigh. Adjusting the mask on his face he moved his hands to his hips, the telekinetic hold fading from the group's body.
"You're coming on pretty strong dude...girl's generally don't like that...I think."
"Kitsu!" 21 yelled. "You're okay."
"Of course I'm okay," Ryo said. "He just hit me with some weird blue ball."
His clothes were a tad torn and burned but he wasn't any worse for wear.
Vegeta stared at Kitsu his eyes narrowing a bit, even if it was Yuvo using it that was still one of his skills. Seeing a earthling of all things survive it drew his attention a little.

Ryo looked over at Kinoko before tapping the side of his head.
"Stop showing the guy your power. He's annoying enough to deal with," Ryo said. "Anyway you should be able to kill him, I did my job."
Yuvo shot out of the mountain flying straight towards Ryo, with a loud scream his aura flared before it immediately died his eyes widening as all his ki suddenly vanished. Ryo caught him by his arm to keep him from plummeting to the earth.
"Eh...m-my Ki...i-it's gone. I can't summon it," Yuvo said staring at his hand.
He pointed his hand at Ryo trying to shoot him with a ki blast but nothing came, not even a spark.
"You guys rely too much on Ki," Ryo said looking at the others. "I wasn't trying to kill you during our fight Yuvo, I was hitting your pressure points. Doesn't matter how strong you are...if you can't manifest Ki it's hard to do what you normally do...and you rely on that right?"
"It's a shame you can read moves but not intentions," Ryo said releasing him. "Fighting Ki users is my speciality after all."
Ryo floated over and pat Kinoko on the shoulder as Yuvo plummeted towards the earth.
"I'm done here, you guys can do that thing where you kill the bad guy and win the fight right. I'm going to get a soda, he's all yours."
Yuvo fell towards the earth trying to fly but nothing came from him, he raised his hand to Kinoko but nothing came out, all he could do was watch Ryo fly away and Kinoko slowly get further away as he fell towards the ground.
"W-wait! Killing me like this isn't fair right! Don't you want a proper fight?! J-just wait till I get my Ki back and I'll give you a good fight! You want that right Kinoko!"
Goku looked over at Vegeta at this causing the prince to glare at him.
"...nothing...this just seems oddly familiar...hope she doesn't have too much Vegeta in her."
"What'd you say?!"
21 didn't have the heart to say that Goku had fallen for that trick too.
Larel didn't move when Hotaru approached, keeping his back to her the only sign he was listening was a small nod he gave at her offer. Though hearing she wasn't going to leave he raised his hand, taking a look as darkness surrounded it. He closed it into a fist as he wasn't against punching something right now. Turning to Hotaru he stared at her with an expressionless gaze, with a small turn he walked towards her flexing his hand as the darkness flared from it, though when he got close the darkness faded and raising his arms he hugged Hotaru. He didn't move closing his eyes as he held her, probably a bit too tightly before after a small moment he released her and took a small step back.
"Thank you...seriously Hotaru I appreciate it," Larel said rubbing the side of his head. "I'm...okay. Well I'm not but I'm not mad...well I am mad but..."
Larel reached up and ruffled his hair trying to find the words.
"...I don't hate Alari...and that's what bothering me. I mean I'm pissed...he took my only family but...when I saw that I was more...disappointed than angry...I mean all this time, I was right and I see the proof in front of me and I'm...disappointed...that was just...just irritating."
Larel brought a hand to his face shaking his head at the very thought of it.
"The guy's known me since I was a kid apparently too so that's a shock too. I...hate that I'm not so angry I wanna stab him I just want to...punch him really hard in the face, just enough to show how angry I am but I don't want to kill him, and knowing I want to do that is infuriating. I hate that I don't want to kill him right now."
Larel sighed and moved his hands to his hips looked back in the direction of the inn.
"I remember next to nothing of my childhood, and I can't trust Zenmaru to tell me it she just laughs when I ask or says I wasn't there yet or something. No one's honest with's irritating since it involves me. Now I finally get some peek into my past, some answers to questions that plague me when I wake up and it's that Alari killed my sister and apparently he knew me when I was a kid. Did he kill my parents too? Did he kidnap me for some reason? All I have is more's irritating...hah...I'm sorry Hotaru I'm rambling. I'm okay we can head back...I'm surprisingly tired."

Alari stared at his wrist as Mera spoke, his fingers tracing over the bracelet as her words echoed in his mind. He feared the worst from Mera especially after all this, so he wasn't sure he could put his relief into words. He still couldn't shake the feeling of dread at having to show Larel something like that. With a heavy sigh he let out a weak chuckle before adjusting his glasses and offering a small smile to Mera. He really wanted to tell her everything sometimes, but now wasn't the time for that and he appreciated that she was willing to wait for him to talk about it.
"Hah...I'm going to fall in love with you all over again," Alari said standing up with a smile. "Thank you Mera. Oh...well since I'm being honest I'll have to leave you guys for a little bit. There's been some dangerous movements lately...most of the ones after Larel have thankfully been led away thanks to Kaori...but I got reports more are coming this way. I'm going to deal with them, I'd feel comfortable knowing you and Hotaru were near him in case something else tries to get close. I won't leave until later tomorrow though I'll be around for most of today."
Alari sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.
"I'm sorry to bring you guys more trouble, but let me handle what's approaching it's nothing too major thankfully...but I'd still prefer it not come in contact with Larel."
A hand grabbed Kinoko's shoulder before she could get too far, it was Vegeta who merely stared at her his gaze moving towards the destroyed forest. He knew exactly what Yuvo had just done, he felt that all of them felt that. Running off however wasn't an option, the fact that Goku didn't fly in that direction with the way his mind worked was a miracle, he wasn't about to have Kinoko pull a Kakarot while he was around. He moved his hand off his shoulder and motioned his head back to the battle at hand.
"Plan doesn't change. The two of them have been fighting the whole time we've been here, that brat is genuinely trying to help. Running off towards him defeats whatever beating he's taking right now. You should have more me in you than Kakarot so consider things like that."

Vegeta turned slamming his fist into one of the clones sending it crashing into a nearby cliff. They had managed to kill a majority of them and avoid the weakest one who was currently trying to hit a dodging Goku.
"Wow you've done quite a number on my clones."
Vegeta turned before a fist slammed into the Prince's stomach sending him flying backwards into Goku, the two crashing into a nearby cliff. Yuvo slowly straightened his body next to Kinoko flexing his hands a few times before grinning at her.
"It's good to see you again Kinoko," Yuvo said holding his palm towards her. "Here's a gift for being late."
A beam of Ki shot out Yuvo's hand towards Kinoko destroying the structure of rocks that rested behind them leaving behind a smouldering crater as Yuvo laughed and lowered his hand wondering if his attack had hit.

Goku and Vegeta climbed out of the mountain to a worried 21 who had managed to safely knock out the clone, but this was a bad situation. She had sensed Kitsu's power level earlier but it suddenly vanished, her eyes narrowed as Yuvo's eyes turned to them a grin slowly making its way onto his features. This was going to complicate the plan, if he made more clones now...and the weak one got caught in the crossfire Yuvo would be unstoppable.
Ah...Summer. Haha Sorry Sana I wish you the best of luck when school starts. I just got back from all kinds of business.
One the Clones knocked the ki shot away but the other one ended up taking it in the face falling to the ground afterwards, the other clones narrowed their eyes seeing Kinoko approach. At her words all of them grinned and got into a fighting stance, before they could talk further a section of them exploded causing them to look over at the ensuing explosion. Vegeta had his hand held out a chunk of the army falling to the ground, he narrowed his eyes at the group and slowly lowered his hand.
"Fine...if you want to die that badly! We'll take all your power!"
The Clone army rose up and immediately dove at the group some firing blasts from a distance which 21 and Goku immediately dashed towards weaving between the shots. 21 looked back at Vegeta and Kinoko and pointed to one of the clones, if they read it's power they'd notice the power was substantially smaller than the rest of them, she was silently saying don't kill that one.

Vegeta rushed forward slamming his fist into one of the clones before clashing with two of them, he looked over to see Goku block the strikes of three simultaneously before blowing them away. His eyes narrowed and he yelled Ki exploding from his body destroying a section near them, though more came at him, causing him to block the ensuing strikes. They were slowly absorbing the group's Ki and steadily getting strong, the fighters could weaken them quickly but fight strong ones last, or pace themselves and keep them at an average strength. 21 knocked a few out with her own power, but any that weren't killed immediately would regenerate.
"This ability from Kinoko is really handy," the Yuvo's clones said grinning at their healed forms. "Let's see what else we can get!"
Multiple clones flew at Kinoko as well laughing as others flew from the horizon.
"I hope Kitsu's doing okay..." 21 thought knocking away another clone.

Ryo slid backwards holding up his arms as he blocked a strike from Yuvo, he immediately moved out of the way of Yuvo as he slammed his fist into a tree breaking it in the process. Ryo spun slamming his fist into Yuvo's chest, the man's eyes narrowed as he flew back crashing through several tree's before coming to a sliding stop. He looked up as Ryo slowly rose his body and got back into stance, he grinned as his body started regenerating.
"How interesting," Yuvo said. "'re clearly managing your Ki, like you know how to fight me."
Yuvo brought his hands back to his sides and eyed Ryo, his stance seemed so open but no matter what direction he approached from the other one always seemed ready to defend, they had been keeping up an even pace with one another the moment the fight started.
"So 21 betrayed me...figures," Yuvo said. "I had a feeling she'd want more eventually. Here I thought you killed her Evil side."
Ryo shrugged his shoulders, he didn't know that woman's story and that wasn't really his concern right now, he just had to keep him busy while the other's fought.
"What kind of power are you using against me," Yuvo said grinning. "I need it!"
Yuvo vanished appearing next to Ryo, his eyes widened beneath his mask and he barely blocked the man's kick flying backwards through the forest, placing his feet down he caught himself and spinning saw Yuvo building energy in his hands.
"Big Bang!"
"Big what!" Ryo thought before the shot rang out.
The forest was ensued in large blue explosion and Yuvo laughed as the surrounding landscape was scarred by his massive Ki.
Luro stood on a rooftop a little bit away from the inn, he brought a hand to his head as that scene replayed itself in his skull, a part of him couldn't believe it. Just looking at it none of it made sense, he dug in his head for answers but only emptiness came back. He was reminded again the seal was in place to keep him from seeing scenes like that, of seeing the Alari that he knew. Luro took a deep breath and fell onto his back, letting his eyes move to the sky. Too much has happened in the past few days, he felt oddly tired. He was furious at Alari but for some weird reason it wasn't complete anger, something else was mixed in there, he couldn't figure out what exactly that feeling was and that bothered him more than anything.
" I've been chasing a ghost all this time," Luro mumbled. "It's just like him to keep something like that from me."

Alari raised his gaze to look at Mera, his brows seemed to arch a bit at her response but his normal expression returned moments later. A small smile rested on his face at her words and raising his leg he rested arm on his knee. With a small sigh he slowly shook his head at her comment of atonement.
"There's no redemption for the things I've done to him," Alari said shaking his head. "...still you're as perceptive as always Mera...I'm sorry but this one time I have to be a bit of a jerk...I really am sorry."
Alari lowered his head at this, he was still tense, his whole body was stiff and his hand trembled slightly as he tried to get somewhat of a hold on himself.
"...You didn't mind that though...The person in that memory was me after all. I took it straight from Larel."
He raised his head at this and looked back at Mera.
"I showed one of my...less proud sides to you...I got to see you in some of your I suppose it's only fair."

A blue barrier surrounded Mary as the darkness approached, a figure in a brown cloak stood far away from Mary's location a few feet outside the building. Their hand was held in Mary's direction and they had two fingers pressed against their cloak, peering through the building to her location. The upper part of their face was hidden by the cloak but their teeth was grit as they tried to keep it manifested around Mary. It didn't take long for the magic to fade however and the energy to stop flowing around Mary, the person fell to their knees and brought a hand to their chest breathing heavily as the magic faded.
"...I doubt that did anything...but I can't just keep watching like this," the person climbed to their feet looking in the direction of Erin and Rain.
"...I'll just have to trust them to handle it. I have to keep moving or I'll be found this way."
The cloaked figure turned and leapt away from the scene, they had a debt they had to repay which caused them to check on Mary, but there were things in motion they had to stop which would endanger everyone if they didn't do something.
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