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Haha thanks Sana I appreciate it. I'll do my utmost to repay that understanding in my post.
I was horribly wrong Sana, none of my business was concluded. With the Holidays coming up though the only thing I have is work and family responsibilities. Just wanted to let you know I'm still here.
I'm back and most of my business is concluded, I'll have a post for you soon.
Thank you and yeah I was on not to long ago looking for some Alari Wisdom... I haven't found what I'm looking for yet five pages in.
Oh Sana I'll be out of the country for a few weeks. (Been prepping for a bit now). Figure I'd let you know.
Kai sighed and took a seat against the wall, it was still hard to realize the situation that they were in. The other two seemed pretty okay with it but he still didn't like the fact a god was in his head, the templar wanted him dead, and on top of that they would be dealing with dangerous creatures staying with Lana. At the moment he was no better than a criminal however, so it would be for the best to stay near these two, one had answers and the other seemed fine with fighting so he could just hang back and wait for this whole thing to blow over. Though he knew he couldn't leave everything to them, so he wondered if he could handle everything outside of fighting. Putting the thought aside he looked over at Lana.
"Just so you know if you leave these two I'm going to scream in your head all night." Saitra said making sure he understood the circumstances.

"I'm a hostage here by Saitra so I'll be sleeping here too," Kai said. "...I can sleep over here away from you two."
He held up a hand indicating he would give them some manner of privacy, something he wished Saitra would do but that was something for another time.
"Are we going to be heading west?" Kai asked Lana. "I know there's a town that way where the templars don't have that much influence. If people who likes these gods are...friendly will be keeping to those places? If that's the case I might be able to help, I've delivered my crops around the area so I know some stuff. I won't be fighting so feel free to leave anything else to me, least I can do."
No worries get your bearings.
Kai brought a hand to his face as Lana went on to explain the situation, Saitra of course was more than happy to support the information agreeing with her, though he expected she was willing to talk only because he now knew more. For a moment Kai stared at the ground arms crossed over his chest taking in everything Lana had said, he didn't believe he needed the other two, but he knew the templars at least and he wasn't surprised to hear they wanted the hosts of all things dead. He also knew that no amount of talking was going to change a templar's mind, they had that 'I'm right and you're wrong' mindset down perfectly.
"She is not incorrect, I would prefer this world stay safe and even if you haven't activated my Artifact, I am still bound to you, that's enough for the templars," Saitra said in his skull.

Kai reached up and ruffled his hair with both hands, his life was normal up until a few moments ago, now he was in a temple, talking to two hosts and there was a god screaming in his head about an imminent doom. If he walked away innocent people would end up getting killed, and if the templars didn't kill him, these creatures would. If it wasn't for the fact there was an annoying voice in his head he would believe any of it, so he couldn't fault regular people being oblivious.
"Agh...damn it all," Kai said. "There's always a costs to stuff like this, this is why you don't accept things from strangers."
"I am not a stranger I am a god!"
"Hey I didn't know you or these other two much less their gods that makes you a stranger," Kai said. "Hah...I can't just walk away with innocent people involved. That and I can't get rid of her without destroying this evil right my hands are kind of tied then. I hate it but fine I'll help. My name is Kai...I guess I'm the host of Saitra...I don't really know the gods so you'll have to tell me what yours do."
At the mention of dealing with creatures Kai held up a hand before crossing his arms under his chest.
"I'll be your moral support, I'd rather not activate my Artifact fully...not sure what Saitra would do if I did."
"I would not go to such extremes as Malthael...maybe." Saitra said.
"What do you mean maybe?!" Kai exclaimed. "You'd better not do some sacrifice thing with me, or we're going to have a problem."
Kai looked at the two and cleared his throat.
"...anyway yeah so...moral support."
"...what if I were to offer you a piece of candy?"
"Candy is not going to make me activate your damn artifact, stop trying to bribe me."

Kai moved his hands to his hips and his eye twitched slightly at Lana's advice, he didn't want to listen to Saitra, he didn't doubt that Saitra knew more than she was saying, he doubted the images forced into his skull were practical jokes, and he wasn't sure how but it felt like she was purposely keeping something from him. He looked up at Lana and ran a hand through his hair, it seemed she got the easier one to talk to at least, he almost envied her, minus the fact he was a sacrificial god.
"You know I would ask but she refuses to tell me anything, says it's not fair. You see the information she has is very important so I must give her a piece of information that's just as important...I've lived as a farmer for a long time...there is nothing I've done that is, end of humanity worthy. Thus she just stays silent to my questions...least yours is open to discussing it."
"You make me sound as if I am difficult."
"You are difficult," Kai said simply.

Kai turned to face the newcomer still trying to take in the truth he had just been told about removing Saitra. It seemed the only way to get rid of Saitra was to die, or help her. He had to admit it was a hard decision to make, it seemed the woman that appeared out of nothingness had similar sentiments to him about their hosts, he supposed that meant she had a god in her too.
"I'm not sure what they really are either, these beasts," Kai said looking at the newcomer. "Apparently it's really bad. I guess yours isn't big on explaining either."
Kai looked back at Lana staring at her as he contemplated his next words, he really didn't want to get involved in all this, but this woman was the only person that could give him answers. Ignoring Saitra wasn't really an option, maybe before he had the coin but now her voice was annoyingly clear and loud.
"I have a home on the outskirts of town...but I'd like to find out more about what's going on. Getting Saitra out of my head is a good start to my life returning to normal, I'm guessing if she leaves the temple leaves and I'll get my field back."
This was all speculation but he needed some kind of hope to hold onto.
"Even if it doesn't I'm tired of her speaking in my head," Kai said. "If taking down some darkness get's rid of her I'm open to learning more."

Kai stared at the priest blinking a few times as the man seemed to explain his supposed duty, running a hand through his hair he sighed as the priest stared at him, he made no attempt to tense up or hide anything about himself, he just stared back at him with the same blank expression. What he said was meaningless Saitra had already gone on about some kind of duty, even showed him what he should be doing but digging in his ear Kai patiently waited for the one he addressed to speak to him. When she finally spoke he looked up at her and folded his hands behind head as she sent the priest away.
What an interesting turn of events, also do you feel's like we're being watched."
"Nope," Kai said staring ahead.

Kai squeezed the bridge of his nose when the woman name Lana spoke to him mentioning herself and Malthael, he supposed hosts were like this when they fully fused, or maybe she was a special case, he had no idea and didn't really care. He was also pretty sure she just called him a spoiled child but now wasn't the time to deal with such things, at the moment this girl was the only one that could answer the questions Saitra refused to answer. It seemed this Lana and her god knew who was inside his head as well, that made this a little easier to explain then.
"I'm here for my melons," Kai said simply. "I suppose if I were to name something else it's answers...because my melons were destroyed."
"Would you let go of the melons, look my aim was slightly off."
"Oh yeah your aim was off, a few feet over and you'd owe me a new house," Kai said shaking his head. "Anyway...I just want answers. This god ended up in my head, she made me get her artifact and keeps going on about some great evil, or some beast or something. Look why is this god here and how do I make her go away."
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