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A hand grabbed Kinoko's shoulder before she could get too far, it was Vegeta who merely stared at her his gaze moving towards the destroyed forest. He knew exactly what Yuvo had just done, he felt that all of them felt that. Running off however wasn't an option, the fact that Goku didn't fly in that direction with the way his mind worked was a miracle, he wasn't about to have Kinoko pull a Kakarot while he was around. He moved his hand off his shoulder and motioned his head back to the battle at hand.
"Plan doesn't change. The two of them have been fighting the whole time we've been here, that brat is genuinely trying to help. Running off towards him defeats whatever beating he's taking right now. You should have more me in you than Kakarot so consider things like that."

Vegeta turned slamming his fist into one of the clones sending it crashing into a nearby cliff. They had managed to kill a majority of them and avoid the weakest one who was currently trying to hit a dodging Goku.
"Wow you've done quite a number on my clones."
Vegeta turned before a fist slammed into the Prince's stomach sending him flying backwards into Goku, the two crashing into a nearby cliff. Yuvo slowly straightened his body next to Kinoko flexing his hands a few times before grinning at her.
"It's good to see you again Kinoko," Yuvo said holding his palm towards her. "Here's a gift for being late."
A beam of Ki shot out Yuvo's hand towards Kinoko destroying the structure of rocks that rested behind them leaving behind a smouldering crater as Yuvo laughed and lowered his hand wondering if his attack had hit.

Goku and Vegeta climbed out of the mountain to a worried 21 who had managed to safely knock out the clone, but this was a bad situation. She had sensed Kitsu's power level earlier but it suddenly vanished, her eyes narrowed as Yuvo's eyes turned to them a grin slowly making its way onto his features. This was going to complicate the plan, if he made more clones now...and the weak one got caught in the crossfire Yuvo would be unstoppable.
Ah...Summer. Haha Sorry Sana I wish you the best of luck when school starts. I just got back from all kinds of business.
One the Clones knocked the ki shot away but the other one ended up taking it in the face falling to the ground afterwards, the other clones narrowed their eyes seeing Kinoko approach. At her words all of them grinned and got into a fighting stance, before they could talk further a section of them exploded causing them to look over at the ensuing explosion. Vegeta had his hand held out a chunk of the army falling to the ground, he narrowed his eyes at the group and slowly lowered his hand.
"Fine...if you want to die that badly! We'll take all your power!"
The Clone army rose up and immediately dove at the group some firing blasts from a distance which 21 and Goku immediately dashed towards weaving between the shots. 21 looked back at Vegeta and Kinoko and pointed to one of the clones, if they read it's power they'd notice the power was substantially smaller than the rest of them, she was silently saying don't kill that one.

Vegeta rushed forward slamming his fist into one of the clones before clashing with two of them, he looked over to see Goku block the strikes of three simultaneously before blowing them away. His eyes narrowed and he yelled Ki exploding from his body destroying a section near them, though more came at him, causing him to block the ensuing strikes. They were slowly absorbing the group's Ki and steadily getting strong, the fighters could weaken them quickly but fight strong ones last, or pace themselves and keep them at an average strength. 21 knocked a few out with her own power, but any that weren't killed immediately would regenerate.
"This ability from Kinoko is really handy," the Yuvo's clones said grinning at their healed forms. "Let's see what else we can get!"
Multiple clones flew at Kinoko as well laughing as others flew from the horizon.
"I hope Kitsu's doing okay..." 21 thought knocking away another clone.

Ryo slid backwards holding up his arms as he blocked a strike from Yuvo, he immediately moved out of the way of Yuvo as he slammed his fist into a tree breaking it in the process. Ryo spun slamming his fist into Yuvo's chest, the man's eyes narrowed as he flew back crashing through several tree's before coming to a sliding stop. He looked up as Ryo slowly rose his body and got back into stance, he grinned as his body started regenerating.
"How interesting," Yuvo said. "'re clearly managing your Ki, like you know how to fight me."
Yuvo brought his hands back to his sides and eyed Ryo, his stance seemed so open but no matter what direction he approached from the other one always seemed ready to defend, they had been keeping up an even pace with one another the moment the fight started.
"So 21 betrayed me...figures," Yuvo said. "I had a feeling she'd want more eventually. Here I thought you killed her Evil side."
Ryo shrugged his shoulders, he didn't know that woman's story and that wasn't really his concern right now, he just had to keep him busy while the other's fought.
"What kind of power are you using against me," Yuvo said grinning. "I need it!"
Yuvo vanished appearing next to Ryo, his eyes widened beneath his mask and he barely blocked the man's kick flying backwards through the forest, placing his feet down he caught himself and spinning saw Yuvo building energy in his hands.
"Big Bang!"
"Big what!" Ryo thought before the shot rang out.
The forest was ensued in large blue explosion and Yuvo laughed as the surrounding landscape was scarred by his massive Ki.
Luro stood on a rooftop a little bit away from the inn, he brought a hand to his head as that scene replayed itself in his skull, a part of him couldn't believe it. Just looking at it none of it made sense, he dug in his head for answers but only emptiness came back. He was reminded again the seal was in place to keep him from seeing scenes like that, of seeing the Alari that he knew. Luro took a deep breath and fell onto his back, letting his eyes move to the sky. Too much has happened in the past few days, he felt oddly tired. He was furious at Alari but for some weird reason it wasn't complete anger, something else was mixed in there, he couldn't figure out what exactly that feeling was and that bothered him more than anything.
" I've been chasing a ghost all this time," Luro mumbled. "It's just like him to keep something like that from me."

Alari raised his gaze to look at Mera, his brows seemed to arch a bit at her response but his normal expression returned moments later. A small smile rested on his face at her words and raising his leg he rested arm on his knee. With a small sigh he slowly shook his head at her comment of atonement.
"There's no redemption for the things I've done to him," Alari said shaking his head. "...still you're as perceptive as always Mera...I'm sorry but this one time I have to be a bit of a jerk...I really am sorry."
Alari lowered his head at this, he was still tense, his whole body was stiff and his hand trembled slightly as he tried to get somewhat of a hold on himself.
"...You didn't mind that though...The person in that memory was me after all. I took it straight from Larel."
He raised his head at this and looked back at Mera.
"I showed one of my...less proud sides to you...I got to see you in some of your I suppose it's only fair."

A blue barrier surrounded Mary as the darkness approached, a figure in a brown cloak stood far away from Mary's location a few feet outside the building. Their hand was held in Mary's direction and they had two fingers pressed against their cloak, peering through the building to her location. The upper part of their face was hidden by the cloak but their teeth was grit as they tried to keep it manifested around Mary. It didn't take long for the magic to fade however and the energy to stop flowing around Mary, the person fell to their knees and brought a hand to their chest breathing heavily as the magic faded.
"...I doubt that did anything...but I can't just keep watching like this," the person climbed to their feet looking in the direction of Erin and Rain.
"...I'll just have to trust them to handle it. I have to keep moving or I'll be found this way."
The cloaked figure turned and leapt away from the scene, they had a debt they had to repay which caused them to check on Mary, but there were things in motion they had to stop which would endanger everyone if they didn't do something.
Goku remained silent and still watching Kinoko, he turned and looked in the direction Vegeta had gone crossing his arms over his chest. The two of them were something else, that much he had to admit. Still he didn't get how they couldn't see what was plainly put out there, he smiled and ruffled his hair turning his back to Konoko as she spoke of her heritage. It was up to Kinoko to figure out her own path, at least that's what Vegeta made him promise, he and Vegeta were just there to help should she ever fall off it. Though Vegeta believed she should walk down one route while he disagreed and believed she should follow another. In the end he wanted Kinoko to figure out answers for herself, but she wanted Vegeta's acceptance, something he only earned after the two had tried to kill each other more times than he could count and he'd never say it out loud. He had a feeling that was going to be a long harsh road.
"Kinoko will figure it out one day, I doubt I'd be able to explain it anyway." Goku thought before starting to walk away.
He stopped however when Kinoko spoke to him arching his brows at her, smiling at her he gave a small nod and put a hand on her shoulder.
"I'm happy too. I won't make you, but if you feel like talking you know how to find me. Let's go."

Ryo leaned against a tree adjusting the mask on his face only to jump when a squirrel ran by, bringing a hand to his chest he let out a small sigh before his gaze moved to the sky. The orange sky spread out above him was pretty peaceful, if not for the fact he was waiting for a killer alien to take his life it might actually be a good day. He took out his phone and stared at it for a moment, 21 had called him having been forced to give his number to her and Goku for some strange reason when they came to see him telling him about the meeting place. Apparently 21 had informed Kinoko shortly before they got there that the plan was already in motion, which meant the lab was going to end up blown up sooner or later, well after their fight started.
Ryo glanced sideways at Yuvo as he walked out of the darkness, with a smile he got into stance causing Ryo to fully turn to face him.
"I owe 21 one, I was hoping to get a shot at you. Seems like you were waiting for me."
Ryo sighed inside his mask and made a beckoning motion with his sleeve.

"Are you ready?" 21 questioned.
She and Goku were standing in a small lab, documents were scattered everywhere and designs of all manners were placed on the wall, there were multiple pods in the area and judging by the broken one, it was the one Yuvo came out of. 21 had led Goku to a room with a large machine in the center with multiples pipes leading into other machines that let out a low hum, it seemed this was the central computer, and the pods outside were spare 'main' Yuvo's, they would destroy while he was asleep. It was hard getting in without getting seen, but the harder part was surviving the onslaught that would come when they destroyed it.
"I'm ready," Goku said.
The two raised their hands and energy gathered in them before a large explosion came from the lab, the two quickly flew out of it Goku hurling one last blast of energy inside which destroyed not only the lab but part of the mountain in the process.
"That should do it...Goku."
"I'm on it."
Goku put two fingers to his head and locking onto Vegeta's signature moved to him, the two met eyes for a moment and with grumble he flew off in Kinoko's direction as Goku returned to help 21 deal with the clones who attention she had attracted and led away from the lab. As Vegeta flew he noticed multiple Yuvo's flying out of the city his eyes narrowing at the sheer number making their way towards the cliffs. 21 confirmed that only a few of them were as strong as the normal Yuvo, they just had to avoid killing the one with the weakest signature, which wouldn't be too hard.
Vegeta landed and approached Kinoko arms crossed and the normal scowl on his face, Goku and 21's energy spiked causing Vegeta to look back in the direction of the energy.
"Kinoko it's time, don't let your guard down," Vegeta said before turning and flying towards the clones.

21 had gathered all of the clones far in the wastelands, there were at the very least a thousand Yuvo's floating in front of her and she narrowed her eyes at them as they stared down at her, a few of them smiling and cracking their knuckles.
"...I had a feeling you would eventually betray me 21," one of the Yuvo's said.
"Yeah you did seem like the ambitious type," another Yuvo said.
"I was going to get more data on you to add to my own, but this will suffice," one of the Yuvo's in the back said.
"'re not pulling any innocents into this," 21 said. "I'm stopping this now."
"You intend on taking us all on!"
"Well I figured I'd help."
Goku appeared next to 21 and smiled at her before focusing his attention back on the numerous Yuvo's and getting into stance, the smile fading off his face.
"Oh Goku! I wanted to save the best for last...but I've never been the patient type," Yuvo said grinning. "I get you, 21 and Kitsu, must be my lucky day!"
It took almost all of his willpower not to turn back to Kinoko at her words, he slammed his fist into the wall shattering it in the process needing some kind of outlet for the blasphemy that just came from his own sisters mouth. He seemed to take a deep breath staring at his hand for a moment. His eyes narrowed and he clenched it into a fist, there was no reasoning with Kinoko on this matter, not that he wanted to anyway. Talking about feelings and emotions was Kakarot's thing so he didn't see why she was putting so much effort into talking with him about it.
"Speak for yourself," Vegeta said turning to Kinoko. "It's hard to believe Saiyan blood runs through you sometimes. You are not just any Saiyan Kinoko, you are a princess, part of your duty is to excel over others, it's your bloodline whether you accept it or not."
Vegeta stopped at that point his eyes twitching for a moment, something seemed to hit him in that moment but whatever it was he shook it off as quickly as it came.
" doesn't matter. This conversation is meaningless, figure it out yourself I'm not your babysitter and don't say you're half of me. Someone who calls themselves my sibling should know better than to ever say such things to me."

Vegeta started to leave when a figure appeared between them, Goku lowering two fingers from his head smiled before it quickly faded as he looked at the two of them, he blinked a few times before rubbing the back of his head. Even he could feel the tension in the air right now.
"Uh...did I come at a bad time?"
Vegeta huffed and turning walked away from them, Goku started to stop him but withdrew his hand knowing that aura, he'd end up blown though the wall if he tried to stop him right now, instead he turned to Kinoko arching a brow at her.
"Were you two arguing again? You know how Vegeta can be Kinoko...I hope he doesn't go vanishing again, we need him for the plan....maybe I should talk to him once he's calmed down."
Goku brought a hand to his chin at this, he'd have to keep an eye on his energy in case he hid it later.

Vegeta's body stopped feeling Kinoko's force hit him, he closed his eyes at her words and his Ki flared for a moment as he broke her hold on him and turned to face her. He knew all too well how Kinoko felt, it was the same feeling when he found out Kakarot was holding back against him with his Super Saiyan three. Under different circumstances he wouldn't have held back, even if it was family, he even gave Trunks a chance and pushed him past his limits. Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest and walking back over to Kinoko, his expression was beyond simple anger at this point, family or not he didn't like being called a coward.

Vegeta reached forward and grabbed Kinoko's armor pulling her face closer to his glaring at her.
"You think I want to hold back you idiot!" Vegeta yelled before pushing her away. "How you have my blood and Kakarot's idiocy is beyond me. You're so damn thick headed just like him. Do you honestly think the only reason I'm holding back because I 'don't want to hurt you' do you really think I'm that soft. If you do then clearly you don't understand anything about me. Fighting is a part of culture, getting stronger is our duty as Saiyan's! If you can't get past losing and your past weakness then you're not worthy of being called a Saiyan. Even I keep striving, every day without stop knowing Kakarot is just one step ahead of me, haunted by that pain daily, haunted by the fact I was powerless not only against Freiza but a low class Saiyan."
The floor cratered nearby as Vegeta's anger reached its peak, he seemed inches away from knocking Kinoko through half the city, but as he glared at her something showed in him, it wasn't so much hesitation, it was almost fear and he sighed and closed his eyes controlling his energy.
" you not feel it when we fight," Vegeta said looking back at her.
His gaze was softer, though he still had the same angry expression it was clear he was calmer.
"I figured by now you'd pick up on it. Why I can't go all out on you. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I have to hold myself back. If you can't understand it at this point then there's no sense explaining it to you. You have my stubbornness but his lack of tact."
Vegeta said this and turned his back on her again.
Hahaa I know that feeling all too well, I should be free over the weekend myself.

Also those are eight types of adorable, I love them.
Vegeta was silent for a moment staring at Kinoko as she explained herself, he closed his eyes seeming to understand what was going on right now. His eyes narrowed a bit and he mumbled 'Kakarot' under his breath. He had said that to Kinoko's face while he was there, he looked back at Kinoko and reaching forward gripped the front of her clothes with his hand. It was unknown why he did this until it came without any kind of warning, his fist slammed into Kinoko's stomach with far more speed and force than any of usual attacks, it happened in what felt like milliseconds and the force of it would easily kill a normal human. This was how he hit enemies, how he hit Kakarot and if not for the fact he had gripped her clothes she more than likely would have been flying.

Vegeta released her and took a step back, he hadn't changed into a Super Saiyan but it felt like he had hit her full force in his second transformation at least, it showed how much he had been holding back and he stared at Kinoko crossing his arms over his chest.
"If I went all out from the very beginning you'd be a stain on the floor by now Kinoko. The last thing I need from a survivor of my blood."
Vegeta turned his back to her and started walking away.
"I don't know what you expected from this, but hopefully you know your limits now. Don't speak so lightly about training against me, I'll stop pulling back when you're worth the effort."
Vegeta seemed to grumble to himself as the others left but it seemed there was little choice in the matter, Bulma unfortunately was going to want answers and everyone had run off. With little choice he went to explain the circumstances to Bulma, while Goku made sure to let the others know about Yuvo and the fact they might be targeted. Some stepped up to help fight and he explained 21's plan. He asked them to keep an eye on the city and to take care of any that might still be around. Once that was finished he returned to his home to warn Chi-chi and Goten while he was at it.

Vegeta let out a small breath as he straightened his body, he flexed his hands a few times after trying to manage his ki, just as he was about to do so again Kinoko approached him causing him to stop and turn to her. He stared at her arching a brow when she approached him, he started to wonder if she was delivering some message to him as he didn't like being interrupted during his training. What she actually wanted though actually surprised him, his brows arching a bit. His normal expression returned pretty quickly though and he stared at Kinoko, the look on her face was different than before.
"Don't you normally approach Kakarot when you want to train? Why are you so determined to train with me all of a sudden?"

Ryo walked into a small home a little past the outskirts of the city, it was a small circular home and with a sigh dressed in his normal clothes he started walking around the home. The house was a simple one, a tv, couch and all the basics that came with it, there were four rooms counting the living room and it was a place made for one person. Unlike most homes there wasn't anything too fancy, only the necessities existed and it was quite cheap due to this fact, at least as cheap as one could get. A familiar scent hit Ryo's nose and he followed it to the kitchen where he picked up light humming. His attention landed on a woman dressed in a long sleeved yellow shirt and brown skirt, she had on pink house slippers and a white apron. She was a slender woman that looked a bit too young for her actual age, she had ivory skin and long silver hair to the mid of her back, tied at the bottom with a white ribbon. Her slim fingers stirred a pot and a smile rested on her thin lips as she remained lost in her world, at least until Ryo cleared his throat.
"Hm?" The woman said turning around. "Re-Re!"
The woman released her pot and walked over to Ryo wiping her hands on her apron before hugging him.
"Hi mom," Ryo said returning the hug.
The woman known as Yin smiled and backed away from Ryo keeping her hands on her shoulders, Ryo smiled wondering if she had a bit of Saiyan blood in her with how young she looked after all these years.
"What bring you here?"
"Oh you know...I was in the neighborhood figured I'd stop by," Ryo said.
"I wish you'd told me," Yin said pouting at him. "I only have enough for three people, that's not going to fill your stomach."
"You always make extra helpings..." Ryo said sighing. "That uses up more food you know."
"I always like being prepared, you haven't visited me in ages though."
"Just...busy with work. Anyway I'm here now let's eat I'll help you."
Yin nodded and turned back to her food, Ryo tying on an apron to help. She could tell something was on his mind, but she didn't want to force it out of him, just having him here was good enough.
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