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I would be interested in this.
Nation Sheet
Nation Name/Flag:(Flag is optional)
Government Type:
Economy:(Can as brief or as detailed as you wish, could even be a simple list of resources you have and don't have.)
Your sheet can be as detailed as you wish, there's not really a set way in preparing it. And you're welcome to add new bits to your sheet if you wish to share more about your nation, I don't mind customized sheets too much. You also have the option of playing as non-national organizations if you so wish.
Would it be possible lay claim to some moons around Jupiter?
The alarm clock finally stopped chirping after the tenth snooze alarm button had been pressed. The red-headed woman sat up in bed and turned on her bedside lamp with one hand while patting down her messy hair with the other. It was quiet in her room, no matter what was going on outside her room barely let any of that noise inside. The bedroom had been built as a large Faraday cage to not allow electromagnetic frequencies to enter the room and it had also been soundproofed on top of that customization. It served as a saferoom from the chaos of that was constantly happening in Vorpool and the world. She sat there for close to thirty minutes just sifting through her thoughts before she decided to roll out of bed, threw on some leggings and a tank top before taking a deep breath and opening up her door to the rest of her apartment and the noise of the entire world.

Angel's apartment was a converted warehouse on the edge of Uptown and the Culture district and had a large open floor plan with the only real room being the bedroom that had been specially built. She had paid the landlord a good amount of money to leave her alone and not ask any questions, he probably thought she was just some rich kid that was spending her parents money and didn't want any questions to be asked. One side of the place was filled with computer components and a full server rack that was shut down and disconnected at the moment. The other side of the room taken up by three floor to ceiling windows that were covered by heavy theater curtains on motorized rails that were currently only letting a slight sliver of light sneak into the room. The room was largely lacking furniture with only a single leather couch and chair in the middle of the room next to a support pillar and a work bench next to the server rack where all the computer parts were resting on.

The room could appear quite and peaceful for most people with only the sound of the city filing the large room, but to Angel who could see all the data in the world it might as well be the noisest room in the world. She headed over to the fridge while looking through the daily news to see that the government was trying to pass a bil for annual ability testing which was not good. Her day didn't get any better when she found out that she was out of milk meaning she would have to eat her cereal dry again.

After finishing her lackluster breakfast, the greatest hacker in the world grabbed a plain black hoodie matching her black leggings and than laced up her addidas running shoes before grabbing a small panda covered backpack and her phone from the the wall hangers next to the door. She opened up the backpack to make sure her ID and a rubber banded wad of cash were inside as she sparingly used debit and credit cards and would instead opt for straight electronic payment if she had to. "Come on Angel, today is a not yesterday. You can do this, just one step at a time. Don't worry about anyone else." She told herself as she looked at the front door. "Easy trip to the grocery store and right back. Not like anyone knows who you really are." With that final piece of reassurance she left the apartment for a quick run to the grocery store.
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