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Would it be okay to reserve the Fire pillar slot? I could have a sheet up by tomorrow.
@AtomicNut Alright, I may have an idea that you might like or not like. Can I PM you the idea. If it doesn’t work out I do have another character in mind too.
@AtomicNut I have a question about if there are witches that have defected over to the Old world order side. Are there some that were born outside the strongholds that fight for GRAM so that they can live in the stronghold?
I'm in.
The music room was always quiet around this time as most of the members chose to enjoy their lunch time down in the cafeteria. That was not the case this time for the president of the music club, Shin Kawaguchi. He sat at a desk in the back of the room with chopsticks in one hand and a clip board in the other as he stared as the the list of equipment that needed to be repaired or replaced. The third year gave a sigh after taking another bite of his bento box, he needed more battle points for the club to afford any of the issues on the list. There was an issue of the club being low on members right now as most of the members last year had been third years and they were still recovering from that lose.

Deciding to put down the chopsticks, he grabbed a sharpie and a cardboard box that hadn't been cleaned up yet and tore off one of the sides.

Come join the Music Club
No instrument experience needed
Just a love of Music required

Hopefully the sign got some attention from the students that had not decided on a club yet or poached by other clubs. After finishing the sign, he grabbed what was left of this bento box and headed out of the room in the direction of the cafeteria.

When he arrived outside the cafeteria, he set himself up across from the doors with his sign. Now he had to play the waiting game and see if anyone took the bait to join his easy going club.
Hey @VitaVitaAR. I was wondering if you saw the PM I sent you?
Remember to join the Music Club. We have cookies.
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