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Current People who can just shoot their shot every time are insanely brave. There is always some serious trepidation in messaging strangers hoping to become RP friends, even if you are confident!
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That computer showed up a lot later than expected. ^^;
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New computer will be here sometime Monday. Sorry for any delays.
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Haven't slept in two days and have done absolutely nothing productive! Fantastic.
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I don't like getting older.



If you are looking for me, I am kind of here. But there is a good chance, I am also not.

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A bit later than expected! I apologize for the delay.

Almost done with my character sheets. History has me a little stumped (as it usually does), but expect them sometime later today/tomorrow!
I have two characters in the works, I am just terribly slow at writing character sheets! ; ;
I hope my CS is alright. The link should work, but if not, I will fix it once I get to an actual computer.
Name: Kayden Wikshire

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Disability: Bipolar Disorder

How they got disabled: No one is really sure, but it is assumed it is something he was born with.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: In the simplest terms, Kayden is very boisterous and eccentric most days, with long, dreadful lapses of irritation and highly depressive moods of unusual quietness. Or sometimes an intense cycling of the tree. It usually isn't all that difficult to tell, considering that he is a very open and expressive person. Despite seeming like he has a horrid attention span, Kayden is actually highly perceptive of those around himself, often to the point of hyper focusing if there isn't anything else to keep his attention. While not necessarily a bad thing, it can prove to be very troublesome for those around him, especially when he stops paying attention to the task at hand.

How they feel about disability: Having been with it his entire life, Kaydens thoughts on it fluxuate horrendously. When doing well, he doesn't really see it as a disability nor illness- rather it just being his every common day thing. But when he is low, it is the only time he will willingly admit just how much he despises his own loudness and the inability to not live 'normally'.

How they came to the School: After an unusually bad depressive episode that landed him in the hospital, his parents decided they were done attempting to deal with him and figured that he could get the help he needed at the school.
Working on a CS now. Though I might go with something different than I originally planned, a different character idea popped into my head earlier n' I like this one a bit more. Plus, we've already got two mute characters.

@Carmel Cat
Mutism or Deafness. Kind of torn between the two, but I am leaning more towards Mutism.
Seems rather interesting. I've got a couple of character ideas already in mind.
Sorry for poofing. My internet got cut off and the nearest library is nearly two hours away. My cellphones screen is so cracked it is nearly impossible for me to type posts in a reasonable time frame. Been keeping track of all this though so I can hopefully jump back in once it gets turned back on sometime
Next week. Hopefully.

@Narcotic Dollie@Ace of flames01
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