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I mean I'm just saying, Bowsette is a mix between Bowser and Peach. There is no "ette" in the name Peach. IT should be like, Koopa Queen Bowstool or something.


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Mostly interested, for the moment, in a multi character Heroes of the Storm, Fairy Tail, or Random RP.
It's absurd to me that this needs to be said, but FxF means the pairing is female/female. There is more information on gender in the NSFW info but for the love of God if I get one more message saying "Hey I don't really play females, are you alright with male characters?" I'm going to throw something large and heavy through a window.

First thing is first. Please read the whole thing. Please understand what I'm looking for, and then please do not send me a PM saying "Hey I'd love to do the RP you made an interest check for, except here's all the things I want to do differently." I'm making an ad because I am looking for something... and that something is what I'm looking for.

I want someone who will play Canon Character girls with me. I'll play what you want, you play what I want, simple. I don't really mind if the personality isn't exactly spot on, so you don't need to be afraid of "I don't know if I can play that character's personality". Also this is more of a, tell me your interest, I tell you mine sort of deal. I'll tell you what characters I am looking for, you tell me the same. This isn't intended to be something where you show up going "Oh I saw you listed this fandom so I would love to play X character from it) because sometimes, there's only specific characters I'm looking for.

I'm pretty active, usually every day. Sometimes I have times where I won't be able to post for a day or two but when I do post it's usually multiple times a day. I'm looking for someone who can keep up with this. No single posts a day, or one post every 2-3 days. I'll lose interest fast.

The fandoms I'm looking for are:

Smash Brothers (With some extra characters who aren't in the game, but just, nintendoverse in general)

Heroes of the Storm (Again, Blizzardverse in general)

Fairy Tail



Kill La Kill


Random?: Yoko Littner, Jessica Rabbit, Tifa Lockhart.

Also, my usual NSFW disclaimer:

I apparently need to put this out there...

Please do not send me a message being like "Hey I saw your interest check and was interested in your RP idea except I basically want to do everything differently!"

This is FxF. Please do not message me saying you want to play a male.

I said the gender I play. Please do not come to me wanting to play that gender, I'm looking for someone to play females.

I specified some things I am looking for in characters. Please do not come to me saying how you want to play the exact opposite.

Bumping this.
I am currently specifically looking for a Sci Fi version of this RP. In this case, it will be a 'crew' based RP where your characters are on the same ship among other people, but your characters will be for the most part, in charge! We'll discuss that more in PMs but here are a few characters I want included in the roster!


Did I say few... I meant couple.
So I had this idea. In part this came from something that happened recently but we can get into that more in private where we discuss the details in. The idea is I'll GM the scenario, I'll have everything set up, and you'll choose what you do from the options given, obviously with as much freedom as I can give you to explore and adventure and whatnot. This will not be an RPG in the sense that you will be leveling up, gathering loot, or anything like that. At most, an inventory will be kept of, for example, you have a red key, and a whistle. These items are important for certain things you will come across, but otherwise, you're not going to be getting gear like armor and weapons or anything. It's not a combat RPG, it's an exploration one.

So what is the idea? Well keep in mind this is not meant to be canon or hard set within the logic of the Warcraft universe. Some things will be messed with, some things will be ignored. You'll have Horde and Alliance in the same place without any issue. Waycrest Manor will be used as a sort of tavern/hotel in this scenario. So bare with me and don't try to go "Wait that can't happen because-" we're bending the logic for the sake of fun alright? Roll with it.

So basically your character will show up at Waycrest Manor for a Christmas party. Or well, in this case, a Winter's Veil party. Some things will happen, leaving your character in need of doing something that will require exploring, discovery, some very minor puzzle solving and whatnot. They'll meet a lot of people along the way who will either help them, or be of no help whatsoever as they explore the manor.

What am I looking for from you?

I know Christmas is over. The Holidays aren't though, and either way this is the sort of RP that will likely go on into the new year as we just have fun with it for the sake of having fun with it.

But, I would still like someone active. I know people are still winding down from Christmas and other Holidays, and I know that not everyone is even done with the celebrations. But I'd still like someone who can RP daily on this sort of thing, although it's not required that we RP all day every day. I just start to lose interest over time if it's a single post a day because a week or two down the line we haven't gotten anywhere at all with the RP.

Secondly, I am not looking for someone to play a human of any sort. Honestly I'm more than slightly tired of humans in RP. I can still play with them, it's fine, it's just for this scenario, I would like your MAIN character to be one of the following:

Night Elf
Blood Elf

There will surely be humans in the RP, both that you play and that I play, but I want your main character to be something more unique and fantasy based.

Speaking of on that note, yes we will both play multiple characters. I will RP all the NPCs that your character interacts with for the most part, unless something happens for a special case, we'll discuss that as it happens though. You will mostly just RP as your main character, and then when mature scenarios come around you are likely to play another character for a scene. It's sort of hard to explain but just know that you're expected to RP more than one character (But not at the same time) as they come up.

Lastly, yes this is a Mature, 18+ RP. So I need to get some NSFW facts out of the way so here those are.

Anyways if you're up for a Winter's Veil Warcraft adventure send me a message!

(Btw I don't even bother responding to messages that are like "I'll do your RP if you do mine" or "I'll do the RP if you change this and that and those". This ad is what I'm looking for. Do not come to me wanting to do basically a different idea.)
Still able to handle some more players if anyone's interested.
Update to the post at the top:

I'm also looking for this same scenario in a Sci Fi setting. It will basically be the same, except you replace fantasy races with aliens, and replace the Adventuring Guild with a Bounty Hunter's Association.

Please let me know which version of the RP you are interested in doing when you message me, Fantasy, or Sci Fi.

By the way I'm open to crossovers. So while this will be its own original universe (Probably), we can put in any fantasy races we like. Anything from Draenei and Night Elves from Warcraft, to like, High Elves or Wood Elves from Warhammer. Same goes for Sci Fi, Twi'leks, Asari, whatever.
UPDATE: I'm also looking for this same scenario in a Sci Fi setting. It will basically be the same, except you replace fantasy races with aliens, and replace the Adventuring Guild with a Bounty Hunter's Association.

Have you ever wanted to be an adventurer? Have you ever wanted to put your wits and skills to the test against monsters, bandits, and all kinds of things that plague our Kingdom? The Adventuring Guild is accepting new applicants! Due to a disastrous run in with a Dragon, we now have five positions open within the Guild! So what are you waiting for? Apply now and live the dream!

Note: You will not be going on missions into Dragon territory so do not take the recent events as a reason to not sign up. Everyone starts small, and you only take on the jobs you want! Don't get in over your head, and you'll be fine like all the rest! Except those five souls in the Tundra, Light Bless Them...

I'm looking for someone who wants to play a group of adventurers who are new to the adventuring guild. Within this guild I will give you a list of quests that your party can undertake. You can decide who to take along, who to leave behind, so on and so forth, and I can promise that the difficulty will scale. So if you don't really feel like writing for five characters at once? I understand that... who would honestly. You can just take one character on a solo mission if you want. Or take a duo, or a trio, whatever you want.

Your characters should be:


A well rounded group of people who just so happened to have joined the guild at the same time!

Now yes I know what you're thinking... that title says smutty. But how smutty? Well there's no sense beating around the bush or trying to be vague about it. It will be very smut focused. We can discuss in private what the extent of this will be, but believe me when I say, if you don't like smut, this isn't the adventure for you.

And yes, I'm intending to be a GM. What this means is I will control the NPCs and what have you that you encounter on your journeys, the enemies you face, write the story and let you make the decision of what you want to do, where you want to go and so on. However, there may be times in which you take control of a character that isn't a part of your group for a scene, so keep that in mind.

But will there be story? Well sort of. The story will be less grand and less of an end goal, and have more of an... in the moment focus. Rather than having some evil villain that you are going all over the Kingdom finding information about and gathering allies to defeat, you instead focus on the task at hand. The Goblins you need to defeat, the lost sword you need to find. You focus on how the characters you are playing in that particular quest interact with others around them. How their relationship with each other grows. How they make friends in the guild and in the capitol city they live in. Of course, all of this will be discussed in more detail in private. But some things I should say, and I apologize if this is a bit indecent for the public eye... and in fact because it could be, I will put it in a hider.

More details can be given in time, but for now here's what you need to know about me.

I am on central time... I think. I work from 9 AM in the morning forward, however it's a job where I leave once the work is done, and these days there isn't a whole lot of work to do, so I'm often at work for at most, 2-3 hours. Then I'm home all day with nothing to do but play video games. So I would like a pretty active partner. Someone who can back and forth with me pretty swiftly, without having to go hours, or days without responses. That's not to say I expect you to always respond minutes after I message you, nor to always be up for RP. All I ask is that you be available for some back and forth pretty regularly, to be able to sit down and RP while you do other things, play games or watch Youtube or whatever.

That's about it really. If you're interested in this concept send me a PM!
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