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To make it short : I am searching for peoples to RP with in a 1x1 RP, that could happen here in the forum's PM, or in Discord if you are more comfortable with it, which would be better for me. As a frequency, I expect to post around two times a week at least. So, this post will subdivide itself in the following pattern :
The Settings are, as you know, a list of... settings ? for the story to take place in. With a short description of it inside.
The plots are starting ideas in the said settings. Note that they can be modified in some extent, or you can suggest a whole new one if you get a persistent idea !

I am playing male, althought I can enact females characters for the sake of the GMing. I am not searching for a specific gender in general, even if some ideas will be more suited for a gender than another.

Settings :

Overall, remind to feel free to sugest your own idea if you find them good or in the general vibe of the previous suggestions. Ideas from a setting can also be adaptated to another one, with a little bit of ingeniosity.

This post will probably get updated in the future, with new ideas mostly.

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