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Cool, iATEaSEAmonster, I'll message you!
I'M BACK! Sorry, luvs, I had disappeared a few months before the Deep Sadness happened. The worst part about it was, when I had wanted to come back THE SITE WAS GONE and I didn't know why. I almost cried. Almost.

Anywho, now that I am no longer MIA, I'd like to say, for what it's worth, that I miss my old buddies. I am so sorry we are no longer in contact, and I wish find you all. But alas, I do not remember your usernames. Such sadness. Much regret. Such Doge.

For the rest of my possible, maybe, hopefully new buddies, let's lay out some ground rules.
I hate having to do this. But It seems to be nessisary, how sad.

1) GRAMMAR!! I'm not asking you to be perfect, obviously I'm not even close to it. But it would be EXTREMELY NECESSARY for me to be able to read what you're trying to say. (MINUS SPELLING. As long as I know what it's supposed to say, we have no problem. I hate spelling.)

- Disappear suddenly. If you're going to leave for a while (Longer than a week) let me know. I understand life gets in the way, I have one too and sometimes it's a few days before I can post again. I try to let people know when I know I'll be disappearing.
-Write less than a paragraph. Try to keep your responses more than ~4 sentences.

3) NO TEXT TALKING!! This one should be obvious.

4) HELP PUSH THE STORY FORWARD! I hate having to put that in.... just be creative.

5) Done through PMing. I will lose it in the threads. Besides, no need to make anyone feel bad because we're too awesome for them, right?

In order of preference: FxF, MxF, MxM << This last one will take some convincing.

I love fantasy. Specifically supernatural things. (Demons, vampires, elves, original species, etc.)

I do crossovers. NOT FANDOMS. I will only play original characters.

I am not one to have a giant list of plots. Nor am I one to list random pairings. I want this to be done WITH YOU. It's not an audition for something I've already decided on. It's a help wanted sign. Clear as mud? Good.

I will do mature, normally. But I am in a relationship at the moment, and do not feel comfortable with this at the current time. Thank you for understanding.

I am looking for a 1x1.

Lastly, goodbye to everybody that lost interest. I didn't need you anyway. :P Phooey on you.
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