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@Regitnui. The US doesn't hate Immigrants. We have a problem with ILLEGAL immigrants. As I'm sure all countries do.
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Can and will anyone here teach me how to DnD?
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Ever feel like a nuisance to others..
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"My accidents are on purpose! "


Hello, please make yourself comfortable. Uh let's see I will only go with basic information. If you want to know more you'll just have to get to know me.
Name: Morrigan (not legally but for privacy's sake)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Personality: would like to think she's outgoing but is probably actually really shy. Hates conflict and tries to avoid it at most all costs.

Okay yes I realize I typed myself up as a character sheet, but I froze up and didn't know what else to do. So ask me questions if you wanna know more. Merry meet my dudes. :)

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Let's see, what to put here. I'll start with a small intro. I am Morrigan. I typically do fantasy, medieval, create-your-own-shtuff kind of writing. I write a lot. Sometimes I mean to write only 2 paragraphs and end up with 5 or 6. I do expect at least 2 paragraphs for a return post. I typically play a female character and prefer to partner up with male characters. Romance is NOT a must have. My characters just tend to be intimated by the beauty of women and can hang with men easier. I am okay with romance but that should not be the basis of the story. I want development and a good strong story. I would like at least one post a week as I can be a patient person and I'm really understanding.

I am extremely new at this and I won't take on too many at a time though you may always message me to check since I may not be full.

I have some ideas but I am willing to try most anything

Ghost type rp
Super power
Evil is good kind of gig
Underwater mermaid style
Always dragons
I do have a witch hunter idea

I am being vague on purpose here. None of my ideas are set in stone and if you want to rp with me I'd like it to be OUR story so you'll have to incorporate your own ideas as well.

So if you're interested shoot me a PM and we'll get it going. I realize I typed this up kind of all over the place. I pretty much threw down what came to mind as I've got nervous jitters. I promise you'll enjoy writing with me if you decide you're up for it. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Edit: I would like to add that I've always fancied an idea where my alter ego character meets someone elses. And we get to know each other by messaging, but not as iurselves. Only ever as our character. As if we were actually them and as if their life were actually real. Does that make sense? I hope it does.
Kristanya propelled herself forward as fast as she could. The sand gave way beneath her feet making progress slower than she had hoped. All she needed was to make it to the market then she could disappear. What she lacked in height or weight she made up for in speed. Closer now she could see the stalls of merchants, placed in no particular order, but organized enough to leave pathways. With her feet now on the packed ground she was able to pick up speed. Risking a quick glance behind her she could see the two men gaining on her. “Get back here you little brat! Just wait till we get a hold of you!” they threatened. In front of her was some commotion and turning her head forward once again Kristanya could see that there were two people moving a big heavy piece of furniture to their cart. With no time to maneuver around she picked up speed ducked low with one leg forward and she slid beneath the sofa. She made it clear to the other side, but strangers began to look at her and murmur amongst themselves. Kristanya coughed from the cloud of dust and just kept on going. Around a corner and up a wall she finally lost the men that were after her.

The reward was greater this time, though she knew it may cost here; they wouldn’t give up search so easily. With that in mind she pulled the black hood over her auburn hair and tucked the braid back in. She blended into the crowd well like this, the only thing that would make her stick out was that her skin was paler than the rest. She’s what they would call mixed so Kristanya kept wraps around her legs and arms. She even wore fingerless gloves. She needed to keep her fingers free to work, but knew her birthmark must remain covered on her hand. Making sure her treasure was secured safely in her tan pouch she nimbly jumped from the rooftop to the next. For her it was easy to get around, she knew all the nooks and cranny of this town. She did grow up here, though she didn’t exactly have a home. The sun was just past the middle of the sky when Kristanya could see her makeshift house ahead. One last stop, she thought to herself as she swung down a clothes line and dropping the little bit of distance to the ground. It was a light thud, but she waited a moment before she reached over a crate and grabbed the fruit within. The pear was ripe, and when she bit into it the juices wet her dry throat, giving some relief grom the dust that made its way there before. Think I’ll take a nap next, and without being seen made her way into a back alley and on her way.
Urm. Well hello. Morrigan isn't actually my name, just my alter ego. For being 23 and really into writing since, well forever, this will be my fort time rolplaying.

I usually write with a female character. I love fantasy, medieval, romance, action, horror, and am willing to try other genres.

A little about my actual self. I am shy at first, but can be pretty outgoing if I'm comfortable. I'm a book work and love reading in my spare time. I love gaming, and eating. I'm don't lead an extremely active lifestyle. I get a good amount of exercise from work though.

Oh no, I rambled. I do that when I feel anxious. I guess I'll wrap this up. I'm looking for 1x1 with a patient person. Oh, and I'm also looking to possibly make new friends. =)
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