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Oh, you're fine, I understand as well lol. I'm glad you totally seem to get it when there are times like that in life.

I know the feeling. How's your living situation though? I know the winter made it hard, is it any easier these days now that the season is sort of ending in most parts of the country?

I'm glad I've been getting the feeling of him across properly for that picture to work. That picture was kind of like half-inspiration for him as a character. I've been excited to post for him! I'm glad I'm finally getting the chance to show him off a bit.
Anora's words and the empowered conviction pursuing them collided with Dan precisely as one would expect them too if he were the atypical, exhausted office worker she'd initially perceived him to be. Either narrow shoulder clenched tightly atop his empty chest as one eye winced for a brief moment to cope with Anora's defensive front. One could say that what she said and how she acted wasn't unexpected to him, yet, it didn't seem to make her immediate barrage of questions any more comfortable for him to bear. Shortly after a reflexive sigh, he began to speak in that same relaxed tone, though it started with him sounding a little put-down by what he'd perceived to be an amalgam of heavy emotions on Anora's part.

"Y-yeah... Right. I'm a guy with a job, uhm, I'm uh, here on work.-" His hands anxiously laced their fingers atop his lap shortly after a brief gesture towards Ahllasta. "-I'm kind of, kind of like, uh, responsible for her, in a way. She's not been the best, so, I'm here to make sure she didn't, like, take over this guys, uh, this guys job.-" One thumb pried itself loose to gesture sheepishly towards Darsby. He seemed to lose himself in his words and emotions for a moment as if he were also attempting to adjust to the situation, those mostly-human eyes deferring to bounce back and forth from Anora and the safe space of his lap. -"So like, I'm kind of, uhm, back-up? But I'm also sorta the one, y'know, like, the one in charge, I guess? Earth's got a lot going on right now, I've been sent to make sure it doesn't all meltdown, or.. whatever." His hands temporarily unlace to display an open gesture atop legs being held tightly together. An awkward smile with half-closed eyes pours itself towards Anora before he looks away from her again; he seems to feel a bit bad about her current state.

Darsby, whose expression had shifted from surprise back to its atypical alien front of oddly formal exhaustion, didn't seem to be entirely convinced at first. He silently snaps his fingers, a small leathery pamphlet appearing in his left hand. He opens this check-book-like flatback to display a shimmering piece of paper with indiscernible writing flowing over it. Dan seems to snap-to at this like someone who'd just been reminded they might actually need to have their wallet out to finish paying for their grocery's. Those anxious hands jump from pocket to pocket, his whole body shifting slightly about to make room for frantically prying hands. Dan mumbles something quietly, giving an awkward half-laugh half-sigh to Darsby as if he were the cashier who had no time for someone so forgetful while Dan entirely understood that Darsby's just trying to do his job. Eventually, a similar pamphlet is drawn from Dan's back left pocket, he fumbles clumsily before opening it up to display his own similarly shimmering page. The booklet is quickly put away in the same pocket afterward.

"Th-there it is, my uh, rank and everything." Dan would say alongside another awkward half-chuckle, an oddly human level of anxiety presiding over him.
"Oh! My apologies, I'll be in your care, senior embassy representative!" Darsby tenses and speaks to Dan with wide eyes, offering whatever bow the backseat would allow whilst his pamphlet disappears in a small shimmering cloud.
"Oh! U-uhm, it's cool, just, y'know, like, lead the way and I'll do the talking, or, whatever.. and stuff. Heh-ehen-..!" Dan reacts with open palms and idiotic sounding chuckles waving awkwardly towards Darsby as if he wishes he could push away the entire situation as anyone unaccustomed to authority might initially do when presented with an enthusiastic employee. You could imagine him reacting this way when anyone comes to his intentionally out of the way cubicle to offer him any sort of compliment. His knees nearly raise to his chest while his eyes shut almost entirely amid an exasperated display of nervous gesticulations. Darsby nods to Dan once more, ending his bow to turn towards Anora with a severe expression alighting his tired features.

"Anora, this celestial wizard is-" Darsby is cut short in the middle of an introduction aimed to present Dan.
"I-I'm just the guy, that, uhm, that came to keep tabs on these two!-" Dan would nervously blurt, his hands waving quickly with vapid gestures in the space between Anora and Darsby as if he wished fervently not to be embarrassed in front of someone new. "-So, like, don't worry. Y'know, if you're willing to help us, we'll help you.. or whatever. I'm sure he's already cut, some sort of deal, hopefully, with you?" Dan seemed on edge, blushing and sweating a bit at his desperate odds with this new situation. One hand scratches at his already messy hair whilst the other continues to gesture with an indiscernible conveyance of atypical anxieties alongside wincing eyes.

Ahllasta kept to herself through the entire interaction. She'd have lowered her shoulders slightly to reveal her now-evolved form of distress. She looked sick, ready to either scream into a pillow or vomit into a toilet with whatever emotion has her white-knuckled fingers so tense. She was done with what was going on in this car to the same degree that a child who must absolutely sit through their parent's rant is done with listening. She continued driving with ease, but, it was no longer a prideful or controlling act.
Sorry, I've been gone for ages, I've just been pretty sick and occupied with work and some big life changes but I think I'm good to continue posting now! I hope you have patience and I thank you for giving me space whenever I need it. I should have been more forward about my situation so you would've at least known when I was going to vanish. I apologize.

How've you been? I hope you've been doing well? It's been a little over a month now I believe.

Also, Here's what Dan looks like in a picture.

“I didn’t quite, uhm, catch that last part...? Either way, here I-” Halfway through his last remark, Dan would appear in the backseat behind Anora and next to Darsby. “-have my own means of moving from here to there.”

Dan had appeared inside their vehicle with no more than a slight gust of wind to accompany him. He sat in contrast to those around him with an air one might expect when having already heard his casual tone. He looked, by most accounts, rather average. Our newest passenger exuded no unique presence, no sinister glow, no flashy exposition. If he hadn’t popped soundlessly into view, you’d likely have thought him to have always been quietly occupying his leathery seat.

Big rectangular spectacles sit atop an angular nose. Thin features and large ears embellish openly ragged eyes. Suitcases lie beneath either half-shut gateway to an overly exhausted soul. Bedraggled locks of knotted hair shoot in ramshackle arches of confused direction. By all accounts, Dan, a vapid soul, held no particular traits aside from two unusual sights. His hair was of a pure-white with greyish streaks finding means to surface amidst many split-ends, and his eyes would either be mildly off-putting or eerily comforting. An inconspicuous grey fills either iris as they sit sharply upon whatever may lay before them; should it be a person, they’d narrow like a suspicious father who’s first concern is whether or not a babysitter can honestly keep track of his child. On the other hand, you could say the gaze was that of a teacher accurately analyzing his younger student to determine how harsh or how gentle he should be with his next words and actions. Either way, he exuded no immediate magical presence, unless you count looking vaguely responsible as being magical when paired with our driver and wizard passenger.

Ahllasta defies her muscular physique and previously displayed confidence to pull her shoulders inward as if to brace for some harsh impact upon Dan’s arrival. Her eyes squint, and her teeth grind whilst awaiting the worst.

Darsby looks to be relatively speechless, his mouth agape for several moments before slowly closing. He isn’t afraid; he’d be sooner observed as surprised. He sits back in his seat as if waiting in patient awe for Dan to make some action or command.

Dan shows no signs of understanding what the other two mentioned here feel aside from the brief glares of tired dismay he bounces against them. After a short pause he leans forward in slight as if to speak generally to Anora in open view should she turn back to see him in his brown Vans, grey joggers, and loose black sweater. What a normal man he is in contrast to our magical ebon four-door rocketing down the freeway with two superhuman individuals.

“Hey, so, uh, did you like, get pulled into a really weird day with this guy or the chick who’s driving?” He gestures loosely to them both, though he doesn’t seem to speak in a way that demands an immediate answer. He looks to be perhaps the easiest one to merely talk to or initially ignore should something more pressing need to be said or presented.
I apologize for the long delay, it's been a rough past couple of days.
Ahllasta and Darsby had both stopped as they'd sensed an event so minor it would have easily gone over Anora's untrained head. At that moment, something put itself in play to plant a phone in Anora's pocket. Ahllasta wanted nothing to do with the person on the other end of the line. Our previously viral huntress withdrew her thread and placed both hands tentatively in front of her. Darsby was now in a place for questions. While a warrior faces front, tightly clenching the steering wheel, an again-revived stranger looks as though he'd sooner reach for the phone and take it from Anora before going back at it with the driver. Somehow, Darsby knows the situation is diffused.

"Well, uh, that's a good question.-" The voice casually perks up, as if a point it hadn't thought of was brought to the table. "I, ah... I needed to get a hold of someone in the car. Those two are a little... uhm... eccentric, y'know?" You could picture this stranger to be lounging about at a barbecue, speaking to a favorable acquaintance.

Darsby lurches forward, placing his revolver in a blood-caked pocket whilst adjusting his seating. He's now sitting up straight, leaning in close to Anora. He looks starved for answers. Ahllasta on the other end is likened to a cornered animal that's halfway given up on its current means for life.

"So like, maybe-... Actually, give me a second.-" Faint muffling comes through the phone as if it'd been placed in a pocket, the crumpling of paper can be heard before another barrage of mic-against-fabric echoes clumsily across the line. "-Yeah, so, I have a question. Uhm, could I drop in on your group, there? It might get a little crowded so I just wanted to ask. I mean, it's rude to just 'show up', right?" Like any-old-someone clumsily requesting a carpool, the unseen man finished speaking. His lack of severe emotion and relative display of manners are jarring against the backdrop of a blood-soaked interior occupying two ferocious wizards.
"Anora....Anora...Anora!" Darsby would come upon his visual memories and the secrets they held seemingly all at once. He was shocked to find that he'd likely left the poor girl alone with a violent huntress for quite some time now. He sailed back towards the goal of reforming his body; a new one would have to wait.


"Hmph!" Would be Ahllasta's first response, a pretentious sort of huff. She apparently felt she was far above whatever it is that Anora had just compared her to.

"I hunt celestial beasts. These 'Winchesters' you speak of are far below me. They struggle merely to fend off creatures which hardly threaten just one world. I have reigned in beasts that have devoured stars.-" Her chest puffed with this statement, her eyes flaring open to display how much pride she felt in her work. "-You could say I have myself quite hidden, much like that carcass in the back seat."

Ahllasta would continue to inflate her ego via grins and contemplative sneers for several moments to come. Whilst this was occurring, something else would take place around Darsby's body. His contorted limbs and broken shell would simmer for a brief moment. After the faint broiling, things would happen rather quickly.

Darsby would spring to life, twirling about in the back seat like a gymnast/contortionist who's practiced their routine in purely enclosed places. The result of his quick movements would be him bracing himself against Ahllasta's seat, a revolver's barrel pressed against its luxurious materials. Somehow, Ahllasta had already pulled out that thin thread she'd used before and laced it around Darsby behind her, it's small surface visibly compressing against his skin.

"How many more of those instant renewals do you have left Darsby? My skin can take more than a few of your bullets." Ahllasta would chuckle whilst continuing to drive the car with her one free hand.

Just after Ahllasta had spoken, a cellular ringing would fill the cabin of the car. This ringing would be coming from Anora's left pocket. Somehow, a phone had found its way into her jeans without anyone present noticing. Even Darsby and Ahllasta turned towards Anora, their sharp gazes waiting for her to answer the call. Should Anora answer it, a somewhat relaxed frequent smoker would be the image this mans understanding voice would lend.

"Hey, how's your day?" Would be his unconcerned words, likely unawares of the events presently at play. Ahllasta's skin shifted into that of a lighter shade as the voice spoke. She may have heard him and may also be displaying signs of fear for the first time yet. Darsby doesn't pay the voice mind, but he certainly would be intrigued by the black flip phone now in Anora's possession. The caller I.D. would say "Dan."
It's fun. Doing things purely verbally has it's pro's and cons. I enjoy it more to be honest, everything's in the head and nothing's tied down to boards and miniatures. The theater of the mind has always been more enjoyable to me.

There'll be some good developments for her as things progress. I'm hoping to get her introduced to this person because he'll likely try to help her control her magic. You'll understand as things come along but I'm hoping it'll be a fun experience for her.

I spell it as 'Pahn', but it's pronounced like 'Peter Pahn'. Maybe just with a bit more air in it to help elevate it's majesty lol
Ahllasta withdrew her presence immediately after Anora backed down. She may be hostile and filled with an endless rage, yet it doesn't seem to mean she's not in control of it all. She continued forward towards her vehicle, Adjusting Darsby atop her shoulder as his congealed blood seeps down her back and chest.

Ahllasta stopped as Anora spoke, straightening up as her features warp into a shape which seems entirely unexpected to those who've known her for the slightest of moments. She smiled a broad humorous smile. Laughter eventually followed her grin as if all of this were some great tide of joy to gather up into a boisterous wave before inevitably fading. Her guffaw was as the tumbling of great machinery striking against shattered pavement.

"You're quite the woman!-" Ahllasta would muster to say whilst tossing Darsby's body into the back seat. "-To speak so easily to me after all of that.-" Ahllasta moves to the front seat to take her place and rev the car to life. She'd wait for Anora to enter wherever she pleases before speaking again. "-You hardly know the way of things, I don't hold it against you. That body is hardly one one-hundredth of Darsby's actually strength. I need him to be at his peak to derive satisfaction."

The inside of the car is as black as it's polished exterior. Worn leather and luxury pace the walls and seats of this transports cabin, a small pallet of various unmarked buttons rest in the center console between sports vehicle seating. Ahllasta presses a button near the front as she spins the car's wheels into an aggressive howl against the dirt beneath them. The vehicle, along with everyone in it, becomes mildly translucent as our Mustang charges violently forward. Trees and fences and tall grass pass through the car as if it were a specter. The only thing holding steady seems to be the earth below as bumps and divets rock the cabin violently. Eventually, we find ourselves on a highway, heading in no particular direction but indeed leaving the state. "Ohio, Exit 95" licks the edge of Ahllasta's vision as the car solidifies. She rolls down her window, letting wind throw her hair about. She closes her eyes, piloting the car easily without sight. Her other senses are more than enough for this.


Darsby now understands that whatever happened to toss him into this state was recent and shockingly violent. What's holding him is whether or not he was alone... If he was, then staying here to contact his superiors for permission to obtain a stronger body would be the best course of action. He can't help but observe a name he once said since arriving at Earth, the first human name he's taken time to speak. "Anora." Was he with her? Perhaps, the strange crackling thing he'd briefly sensed while in this state had told him that she can use magic. If she can, then she likely isn't human or from Earth. The question as to how he would have only known of her recently is the kicker.


*Ring-ring-ring! Click!...* Our distant character receives another call as the portal to his destination begins tearing into existence before him.

"Yea?" He'd casually begin.
"One of mine is already on Earth. He's following up on a 'Pahn' lead." A familiar voice travels with profound vibratto from our small speaker.
"How does that involve me?" A response is given after several moments wait.
"Well, with your permissions, you'll need to be ready as an initial means of contact if Pahn's discovered while you're there." The voice is asserting yet faintly gentle in its speech.
"Yeah, I understand. I'll hang around if I end up meeting your guy. I just need a name." After an initial sigh, he came around to continuing the conversation.
"Darsby. His assignment is unique and confidential. I know I shouldn't have to worry about you, but, be gentle with him." The voice took on a parental tone for a moment.
"I understand." *Click!*

With that, a tear in space had finished forming nearby, a gateway leading to sunlight and roads embellished by grass and populated with speeding cars. After several moments of collecting the circular devices at the gates foot, he'd step through.
I understand, take all of the time you need. Moving and putting a house up for sale are always big time consumers. I hope you can reply daily but certainly don't expect it when you're that busy lol

I've primarily played in person but have recently taken to doing it online since I've been away from most of my friends/family after joining the military.

Don't worry, if anything posting here helps to distract me from being so ill. I'm here for the long run too though and I appreciate you being so patient with me as always.

I really feel bad about putting Anora with all of these super-bossy, ultra-powerful people! I'm about to change that though, thus the first part of my most recent post. I know it might have been a confusing mess but she'll be given much more space and perhaps be put in far more legitimate danger soon. Some story points are going to be explained soon ICly at the very least.
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