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Thats totally understandeable. You were out of town? Hope youre having fun wherever you are! Im glad it all worked out, I didnt mean to put this so far to the wayside for so long.
Sorry for that ridiculous wait, some work/family stuff took the wheel and I ended up being busy longer than expected.
Anora wouldn't have noticed initially, such being due to slow acclimation, but, a rush of energy would flow into her body. This would feel as if water had flowed through her skin into the core of her entire body, followed by the unstoppable yet slowly fading sensation of a limb waking up. Said nigh-uncomfortable feeling would spread from head to toes until she eventually overcome with an intense impression of being refreshed. It's as if blood had finally begun flowing to some vital organ she had been entirely unaware of.

Alongside all described feelings would come an outward surge of magical energy. The waves of power swirling over her hands by threatening motion would more closely resemble small torrential twisters. Sparks and tendrils spin just centimeters from her body as they lightly collide with the walls and the floor. These waves of power would expand five times over in just several short seconds, twirling into curtains and couches alike with uncontrolled shocks and bursts of smoke. Anora's power had apparently greatly increased, some outward force fueling her inner energies. Though, before things could escalate too far, Pahn's eye's would intensify their glow alongside an odd effect. Anora's powers would be instantly snuffed out with Pahn's intensified stare, dissipating entirely in less than a second. He wouldn't exude any special aura aside from this neutralizing force he'd propelled in the girls direction. Their would only be very slight collateral damages in Anora's wake, her expanding powers having been more of a quickly rising wind than a rippling explosion.

Pahn now sighs by the girls question, his eyes closing for a brief moment as he looks forward by intense contemplation. "I've already told you, I've been hiding my powers away. These are the aftereffects. Those that are unprepared are submerged in a world of magics they don't understand. The result is a blinded human hardly capable of controlling a newfound strength. I'm sorry for this, but, I've done nothing other than exist in my natural state." His tone carries a faint hint of mourning alongside it's typical surplus of ego and confidence.

Outside the sky grows ever darker, a deep navy blue sinking what was day into night. Stars and many other celestial body's can be seen in a far greater clarity than they ever could before. Several seconds further and the sky becomes no different than one found in the antarctic despite time of day. Sirens can still be heard ringing alongside the occasional scream or shout. People must think of this as the end of the world. Regrettably, they wouldn't be far off from the truth.

"We should be off soon, if you feel you're ready that is." Pahn would say after another seconds pause, his deliberate lack of movement and pacing of speech being that of royal origin.


One powerful wizard makes Earth landfall. He is apprenticed to a distant government of expansive power and resource. They'd detected magical swells of energy near one of their more distant sections of territory, thus sending a trusted agent to assess the situation. They've only but heard the legends of Pahn and Greed, the closest thing of that age being an ancient weapon recovered from an old deserted merchant world. This weapon, and the history recovered alongside it, was plenty enough to make them cautious. Our agent's not the only to be ordered to mother Terra, though he's certainly the first to arrive.

"This rock smells." Our mysterious mans first words of disgust upon entering Anora's current city. He'd arrived via Astral-Warp, a brief flash of purple light being the only thing left in his wake when finally stepping foot on dry ground. None but Pahn detected his arrival, the silver celestial having discarded any thoughts of threat by this seemingly lesser wizard. Of course, this wouldn't always remain true as this being's eyes peered towards a star-riddled afternoon sky. He and his coming band of compatriots would certainly have a part to play in coming events.

Youre fine! That last post was great! Im sorry of the wait on mine too, I'm working on my post lol.
It's intentional, knowing her name without her speaking it is achieved nearly as second nature by him. Let's just say he see's and hears a lot more than the average human, especially from those without any magic defenses up.

I do imagine there's currently an ambiguous connection between them though. It's only just now forming but I believe he's beginning to naturally feel certain sensations to be communicated to him aside from him naturally sensing them. Their connection will possibly be more concrete in the future, I'll have him propose it to her and I'll run the idea by you on here when I've thought more on it.
Pahn would gaze down upon Anora, another slight look of sympathy singeing his noble features. He would not interrupt her, rather, he would observe. He was comparable to a teacher looking down on a young student during an expression of their partially misguided dreams. By end of Anora's speech, his face once more held that distant half-smile it typically does. Perhaps he always finds himself thinking of the pleasant things this world reminds him of.

"Alright." Is Pahn's only verbal response. His relaxed demeanor silently carries him behind Anora upon whatever path she chooses to take. For him, this is a time to say his own goodbye to a way of life he's lived far longer than most mortals might imagine.

Pahn's eyes first linger on the buildings which surround him. His brow grows tense just above sinking eyes. His jaw tightens whilst his lips relax. He looks as an old man prepared to say story after story about the lands he's visited whilst he lay on his death bed, awaiting the pull of his creator.

Pahn's eyes would secondly seek those surrounding him, the pedestrians of this place. With each passing person his eyes sink deeper into mourning. The emotions of his plight are pushed outward as his lips frown in slight, a contained sadness swallowing his expression. Said sorrow may not appear to be overwhelming him, but distress such as this has rarely been witnessed.

Pahn would soon rectify himself upon reaching Anora's apartment, his face shifting towards familiar shapes. Nobility clasps him in it's fullest frame. Shoulders square themselves, his back straightens, and his legs maintain an unearthly balance. His hands sink into either pocket as his head leans slightly backwards. He shows resemblance to nobility gazing softly down upon his servants, hiding either hand as if there was never a labor meant for them.

"I assume you're ready, then." He would gently say upon Anora finishing her note-writing. She would be given ample time to complete whatever 'goodbye's' she might deem necessary, our celestial awaiting her preparation with outstanding patience. Something profound occurs after this last statement. Pahn slowly blinks, his eyes visibly luminescent upon opening. His body's musculature gains further definition, supernatural strength now blatantly dwells beneath overly tightened skin. His aura bleeds further into open space, an authority over natural reality preceding all thought pertaining to him. Small specks of luminous blueish-silver populate the air near his head for several seconds as the curls of his ivory hair slowly unwind as if they'd been emerged in liquid. His long hair now flows elegantly in all directions, pushed by an unseen wind.

After Pahn metamorphosis's from muscular hobo to god, the world itself also undergoes alteration. The air grows thick, feeling like a humidity not based in moisture or other natural law has reared it's head. The sky outside Anora's window changes, the colors of our atmosphere deepening into dark shades of navy blue. Even so, daylight illuminates everything just as brightly as it had before. Alongside this, slight rumbling can be heard in the distance intermixed with several sporadic shouts from the street below.

"This, Anora, is the power I had sealed. My presence is the fuel of ancient myths. Though, I suppose it's inevitable my legacy should resurface before it's end.." Pahn's words echo far into the deepest corners of Anora's mind, being carried both audibly and telepathically towards her in simultaneous motion. His voice is now heavy, a tone of true composure populating said utterance. His sculpted features shimmer reflectively beneath flowing hair and the glowing eyes of a predator king.

As off-setting as these events may be, all of it will feel eerily familiar to Anora. She could likely swear she'd been in a place like this for quite a measurable time when she was young, or, that she had visited a land like our current Earth during the summers of school. Pahn's voice is oddly comforting, as if he carried the body of someone even her parents had shown admiration for.

Should Anora peer outdoors during all of this, she'd witness something surreal. Just below her apartment building were three average caucasian males wearing typical modern clothes walking down the center of the street. Their pale body's were carried by clumsy composure, each labored step nearly causing them to collapse. Cars had halted and veered to the sidewalks in attempting to avoid this seemingly distressed trio.

The three would walk towards the wall of vehicles and honking horns for several seconds before performing something miraculous. Once having come near a vehicle, the man in the center would slowly reach forward to touch the car before him. Upon contacting metallic surface, his hand would glow a silvery-white and *poof*, just like that, the car and all of it's inhabitants were soundlessly converted from metal and flesh into crystalline dust. This dust dissolves in the light breeze and floats away as an ambiguous cloud of mist. *Poof-Poof* Several other cars are similarly afflicted before people begin to panic. They slowly continue on for time, turning cars into to dust until all that stands in their way is no more.

Screams and sirens can be heard as an ambiance roughly thirty-seconds later, small tendrils of mist now rising from streets both near and far. *SCREE!!* A jet black mustang rushes into the now open path created by our three pale, shambling men. This transport runs one of them into the ground, stopping just beyond the other two. From it's left door steps a suited woman with red hair, her thin form standing in the open for a brief set of motions. From her left jacket pocket is drawn one small revolver. *Bang-Bang-Bang!* Each bullet is accompanied by a green flash, all of them meeting their marks between the eyes of a pale-shambler. Even the now run-over man had been shot, all of them suddenly freezing in place. Their skin changes from flesh to stone, their clothes and body's being fully petrified within seconds of being shot. With this, the red-headed woman slips back into her car and jets down the road likely in search of further threats.

During this initial immersion into madness, Pahn had closed his eyes. He looked to be acclimating, taking deep breaths in through his nose and out through his mouth whilst strands of his hair flowed as water about him. Something about this told Anora not to disturb him, a deep instinct reminding her of a scolding she feels she'd rather not remember.

"We should be off to the gorgon capital.-" Pahn would say whilst opening his eyes, the echo of his voice likely feeling as an odd adjustment. "-Are there any questions or further tasks you must complete before we depart?" Though he now exudes a more commanding presence, this in no way means he feels hostile or in opposition of others. Even so, he may appear intimidating to those whom aren't acclimated to his natural form.
"Where am I?" That was my first question upon waking. I remember being surprised when I actually received an answer.
"First Terrace: Mannequin's Challenge." The voice that responded was soft and feminine. I could've sworn it came from every direction, even so, those words felt oddly comforting. Regrettably, the answer was equally as confusing as the place I had now found myself.

I scrambled to stand when I was alert enough to realize I was face-first on solid ground, an opposite of my soft bedding. The material beneath me was like polished stone, slightly reflective against the dim green light of this room. The floor was black and completely flat just like the four walls and ceiling twelve feet from me in their respective directions. I was in a box, a box where each corner continuously painted me in pale green light.

As strange and intriguing as this all was, I should probably start by talking about myself.

NAME: Pahnjaka
SPECIES: Sentient Comet - Contracted Human
HEIGHT: 6' 4"
BUILD: Lean Muscular

DESCRIPTION: An ancient being that exchanged it's knowledge of magic for a human form. He was bound to Earth upon the death of his first disciple, having now lived roughly half his life there. Now the spell which imprisons him nears it's expiration, ushering dark forces to work their final plans upon him before he's given the opportunity to leave. Will the alien government surrounding Earth come to his aide, or, will he and his newfound companion be forced to combat both lingering demons and aggressive invaders?
I know it's been far too long, but, I hope you still want to continue this story. I hope I gave you an opportunity to get re-acquainted with your character with your next post since I'm about to really immerse you in the global implications of this story.
Pahn sealed away his magic since most of this worlds power came from his aura in the ages of myth. He's about to let that energy spill out again, and it'll do a lot more than give Anora a couple flashbacks and enhanced powers.

We'll be waking quite a few myths from their slumber here soon.
Pahn continues walking quietly for a short while, making up for his silence with body language alone. His first movement is towards Odin: Pahn looks back towards the blue god, his left eye winking whilst glowing a faint luminescent silver. Odin freezes after this gesture, reaching one massive finger upwards to anxiously adjust his leathery collar.

"If you think that's wise, I suppose we can." Odin would say, as if some message had silently been relayed between him and Pahn. With this, the behemoth vanishes from sight, an explosion of humid air left in his wake. Several nearby pedestrians were startled by this wave of heated atmosphere, said occurrence being revealed as unshielded to human perception. Aside from the slight smell of seaweed, nothing is left of Odin's presence.

Once our mythical giant had mysteriously departed, Pahn would gaze backwards again. His eyes fixate on Anora, an unfamiliar expression painting those noble features. His eyes slouch underneath a tense brow, his lips tighten inwards whilst his cheeks shrink in slight to further accentuate chiseled cheekbones. Sympathy liken to a parent taking it's unknowing child to get flu-shots is plain to see.

"Anora...-" Pahn slowly starts, his voice soft while he resumes gazing forward. "-..I'll bring you with me. But, you must know, this is it. On the slight chance you return, nothing will the same. This world will change, your reality will change, your ability to ever achieve 'normalcy' will be forever gone. I'm about to toss this planet into what your species would define as an 'apocalypse'. Are you truly ready to experience the end of the world with someone you know nothing about? You'll be away from everyone you love as they're immersed in chaos far from your reach."

Pahn would sigh after asking these questions, his head hanging low whilst his right hand moves to rub the back of his neck. He stops walking several seconds later, raising his head and turning around to face Anora with a faint grin. Those glazed eyes carry a feeling of looking straight through this girls nature.

"Maybe its best if we go to your family and workplace to say goodbye. Better to do that than dwell on questions you already know the answers to." He looks ready to follow Anora for a time rather than guide her. He's not forcing this on her, but he looks as though he's as committed as he'll ever be to this.
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