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Check out my general interest check! This will be a fun RP
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Feeling good about my latest interest check, hope you guys feel the same way! :D


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I just do some freestyle stuff, having fun with it and what not. It's kind of stress-relieving for some reason.

I have been very busy moving into my friend's house and settling back into life in my hometown. It's been interesting transitioning into civilian life for sure. I've been using my laptop but it's been interesting not having a machine quite so powerful as my desktop was. Will especially be challenging with a game to design lol.

That all sounds like A LOT to deal with! How's that been coming along in the past month since you messaged? Any better? I hope closing is less of fantasy to some degree.
Anora's words "-I didn't understand half of that, but it can't seriously pacify you." caused a reaction of some kind.

Ahllasta flexes against the steering wheel, it's circular shape contorting alongside the vapid grunts of actively warping metal. Her shoulders swell with circulation as her features go red. Her body quivers inside its fleshy suit of bulging veins. For a moment, one could say she appeared to be rather upset.

"If you need to vent your frustrations...-?" Dahn focused on our driver. His words were kindly as they typically found themselves to be, yet, they carried a new burden here. Was it a threat? His body didn't look ready for combat, aside from the fact that for the first time since sitting down he'd stopped fidgeting entirely.

"BLEAGH!!" Ahllasta would spit a guttural sound from her throat just before smashing the center console with her fist right over a button labeled 'Auto-pilot' that now looked more like 'A--Upu-z' when read through it's shattered body.
"I need some air!!" She'd howl violently before opening a window which relinquishes a surprisingly calm breeze upon our current crew's cabin. Ahllasta would then climb out of the window and on to the roof. Violent winds slam against her clothing but pass across her overtly rigid form as if it were no more than severe sunlight before she slips from view via several odd slithering motions. Dan and Darsby didn't pay said tantrum any more than a sigh each.

Earth's populated horizon could be seen approaching below. They were still many countless miles from the surface, but, with this vehicles speed, there's no way of telling how quickly those miles might be distanced. Ahllasta has made herself at home atop the car, out of sight and earshot of their conversations.

"Our Celestial Reverence is a highly distinguished combat specialist. He-" Darsby was interrupted mid-explanation to Anora by Dan himself.
"D-D-Darsby! J-just call me Dan, for the remainder of the mission."
"That's hardly your full nam-"

"Understood...-" Darsby eventually gives in. His propensity for following core-rules and formalities appears to run deep.

"Yes! Why am I here?-" Dan would ask, attempting to focus back in on Anora in his typically fidgety way. "-W-well, it's simple. The worst possible scenario is a sizable p-possibility. So, I'm here." Dan shrugs as if this reply should completely answer any questions to be had here. "I-I mean it would st-stink if half the galaxy got vaporized or something." He'd then chuckle aloud, and adjust his glassed.
Yeah thats totally fine! I'm not a massive stickler for needed corrections lol.

Yea think more like avatar. She is 100% yours amd any relation to past reincarnations will be through looks, whatever visions she ends up having, and the raw substance of her powers.

Yeah I'll just let you wait and see for everything involving the characters so I dont spoik too much lol.

I do sing! I do a bit of rapping too to chill beats and stuff. I've always loved music but just need to actually produce lol.

ALSO, I apologize for vanishing. I found out recently my retirement date from the navy so I've been busy with that and planning my trip home and all the other life stuff that goes down when you exit the military. I'll try and get an IC post up when I can but it may still be a bit as I just sold my desktop and cant fix my laptop until I get home several states away. I hope your doing okay! Hows life been on your end?
Well, I was thinking that she could have been born to a regular family and her powers could have manifested whenever. I was thinking about introducing a 'sibling', but, the thing about Anora is she's essentially like a reincarnation of an old guardian that's been brought into existence because of a passing thought of Pahn. If she met a sibling, it would be someone who recognizes her in body and stuff but wouldn't actually be related by birth if all of that makes sense? Her immediate life isn't a huge worry as her ancestry and the powers at play stretch super far back into time and she'll be pulled into that history more as thingsp rogress and her abilities awaken. People are going to start interacting with her differently and taking her more seriously soon as I introduce more measurable value to your character via past-ties and abilities.

I honestly feel like i haven't been making Anora enough of the kind of 'main character' in my head. This isn't to say that everyone else isn't important or of similar value, it's just that she's kind of been swept into all of this and sorrounded by powerful people without any real backstory to it. I mean, it can't be helped at first, but I am excited to give her more info/history and ability as far as things are concerned.

Yeah I've been doing a lot of drawing and a bit of work on music.

There's a lot of problems brewing behind the scenes here, and not all of it is even what you might htink it is xD.
Dan chuckles at Anora's questions, the innocent laugh of someone excited to shed truth on subject those nearby may be unclear on. He was joyful to spread knowledge, or perhaps he was simply in the mirth of being close to someone curious about anything at all. Dan wiped his somewhat runny nose while his cheeks cleared of their rosy complexion. Grey eyes bounced before focusing in on Anora in a way most humans don't, clean of any dirtied thoughts or wishes.

"I could be wrong, b-but, uhm, I'm being misunderstood. We aren't speaking about a human, or a-anyone who lives and dies or thinks l-like you do. Pahn is s-someone who's passing thoughts bring things into existence here. P-perhaps he anticipated d-danger of some kind, like in p-passing, and your particular existence r-resonated just right with uhm, w-with his possible suggestions of a future solution. L-like, if you g-got old and decided to take a year or two off j-just to recover your, uhm, y-your thoughts, or perhaps-s uhm, like, work on a project in secret, that wouldn't b-be unheard of-f. Pahn is suggested to b-be billions of your Earth-years in age. Maybe he took a c-couple hundred m-million years off or to do, uhm, to do something in s-secret?" Dan shrugged, taking a shaky breath through a hoarse throat before continuing. His lips pursed as if he had been holding something back. He was excited to tell all but limited by the avenue of words and habits.

"That would line up with The Seers Guild's divination of a great danger here. Your celestial reverence, respectfully, may ask about something?" Darsby chimed in, having turned from his view of the outside with a slow and sanguine air. Those dark eyes loomed with faint connotations of fearful respect over Dan.
"Y-yes, sure! Go right ahead!" Dan squeaked back, not having expected Darsby to interrupt.
"Your celestial reverence, I have wanted to ask this since meeting you, does the situation truly demand a presence like yours? Has The Council's formal analysis of the 'Comet Omen' in this sector revealed greater peril than I can handle?" Darsby was focused intently on the smallish man beside him, the suitcases underneath his eyes still keeping him from looking entirely awake.
"W-well, uhm...-" Dan leaned forward an arm running slowly over the back of his neck while the other rests in his lap.

Ahllasta had white-knuckled the steering wheel again with audible groans of leather after Darsby had called Dan 'your celestial reverence'. Strangely, she quickly calmed herself and grew tense with a faint air of survival-driven fear when the question of dangers magnitude came to the table.

"-...I-I mean you're all in my charge s-so, anyways, this has to do with another d-development. I p-plead that you do not worry about it." Dan acted like he spoke of some solemn affair, Darsby mirroring the emotion as he turned to look out the window again. This time, Darsby was in thought over something different, something more immediate, his tightened jawline showed it. Ahllasta invoked a similar change in herself, her eyes looking far away for the first time since she'd met Anora.

Dan had withdrawn himself inward for several moments before looking back up at Anora via youthful exuberance. He was ready to continue with her questions; these talks of danger doing nothing to dim his spirits in the moment.
Words flowed like water into an already occupied mouth, gagging Dan with strange sputtering sounds as Anora bombarded him with question after question. The neurotic soul was overjoyed to witness an actual display of interest developing. His limbs wrenched forward with his palms upward in a show of openness to whatever it is Anora may be questioning. Just before Dan could begin speaking, Ahllasta made some obscure quip about machinery and Anora being confused about what's going on.

"No, uhm n-no, you're actually more human than m-m-most humans. The original humans were, in fact, those elementals I spoke of..-" Dan scratched the back of his head before setting his innocent gaze upon Anora. There wasn't any struggle aside from that of the self here. His anxiety and joy looked appallingly human, yet, something about Dan was still alien. He was like a kindly classmate you meet at university who must've come from an entirely different walk of life, his smaller mannerisms denoting something of a different upbringing.

"You should b-be fine with the pendant, I mean, I-I didn't make it, so there really wasn't a whole lot of p-power invested in i-t-t-" *HACK!-HACK!-COUGH!* Dan broke out into another fit of openly painful coughing. His shoulders heaved, and body trembled at the receding of his episode. Oddly, no one in the car gave that physical distress any mind. You could say they might have even ignored Dan's moment out of reverence or respect for something. By the time he was done, he had looked back up towards Anora and continued responding after a little adjusting of his glasses. His cheeks were red, eyes gilded by moisture, perhaps the first sign of common weakness displayed from any of our three wizards.

"S-so you're a sign to Pahn being active again, with your p-powers awakening and all. His m-mind and body are tied deeply to your Earth-th and it's populace, likely from some old contract-ish magics used to m-mold them, you being here in your above average form shows Pahn being in n-need of something, likely subconsciously. I m-mean that whole pantheon of people you call gods, Z-Zeus and Hades are all part of, uhm... Y-y-you said dynasty? Uhm, things didn't exactly go like how they do with most humans. I m-mean, l-like, it's not like a bunch of people flocked together to survive and called it 'history'. I mean, th-there's no need for a code or rank of popularity when the ruling being here could end all of what you c-call, uhm, like, life on Earth? Yeah, that. When he could end all of that with a proverbial snap-" Dan snapped his fingers to that last word as if he were putting on some fascinating lecture. "-of the fingers." Dan was bright and spoke quickly of these subjects. He was not surprised to say that gods existed or that some even higher power ruled them. Dan became more and more comfortable as they spoke, enjoying the act of conversating with someone, anyone. His legs had folded into his seat by this point, that smallish figure fitting comfortably into a hunched posture of gesticulating amidst further relaxed expressions.

Our group's vehicle was well over the ocean by this point, faint scents and smells growing stronger in Anoras mind the more they traveled. Blue fields of aetherial mist spread out beneath them while clouds slid over an invisible table. They were high in the sky, very high; one could say they may even be reaching some atmospheric limit. The heavens hadn't quite grown dark or shown signs of being exited, yet, they must be close with how distant the Earth has become.
Well, I always enjoy it when you do have the mind for it! I'm glad to write another post for our RP.

If a sword art online situation goes down I don't care how in debt I have to get to experience that xD
Until then though, psvr is one of the better options.

I've always enjoyed the art style of kingdom hearts but I've never been someone who'd call themselves a fan of the series. I was always an Xbox guy so I had the platform barrier.

THOSE ARE ALL AWESOME!!! You have some serious skills! I've always loved arts and crafts but was discouraged from it for idiotic masculinity reasons in my earlier years. I definitely want to pick it up at some point. You definitely have a talent for it!! Do you make gifts for family or anything?

It's more of an original thing not a cosplay thing. I mean we swing some foam swords around so having a costume that can move and take a beating are most important.

Reading has been hugely illuminating for me lately as I've realized I have not done these characters justice for the most part in portraying their emotional state. I mean, I describe their actions but how they feel and look have not been my strong suites. I hope Dan comes across a bit more as intended now. He's like an innocently neurotic dude who doesn't look at people like most people look at eachother. He's much more innocent about it with a genuine interest in others should they be open to him at all. I kept his last answer open as I assumed Anora would have a question or two before he could muster up the courage to continue speaking or ask her any questions of his own lol.

Yeah, no worries! I don't plan on killing her off or letting her die. I want her to learn about the world she's in and the crazy entourage she now has to take her from place to place. She may get hurt or some crazy stuff can and will happen but that's all a part of the learning experience. We're too invested for me to just kill her off without you saying you totally want to or something lol

Yeah, sorry I came across all wrong there too lol

I'm excited to see all of these scenes with her! Things might take a little bit to really escalate into any big-time action stuff but that doesn't mean there won't be any tense moments along the way. I have a MUCH BETTER understanding of my characters so the interactions they have with her and each other will have quite a bit of meaning. There are some serious stories to tell about each of their lives :D
Dan perked up, his dim features being set alight at Anora offering him time to ask a question. He was skittish, small, noted as a monster, yet he looked honestly overjoyed when another person noticed him enough to ask anything. He contained his excitement like any school child might: clenched hands, a gingerly chewed lower lip, and upwardly shrugging shoulders to surround ember eyes. Those eyes, inhumanely grey yet entirely rife with some profound joy at the aspect of socialization. That aspect, at least that, was vibrantly human about our alien man, Dan.

"Ah! Y-yes! You-you have quite the power to you!-" He watched the static in her hand with quizzical fascination, marveling at whatever traits he'd observed there. "-W-well, you s-see, by our records, at the start of The Olympus-s Era, there were about six individuals made b-by Pan. Th-they procreat-ted to make a sort of, s-sort of blend of elements in their many ch-children." Dan nodded with an anxious shake or two. Whatever lay outside the window was nothing like the talk he was having with Anora here, the knowledge and speech are flagrantly stimulating to him. He didn't seem to favor Anora in any light most grown men would, with distance and hesitant measurement. Dan jumped at the opportunity to speak like a tired child alone in the corner of a kindergarten classroom, too scared to talk first but undoubtedly happy to learn and teach as any young human would be. Do all 'monsters' not have any friends to talk to? What kind of Embassy Rep is this?

Darsby continued to look out the window, his traveled eyes absorbing more than most humans do in a lifetime. Whatever it was he looked at had drawn him into some distant land of thought. He was a man in another world by the remote air to him.

Ahllasta continued to grumble and munch vigorously at the food between her fingers. Heated air rasps from her lungs in small spurts of protest. She appears to be relaxing into the seat, both shoulders sitting square on the leather above a faintly slouching waist. Her complaints only continued as Dan carried on in his usual way, his presence and manner keeping her aggravated. She didn't look unused to this state of pestered being.


Far, far away in a damaged farmstead there lay an incapacitated agent and a continuously ringing phone. On the other ened waits a directore of sorts who'll likely only spend another ring or two of his time before finding solutions to problems far bigger than his widest estimations.
Lol yeah, I understand though xD

I use the HTC vive. It's quite the 'game-changer' ( I have no regrets) but I'd recommend going the cheaper route with the PSVR stuff right now. It's reliable with plenty of titles and I have a feeling VR will change quite a bit in the next few years so it's not worth it to make a major investment. That being said, it's a ton of fun!! I feel it's totally worth it and love playing VR.

You've made all kinds of plushies it sounds like!! I'd love to see them grouped up in a picture! I can honestly say I don't know half of those titles but would still love to see an adorable iteration of them. Though I do know the FF stuff of course. I love me a good moogle.

I used to LARP a bit, I may have the opportunity to do so again in the coming year! I'm a good bit excited! I like making my own stuff, right now I'm starting pretty simple but love the idea of getting a bit more complicated as my body gets a bit bigger with the workouts.

Darsby is pretty relaxed, I decided to write a bit about that in the latest post lol! They'll all become a bit more simple to understand as time goes on. We may end up in some human-type society for a minute which could help in showing just how alien Darsby and Ahllasta really are when compared to your average joe lol.

I think she'll do fine. The cast is pretty good right now in the sense that it'll probably let her get in trouble and hurt but isn't just going to let her get killed in an instant. I'm excited to see her in political scenario's where she has no idea how serious things really are at the beginning lol.

I think my meaning came across wrong because I totally agree with everything you said. What I meant is that you can't define yourself as someone who's overcome something until you've figured out what it is you overcame, thus is where the whole idea of limits being defining comes in. I feel like we understand each other, I'm just talking about it all at a super-base level.

I'm glad you've had a good time so far! I'm definitely trying to calm it down a bit before things explode in Anora's face again lol. I'd like to think that things will eventually get easy for her but I'm thinking she may just end up getting good at coping with extravagant situations xD
You definitely make it easy to be understanding and I can't wait for many more pages as well!! :D
"W-well, all we have are fragments..-" Dan scratched at the back of his head, squinting his eyes before releasing a sigh to indicate his joy at Anora not focusing solely on him anymore. "-We b-believe that Pahn bound the original elements of this planet to separate, human forms some-... uh, l-like six or seven billion of your, uh, 'years' ago? That would be your ancestor." Dan pointed this way and that to indicate time and figures, his eyes wandering as easily as his mind all the while.

"Anyways!-" Dan continued as if his first point was hardly anything to think about once spoken. "That quenz-er-necklace, uhm, I mean, pendant? Yeah, yeah that. That should feed you some sensory information for your mind to translate. I guess, 'Ahshia' it is?" Dan clearly didn't understand the word 'Asia,' nor did he know how to speak it. Regrettably, it was the only word he had yet spoken with confidence. He gestured towards his two companions and then to Anora with bright eyes saying things like, 'yes, onward friends!' in quiet bodily directives.

By this time, it may be possible that Anora would find the protein bar she'd left on her lap to be gone. Should she look for it, she may eventually find that someone who wasn't previously eating next to her now has herself quite the aggressive snack. Ahllasta had grabbed the food as if it were second nature to her with such slight that only Darsby had noticed the action, and, thought it better to say nothing of it.

Ahllasta was upset and mumbling between bites. Shortly after Dan had clumsily said the word 'Ahshia,' Ahllasta would only grow more annoyed. She seemed to hate something about this man; perhaps it was the organization he worked for, perhaps it was all his own doing. Regardless, she'd vent her frustration into the buttons of the center console with food-stained fingers, mashing this and denting that while muttering something about her being the only actual wizard here. Eventually, the car sputtered and shifted its shape whilst Anora clearly said "Ahshia, I'll take you to bloody ahshia. All you clueless, inbred, good-for-nothing-" And her voice would again trail off into quiet curses whilst both hands turned white-knuckled atop the steering wheel.

The black car they'd first found themselves in had begun to shift and mold along it's exterior into something of a flighty creature. The inner cabin retained it's shape and feeling whilst two, massive wings of the feathery sort sprouted their long figures from either side of the car. Two flaps later and they were sailing above the freeway, another two and they were in the clouds. Their velocity was supernatural; what else is to be expected of current affairs. No momentum or g-force could be felt within, only the faint whistling of the wind.

Darsby had calmed himself quite a bit since being in the presence of Dan. He was now gazing longingly into the outer world, clouds and long hilly landscapes birthed some sense of romantic poetry into his face and shoulders. He looked like he was either getting ready to burst into song or settle back into his seat with some profound statement about the size of everything.

Dan, feeling the rather 'cool' sort after pushing Ahllasta into her raging action to transform their transport, settled back into his seat. He eventually made a not so profound observation about the size of everything.

"I guess we're the big four, knocking on Pahn's door, eh?" Dan gently slapped the seat near Darsby instead of hitting the man's shoulder, deciding that entering someone else's personal space was still only too much for him in his moment of sudden confidence. He let out a few strangled sounds from the abyss of his semi-smiling open mouth before looking frantically for affirmation, tightly crossing his arms, and looking out the window in a way meant to mirror Darsby's eccentric habit of gazing upon creation.

Ahllasta and Darsby gave the man no more room than he asked for, attending to their own emotions as previously prescribed. Dan seemed to be the only one jittery and anxious enough to respond to anything Anora might say. He must not be the sort who has many friends.
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