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10 mos ago
Current I just cringe most of the time at how people either spit random 'le funny' jokes no one finds funny, or simply spark a discussion no one cares about.
10 mos ago
"Status Update" doing its work as intended I see. Proud of it.
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10 mos ago
Talk about the "Status bar" having lost its true purpose. It should have a 12-hour limit to stop the unfunny, random posts.
2 yrs ago
Trying to 'un-busy' myself from this busy-as-heck schedule. More at 9.
2 yrs ago
People put Charles Manson in a pedestal as one of the most evil and insane people the US of A has spawned, yet we have had worse than him in the past who actually killed people with their own hands.


About me, huh...Well, I am a person with limbs...and apart from the obvious, I love writing. I started RPing almost...almost 4 years ago if I recall correctly. It was a summer of 2011, and I did not like it at first. Yes, I sucked big time in case you were wondering but hey...everyone gets better. Big, big, humongous kudos and thanks to a user called 'coolcat' (or 'fairy' followed by a weird numerical combination) for introducing me into the wonderful world of RPing. You are the best!

I enjoy writing...just about everything (as long as it has nothing related to scat, MxM or other things that make me uncomfortable). I really like working with both Modern times and Victorian times, but as of lately I am more inclined to the first. I have a wide array of tastes which go from playing a mere human to taking control of a demon who corrupts everything it touches.

About me? I am a man who currently working his ass off to move...somewhere else. I love reading and I love writing, but if there is one thing I love more than those two playing videogames. And I am not talking about these modern and fancy shit kids play nowadays. No. My one and true love are retro-games. My favourite console is the original Playstation 1, with my favourite videogame of all time being Twisted Metal 2. So, if you ever feel like chatting about those old games and that particular console, hit me up with a PM and we'll surely get along well.

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