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Alan felt his heart begin to speed up, which caused his electrical aura to glow brighter and it crackled with energy. He made sure to keep a safe distance from the other applicants and watched the man in the black suit begin explaining what the entrance exam was. Alan had been waiting years for this moment, since the day he declared that he would use his quirk to become a hero and find a way to forgive himself for what he had happened to his mom when he was born.

The test didn't sound too hard from what was explained to them, but Alan suspected that the traps were probably something that would test their strengths and intelligence. Since they weren't given any details about the obstacles, he would need to be alert and keep a keen eye out for any possible dangers. He was glad that they couldn't try to hurt other applicants in this test, but he also was a little worried that he may accidentally hurt someone if they came into contact with his skin.

His inner thoughts were interrupted by the loud declaration by the applicant Phoenix Dawn. Alan recognized him from the little meet up at the Cool Cool Coffee Beans cafe. He then saw another applicant who he recognized, it was Doppel if he remembered his name correctly. He wondered if he should go introduce himself. Maybe it was a good idea to get a sense of what their plans were with this exam.

"Hello again" Alan said to the two applicants as he walked over.
Ringo Noki

Face and body look.

Personal Dossier

Ringo Noki


Osaka Japan

Physical Description
Ringo has a slightly above average physical body thanks to recent training. He stands at about 5'9 and weighs about 145 lbs. His most unique feature is his hair, which looks like the crown of a tree and has red apples attached to it. When outside of school he tries to dress casually.


Personal History
Ringo was born to parents with emitter and mutation quirks. His dad could grow apples from his hair, and his mom could make inanimate objects explode. These two quirks formed the building blocks for Ringo's quirk He didn't realize the full aspects of his quirks until he accidentally dropped an apple and caused a very small explosion, which knocked him against a cabinet and destroyed several breakable objects in the room. His parents were shocked at the incident and after Ringo told them what had happened they realized that his quirk was a combination of their quirks. This revelation saw them keep an even closer eye on him than before and worried about him hurting himself again with his powers.

At first he didn't mind it, but as he got older he found it annoying and some of the kids at school picked on him when they saw how his parents worried about him. This made him become distant with his parents and on occasions he would have outbursts with them about their overprotective behavior. Ringo was beginning to feel resentful and he developed a habit of sneaking out at night to go somewhere to use his powers for relieving his anger and frustration.

It was during that time that his temperamental side began to show and it made him a get reputation in school for getting into a couple of fights. One day while he was watching the T.V. he saw a newsflash of one the top heroes saving people from a disaster and it was here that he decided he wanted to be a hero, this would be the best way to show people that he didn't need others to supervise him and that he could control his powers.

Character Development & Conceptualization
What you intend to do with your character, goals, etc. Descriptive paragraphs.

Abilities & Talents

Quirk Type

Quirk Description
Apple Tree: Ringo's hair grows has apples that grow on it, which he can take off easily. An apple will grow immediately after he picks one from his head. Despite their normal appearance these apples are explosive, and will create a powerful blast of concussive force when they make contact with something other than himself. The strength of the blast can depend on how much he's trained his quirk and his emotional state can also have effect on them as well. He can use these apples for both attacking, and defense and has even used them to propel himself through the air by aiming and timing a throw to make himself go airborne. The defensive use of the quirk is throwing an apple at an incoming attack and using the shock wave from the explosion to repel the attack. The quirk does have a weakness, which is that if he picks too many apples off of his head then he will begin to feel head pain and the longer he keeps using his quirk the bigger the pain gets. Being too close to the explosions can cause him bodily harm if he gets hit by them too much.

Other Talents & Attributes
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looks cool. I'll try to make a character

looks interesting. I'd like to join
Probably because Kara is in place of Kal as the mainline Superfamily member.

I feel that a DC world isn't complete without the big guy. I feel tempted to make one of him
Interesting concept for an RP. I noticed that no one has done a sheet for Superman
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