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Current looking for peolpe to rp with its slow pm me plessase
2 yrs ago
anyone want rp? i rp 18 plus dark stuff i use pms mainly
2 yrs ago
i am open to rps i do forum or pm pless pm me what i like and limits


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Brath at the team aqua base snooping wile waiting on back up
Brath "i let them go alredy" she got her pack and left for team aqura base
Brath" better yet how smart are you two? i got a idea join the ranger and g men be our spies for team rocket" she then fully dressed in the clothes"oh i know who can help who here knows they people gives a list had red silver leaf gold ash misty may dawn .

they are the best of the best of trainers call them tell them Brath needs their help infrante manga and aqura " she tells everyone as she swichs out her pokemon team for water and leave to aqura base
Brath lets them go"ok as long they abanded team rocket change clothes that kidnapping is more of a issue i can go in as a spy " she then gathers everyone up goes to a meeting room begins getting her disguise , for the mission "so i need help so any of you got friends or family in pokemon rangers or g men?"

she looks around gets team aqura uninifrom on"one reason i ask i cant be in meaga and aqura at the same time"
Brath walks up the Jeremy " um no they still wanted crimnals " she hands him the wanted books jessy and james were in it " i bring them in if they agree to spill all team rockets screarts i will see what the procuster willing make a deal"
Brath "so team rocket here you three are underaresst!" go charzard!" she threws him out "grab them!" she oders he roars

charzard grabs the three captureing them
Brath walks up to them to see if they ok "you all ok?" she asks everyone as the battle ended and shook Donald's hand as she looks around for anything weird or out of place she thinks 'it's weird the organisms haven't attacked ? '.

"this is weird very weird no group as a attacked us" she tells everyone in the stadium
Brath watchs sets down to rest she thanks 'this is a epic battle'
Brath dragstone looking around for the safety of the people she also listening to the battles
Name: Brath dragstone
Gender: Female
Race: white
Class: Human
Alignment: Good
Age: 15
Body Type: Lean
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 175lbs
Complexion: light
Hair: black
Eyes: hazel
Handedness: Right
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: love and careing good person
Mannerisms: Honest
Likes: Friends, reading drawing pokemon
Dislikes: Drugs, Bloodshed, Bullies, beer evil liers

bio she part of both the g men and pokemon ranger thoue she uses pokeballs instead of a stylist

flaw curses sturbian

looks wears a red crop top with pokemon ranger jacket with mistys shorts
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