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Hello Everyone! I'm back!
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Same here! I joined 5 years ago. Was active on and off a few times. And now on again. Its been almost a year since ive been on.

If you are up for a casual or relaxed-casual rp, send me a pm. Its nice to get back into the swing of things with another person who also needs a refresher as well.

Welcome back!
@Night Owl
Im not too picky. I prefer human or at least humanoid/transforms. I am not a fan of fandoms. If i want to act like the game, id rather buy it and play the game.

I am 25 (nearly 26) year old female, looking for a male roleplay partner.

I do not fade to black
I very much enjoy writing sex scenes.
I only play as female at this point in time
I only participate in mxf relationships at this time.
I prefer to rp with people closer to my age. 22+. However, if i like your writing style and your maturity level, then i will make an exception.

If you have any ideas, hit me up, im open for almost anything.
Looking for something more casual as im trying to get back in the groove again. I have rp'd for many many years originally starting on neopets (before all the contoling and severe kid-friendliness came) and have played on many different platforms. Facebook, text messaging, email, websites, forums, guilds(like this one, and even my own rping forum site (which is dead btw sadly)

Sorry, I am only interested in MxF relationships, and will only play as female for the time being. (Sorry this may or may not be temporary) and preferably I would like it if you were 20+ but 18+ is okay.(i am 25) I will not rp with anyone under 18. (Nothing against you, just for my prefrence and for many obvious reasons.)

I am NOT interested in fandoms. I can do almost any kind of pairing/plot/genre

Shoot me a pm or a reply on here of what you are interested in! Im open to almost anything. Just want to get the gears going again and all oild up. :)

Also, one last thing. I do have a trigger. Preganacy. More so pregnancy/infant loss. My daughter was stillborn nearly 2 years ago. So please ask beforehand before mentioning it. Thank you for understanding. Im looking forward to roleplaying with you!
Well, I guess im not cool 😝 nobody wants to welcome me back. Am i too old for ya'll? Lol
Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and I joined the guild 4 years ago. Probably almost 5 coming up in a few months.

It has been at least 4 years since i have roleplayed anywhere, however before that I was an extremely active roleplayer from the age of 13 or so. (I am 25 now).
As for my literacy level, I consider myself high. Now, dont hold me 100% to that though because I am a stay-at-home-mom and have not roleplayed for a long time, nor is my life a very social one either.

All in all, I am happy to be back and hope to have a lot of decent and exiting stories to participate in and watch unfold!
Heelo?? I started one with you. :)
I sent you a pm
of course. :D
The second one sounds great to me. and (if i understand this correctly.) yes I would be willing to do the other choice as well if it doesn't turn out. :D I would rather to pm, but I'll leave the choice to you.
Sure! pm me and well put our ideas in a pot and mix them together.
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