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I was once an active participant in a Comic Book themed roleplay, where I played over 40 characters at once. At one point we did an X-Men storyline taking place in the Danger Room, and I played 7 separate characters in the roleplay. The storline had 9 different authors, and took a year and a half to complete.
Hey guys, this roleplay is currently taken, sorry for the slow response. I'll post back here if it reopens.
Updated with a new plot idea :)
So I tried this once before, and the game never really got off the ground. That's unfortunate, but we learn and we develop. I've decided to tweak my initial (and somewhat narrow) premise in favor of a more widely accessible story.

In brief, I'm interested in doing a mature, adult themed D&D campaign, and am looking for a partner willing to help with this vision. I have several possible plotlines that would fit with this premise, but I'd like to spend some time on world building and character creation before jumping into the story. I expect this to be a long running campaign with multiple story arcs and time spent on character development.

I will stress that previous experience with 5th edition D&D is not required. I enjoy walking new players through the system, and am very patient with teaching the system. All I ask is that you have an open mind, and a willingness to play.

Things that will be in this game:
-Sexual Content
-Fantasy Creatures/Settings
-Dice Rolling
-Character Sheets
Introduction Currently on Hiatus

Hello, my name is Mr. Thorne, and I'll be your host for the evening. I shall endeavor to be brief and to the point. I enjoy writing quite a bit, and have long had a passion for roleplaying. In my time I've written fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance, historical drama, comedy, and most fandoms which appeal to me. I've written erotica of all sorts, and have an enjoyment of both bondage and romantic themes for that material. I don't exclusively write erotica, but it is a mainstay of my work.

I am a Dungeon Master, and have a modicum of experience with most roleplaying systems, including but not limited to Dungeons & Dragons (5e Primarily), Call of Cthulhu,Warhammer Fantasy, GURPS, and World of Darkness. I've played or DMed all of those systems and would be comfortable playing a game using those rule systems or setting.

I am a married, bisexual man, with a loving family and a full-time job. Those responsibilities come first, and mean that I will not always be able to respond quickly to posts. My goal with writing is to respond at least three times per week, or provide an explanation for my absence. My posts are typically between 4 and 6 paragraphs, though I tend to write to the level of my partner. If you give me a lot to respond to, my response will take longer, but be fuller in response. I do not make single sentence replies, and do not have an interest in roleplaying to that level. It is nothing against those who do, I just don't find it fulfilling.

I will do roleplays via Private Message, Email, or Google Docs. I do not use instant messenger for writing, but am happy to discuss plot details via that medium.

Currently, I have a few passion projects I'm working on, which I shall list here. If something you want doesn't fit into these concepts, then don't be discouraged. I'm more than happy to discuss alternatives via PM. Please don't respond to the thread itself though.

Man of Many Faces
Fantasy, Intrigue, Adult (18+)
The Synth Empire is a technologically advanced society, with many innovations over its magical neighbors. There is mistrust for those arts in this kingdom, but one man has an agenda to change things. He calls himself Viktor Markov, though this name once belonged to another. He is a charlatan and a liar, and far more. He wants to rule this empire, and is prepared to do almost anything to accomplish that.

This roleplay is very much in the vein of Game of Thrones. my character would be a young, recently returned noble (actually a charlatan), who is trying to acquire power in his empire. Your character would be a potential rival or ally that he woos to his side. There are a lot of ways this storyline could go.

Into The Fallout
Fandom (Fallout), Post Apocalyptic, Adult (18+)
This story is primarily motivated by my love of Fallout 4, and the tremendous degree of lore which the creators packed into that game. I've got an itch to revisit the wasteland as a roleplay, and I think it'd be a fun universe to explore.

The basic premise I have in mind is that your character would be a vault dweller who leaves their vault for one reason or another, and encounters my character, Wastelander who has experience with this world. We team up, and adventure ensues. The setting could take place during one of the established games, or somewhere else entirely. I'm pretty flexible on genders and backgrounds for this premise, I'm most just curious what I and a willing partner could cook up from this premise as an extended game.

More to come ;)
Hey guys, sorry about the delay with this, but it looks like I have a potential partner for this project. As such I'm going to close out this thread. Thank you both for your interest.
So I'll break this down very simply. I'm interested in starting a solo campaign with another player for a variant of the Curse of Strahd. This would be a dark take on the storyline, with myself as DM and them playing a female hero trapped in the land of Barovia. It would have mature themes, sexuality and adult content, the specifics of which will be need to be settled on via private messages. The setting will be gothic fantasy, and whatever character you create should be appropriate to that setting.

I want to stress that although I'm using CoS as a basis for this campaign, I will be making significant tweaks to the storyline, monsters, and setting. I'm using the book as a starting point, and not the net result.

The game will use 5e as a system, but outside of combat will primarily be done through roleplay. I'm very flexible in terms of what I allow in my games, and will be happy to discuss using homebrew or UA materials; though I prefer published materials. I will provide NPC companions as needed for gameplay.

Please PM me if you are interested, even if you're not well acquainted with the system. I'm happy to teach the system to new players.
Interesting. Would a predator/prey scenario appeal to you? Possibly with your character being stalked by a supernatural being, or would you prefer working with another human against some sort of unstoppable evil?
I'm a bit curious, what did you have in mind as far as horror? I'm a fan of the genre, and would be more than happy to work with you in crafting a narrative focused around those themes.
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