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Current Domme looking for subs, pm me your fantasies... NOW! *raises hand to slap you*


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Open to other stories my characters may be suitable for.
Ms Rubetta here, I’m an experienced role player (on other media) mainly in erotica, though I dabble in other genre occasionally. Also due to content, I generally rp by private messages.

Presently I have a dominatrix character who demands devotion from subservient individuals. No doubt some devotees may require more ‘training’ than others.

I have a few plot ideas, happy to develop on with my partners.

Plot 1:
Ruby is working as a hotel maid and is being hassled or heckled by a patron... (this could be somewhat clean, and a short, entry level rp, possibly even on the public forum!)

Plot 2:
Ruby is contracted to a wealthy retired businessman’s mansion as a ‘housekeeper’, turns out he didn’t read the fine print...
(This could be a long or short term rp, and cover various levels and themes, possibly some doubling as well)

Plot 3:
Ms Ruby invites a lascivious individual to her country home, she knows he intends to seduce her, he’ll learn some hard lessons.

Plot 4:
(This is an outrageous sci-fantasy action rp)
Mistress Ruby has been frozen for some time on a Jamaican themed planet, which is now under threat from kkk stormtroopers disguised as wealthy tourists. Along with her most subservient devotee (you) she takes the fight to the enemy.

Respond by PM please :-)
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