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... But not new to roleplay. I've been an avid member of multiple online communities off and on for about nine years now, but recently it seems every single one of those communities has gone stagnant. Maybe I'm just old and out of touch, but I feel like people are WAY less inclusive and WAY more clique-oriented now. That's just.... not the environment I want to be in, I guess.

Basically I'm just here to poke around and experiment outside of my usual comforts and maybe pick up a few new story lines along the way. It is much more likely that I will anxiety myself right back into my cave before doing so though. I guess all I can do is see how it goes, lol.

A little about me:
I'm almost 21. I live in an irrelevant part of California. I love watching silent films, browsing the depths of the internet, drawing not very well, and listening to strange music. I consider myself kind of goth but very loosely. I have an obsessive pull toward the musician Chris Corner, of IAMX and Sneaker Pimps. He is my main muse and a character I utilize very often along with a few others. I'm very shy but once I open up, I will massacre you with memes and hopefully make you laugh too.

So uh.... ayyyyy *finger guns*

I can do up to multi-para and novella sized responses, but with where I currently am in my life, I would like to stick to things that are a liiiiiittle shorter. I will still go up to 4 paragraphs and sometimes 5+ if the setting or backstory really needs it because I love, love, love good imagery. I'm unsure if I will be a super quick replyer, but I try not to leave people hanging for more than a week. If I do that to you, just punch me. Do it. Right in the face. (Or ask for my Discord because I'm on there 25/8)

I lean more toward romance-oriented plots, but only if the characters are compatible. If they are not, I am absolutely fine with playing friendship/frenemies/enemies/family. A bit of smut is okay, but I cannot and will not RP with you if smut is the main factor in the story. I really love development, and I expect it to be reciprocated. No static characters. No Mary Sue's/Gary Stu's either, and you must be !!!over eighteen!!! Also NO GOD MODDING, but everyone should know that part by now, right?

Everything from supernatural to horror to crime is good with me. There is very little I won't dabble with, but I DO find it difficult to enter an already developed world, whether the lore is self made or based out of a movie/show/book. If I KNOW the fandom, that's a different story.... but I don't watch a whole lot of shows or recent movies, so sorry in advance if I don't know your stuff. I live under a rock. I will still try for you though!

I'll have character sheets in my bio soon enough... but I'm also a lazy procrastinator so WHO KNOWS?! Not me.

Alrighty. I think that's all. I'm bad with conclusions.
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