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Current And so I've followed through with my previous lesson, first roleplay group made ^^
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Life lesson of the day: 'You know . . when you can't find the right RP for yourself just make it' XD
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Looking for the right RP
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Hello anyone who reads this,

First of all I would like to say it's a pleasure to know that you are interested in me, to the point that you are spending time to look at my bio. I originally joined this place in search of a Konosuba RP, but the fact is that I've been RPing for years now. Just for the sake of random facts my 'Quotev Birthday' is on January 5, 2016 and most RPs that I participate in have to do with anime that I come to appreciate. Down below is a link to the first group that I made on this site. ^^

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Hiroto Kazuki

One one hand Hiroto was glad to be away from the place that didn't seem too friendly at all. The manor where this girl was detained and where he had been so close to being captured.

Hamaguchi's words echoed in his head, ringing out to him and making one thing very clear. He had to find a healer, one that would actually be willing to help him and Hamaguchi out. But even though the concept of finding a healer seemed like a simpler task he knew that it wouldn't be, he wasn't even sure where to start. The boy took a look at his surroundings as he kept the neko girl in his arms, noticing some vendors selling their various wares but still feeling a bit.. worried.

He didn't want to have the girl get recaptured along with him at the moment, and so he didn't want to just charge into the open arms of someone that would do something like that. But with his very little knowledge of the world around him he had no idea if he was doing the right thing. And that was what bothered him the most. Well.. come on Hiroto. This girl needs me, so get back into shape and try to do something!

After looking around he noticed that there was a store that creatures of all types seemed to pass by, and so with Hamaguchi in his arms he then proceeded to walk there to ask for some help. Upon approaching the clerk's table he asked, "Is there any way I can get a healer-"

The clerk replied, "Do ya have any money on ya to pay up?"

Hiroto replied earnestly, "Well you see, it's a bit complicated-"

The male snorted at him before saying, "If ya got no coin to pay then ya got no healer, scram deadbeat. And don't be sniffin your nose around here again without some money ya hear me?"

Hiroto replied with a confused face as he took a small step back, "But sir I-.."

The shopkeeper replied, "No excuses get outta here!"

Leaving him no other choice Hiroto backed out of the store that he had entered, trying to find some idea of where he could get a healer for the neko girl. No matter what, he wanted to make sure that she was all healed up.. he had come this far and so he was invested in making sure that he saw his mission through to the end. He called out, "Healer, someone.. anyone.. help me please. I don't have any money to pay with but this girl needs help, I promise I'll find the money to pay with later."

It wasn't like Hiroto wasn't trying his hardest, but at first all he got was absolutely nothing. Many creatures passed by without giving him a glance, going about with their regular business since they didn't have the time to worry about him. The boy gulped but he kept his eyes glued to his surroundings, knowing that he would be glad to pay back when he had the chance to. Surely he had been denied once, but somewhere out there maybe there was someone good enough to help out.
Hiroto Kazuki

How did I... how did I end up this badly hurt?

Although Hiroto could feel the surging pain of his wound he knew that he didn't want to give up on life, there was no way that he was going to just leave Hamaguchi after having to suffer such wounds. Never.. but.. I can't be so risky all the time. Those people.. they had weapons, they were ready to kill us if they wanted to. I can't let us get into harm's way.

Hiroto knew that he should have been inches near death, he had already experienced that a moment before.. but for some reason he could feel some sort of energy return to him. And energy that he didn't know he had, or maybe an energy that he didn't have in the first place but at the same time was given to him? The boy had no idea. But as his body slowly started to heal his eyes opened, and it was then that he realized he was safe for now with the neko girl that he had put his life on the line to try to save.

If there was one thing Hiroto knew it was that they couldn't just stay still, they had to get on the move and fast. Who knew if there was some other madman or crazy person hiding around the corner, and he didn't want to have this new companion get hurt after she had amazingly healed him. With the healing finished Hiroto placed a hand over hers before getting up into a kneeling position, thinking that it was best if he were to help her move.

Hamaguchi seemed to look like she would collapse any moment from her efforts to heal him, and so with the energy that she had given him Hiroto then picked Hamaguchi up into his arms before he sprinted away as fast as he could, hoping that once he was sure the two were safe he could do something to help the two of them out.
Hayakura Agasume

Hayakura ignored Chiziru's little comment as he continued to fight against the two that he had picked, and it didn't take too long for him to deal with the both of them. It was all just a matter of chaining skill after skill, using them in combos that ultimately dealed significant damage. By the time that 'she' turned her attention to him he had already dealt with both of them, dropping the ogre's health points to zero one by one by a cost of some of his HP.

Understandably the male was a bit tired from exerting himself the way he had, but he refused to let that show since he knew that there was something even more important then that. The catapult. Even though they had dealt with the ogres he knew that the catapult still seemed to be unharmed in another part of the camp. He said with a small growl, "I think that catapult needs to break already. It works too smoothly." Following that Hayakura charged at that machine and then swung his scythe toward the center beam of the catapult, knowing that if he could break that the machine would then be unusable.
I live lol. Just the college life
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Cole Striker

Cole responded, "Who am I? Well, my name is Cole Striker. I come from a long line of witch hunters myself, they are nasty things that try to tease the hearts of men and seduce them with mystical charms. That is what I was raised to believe, and that is what I believe."

The male confidently brought his glass down onto the table, looking at the new visitor now with a questioning glance rather then a normal one. He seemed to be defending witches to an extent, and although part of him was suspicious he allowed his intuition to remain at ease for the moment. Cole's sense was definitely something that he relied on when he went out to hunt for witches, but part of him felt that this person was just simply unknowing. THAT could be understandable, because of the fact Cole was so firmly rooted with his family line he was never taught about the possibility of there being a 'good' witch, just that witches were a threat to humankind. He added in as a remark, "If every witch was indeed a good witch then you and I wouldn't have jobs, we'd be broke standing on the side of the road. You're welcome to join me, odd stranger."

Cole motioned to a stool next to him and then took a look at his cup, he had a pretty good tolerance for beer so it wasn't like he felt drunk. He just wondered if he should get another drink out of courtesy since he wasn't sure how much time he wanted to spend talking. The male still wanted to go hunt some more witches so that he could get a larger reward, the loot that came from a witch was usually a good sum when sold to the right people. Cole allowed his fingers to tap against the hard wood of the counter as he spoke, "You think that you ever came across a good witch? Hah, you amuse me. What in Seren's Folly could have happened to you?"

Cole mentioned, "Witches normally can't be trusted, how do you know if the witch hasn't taken a hold of your heart and twisted it already? Hmmm? Answer that for me. Tell me one good witch that would be better then any woman in town."
Hayakura Agasume

Thump. Thesound of the scythe cutting through the creature's skull was the final blow that he had to deal to the creature, leaving him with a new problem. Where should I go next? For a moment all he did was watch Dante deal go to distract the ogres but then 'she' gave him a small task to handle. Handle the one at their six, something which seemed very easy for him to do considering he had just finished one now. The male called out, "Okay, better not die over there."

Leaving it at that the male then sprinted to face the Ogre that he had to deal with, noticing immediately that the creature seemed to be a magic caster itself. The creature itself was rather confident in its ability, and as soon as Hyakura went to try to face it fireballs were immediately shot his way. Although he had deflected the other attack with ease what the creature did was suddenly change up the attack, firing rapid ball after ball almost as if it was a 'magic machine gun'. In his defense Hyakura yanked his shield off of his back to defend himself, but even then the attack was definitely something not to be trifled with. Hyakura's feet slid back a bit in the dirt from the initial contact of metal and flame, and part of the fire damage seemed to go through as if it was a piercing attack. He called out, "You could make this easier on me Mr. Ogre, you know?"

With as much as he could muster the bodyguard then took a single step forward, a single step which he believed was a good achievement. Against the firepower he was facing all he could do was take step after careful step, making sure that he was not thrown off balance so that he could get close enough to kill. The Ogre has to run out of mana eventually.. unless it has items too. Regardless of how much the enemy might have had Hyakura didn't let himself stay phased, and eventually he got close enough that the ogre couldn't afford to shoot more fireballs against him. Instead the creature used the last of its mana to summon a sword for itself, but Hyakura knew that it wouldn't be enough to save the creature. Hyakura started to chain blow after blow as much as he could, and although his HP bar dropped a fair amount at the end of the day the creature was dead. With a small grin he called out, "Looks like you're going to need some help, huh?"

Hyakura knew that the next thing he would have to do was help Chiziru deal with her little party, part of him wondered why she would go so far as to try to take them all on but he knew that at least he would be there to help even out the tide. As he ran he noticed that his HP bar seemed to go up from a regen effect, and he couldn't have been more grateful for it. He called out, "You're a hero of mine, Crazy Healer! Hehehe, I think that's a good little nickname. Don't mean anything bad by it, just.. talk later."

Hyakura quickly changed back to his scythe and then charged at them, swinging his scythe at all of them so that maybe they wouldn't focus on Dante as much. As one of the axe wielders and the spear fighter turned to face him a smirk snuck onto his face looking at his new opponents with confidence in his eyes. He apologized, "Sorry I may have been a bit late to the party, I was having fun with the last one. Finish off that one, I'll steal the others from you."

From there his blade became less of a.. blade, but more like a part of him as he used his various skills to take on both of the opponents at once. Thanks to the fact that Chiziru had already worked with them their HP was already lowered, and it was lowered to the point where his swinging chain of deadly attacks was enough to finish the spearman with little difficulty. Leaving it up to him to finish the job with the axe-wilder. (Image representation down below caus I like the images ^^)

Welp, I think it's about my turn now ^^ I'll have something up tomorrow when I wake up
Hayakura Agasume

Hayakura let out a small sigh after 'she' tried to correct his words, only then moving to try to kill the ogre that was in the storm. Oh, you're going to be a handful. You and Arro, you both need to get along sooner rather than later. The goof thing was that the mage seemed to take his hint and immediately went to work, if anything he would argue the arrogant mage set everything up for him and Chiziru. Now all they had to do was make sure that each of the brawlers got their fare share.. and oh he was ready to give them a piece of something.

He kept the 'girl's' words in the back of his mind as he glanced at his new opponent, knowing that handling the disarmed creature wouldn't be much of an issue. Feeling grateful Hayakura called out, "That catapult is as good as dead! As soon as I treat this ogre to the best death of its life of course."

The male then grinned as he charged at the blinded ogre, knowing full well it would only take a matter of moments to deal significant damage to the opponent. He wasted no time as he charged at the creature and then slashed it over and over again, confidently handling it in a way so that the creature would be finished in a matter of moments.
Hayakura Agasume

When the boulder sailed over to Kyoto he felt that playtime was over, they couldn't just waste time arguing with lives on the line. How many people died with that boulder that went up in the air? They're going to hold us accountable if there is any more loss of life. Get your acts together! Of course once Titania raised up a magic shield like she was in control of the situation there wasn't as much to worry about but clearly he could tell that there was friction in the air.

Helplessly he looked between the two 'girls', wondering what it would take to get them all working together as a team. Of course, Titania's talk about her achievement was impressive but at the same time it just made him seem a bit more arrogant. Like 'because he had this great achievement he would try to boss everyone else around'. Unfortunately, this is where he felt there was a lack of communication. Oh, you need to get it through your thick mage-headed skull not everyone works like that. And YOU, Ms. Runaway, you need to not cause a hissey fit. What are you doing?! You'll get yourself killed at this rate!

Hayakura wanted to go to Chiziru since he felt that, as the cleric mentioned, a team was best. sighed before saying, "I need to make sure she doesn't get killed, may as well come along. Arrogant Mage, the question is are you going to save the people that need saving or are you going to keep making a fuss over it."

Since he had already said his part and didn't want to talk anymore the male rushed to join Titania, his scythe spinning in his hand until it rested comfortably in his hand. Hayaura spoke as they advanced, "These ogres here are high leveled, baka. If you face them alone you may as well get yourself killed. So you operate on action rather than trust?-"

As he talked some of the weaker ogres caught their attention, in particular a long-distance fighter that seemed to be aiming right at Dante. As soon as the minion fired off a shot Hayakura was quick to both notice and swing his scythe in front to intercept the attack, the force of the stronger blade attack being more powerful than the shot that was almost perfectly concealed to injure Dante. Hayakura then sighed before speaking, "Listen. I know you probably want to charge at the boss and just destroy him but as much as you may want to it might be easier to wipe all the smaller mobs out first. Let's build our teamwork in a united strike against the boss rather then separating and bringing ourselves to our own deaths. Alright? Save the distrust and disagreeing fits for when you can actually afford it."
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