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3 yrs ago
Current And so I've followed through with my previous lesson, first roleplay group made ^^
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3 yrs ago
Life lesson of the day: 'You know . . when you can't find the right RP for yourself just make it' XD
3 yrs ago
Looking for the right RP
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Hello anyone who reads this,

First of all I would like to say it's a pleasure to know that you are interested in me, to the point that you are spending time to look at my bio. I originally joined this place in search of a Konosuba RP, but the fact is that I've been RPing for years now. Just for the sake of random facts my 'Quotev Birthday' is on January 5, 2016 and most RPs that I participate in have to do with anime that I come to appreciate. Down below is a link to the first group that I made on this site. ^^

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I see lol
That's rough ^^'
It is! I'm near empty.. the Anne and Bonny interlude gave me 10 mil to help but it's never enough
QP.. >> when Nerofest comes I'm going to throw so many apples at it
Maaaybe XD but still you've got a good bunch there

That's my top bond group
You've got a good collection ^^
Bear does sound strong ^^

If I tried to remember all the Bond 10s off the top of my head I remember Raikou, Helena, Lancelot, Mord. I have a couple that are Bond 9 itching to get to 10, so my Bond is a little spread out. I don't play JP tho, I tried to get it to work just to get a glimpse of what it's like over there but I don't know how
Oh geez you have her at NP5 o_o I'm not even sure I want to imagine how much SQ it took to get there. But welp, take her at your own pace ^^
Ah I see ^^ cool! I'm sure Sitonai doesn't mind lol
I'm sure you'll get someone to Bond 10 soon enough ^^ you just have to keep someone in your backline and let the Bond build up
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