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So, a bit about me, the one behind the character...
I was born in Aug. '92, I'm male just in case you're wondering and I live in Texas. There, ASL if you will. Just not done all 28/M/Tx and what not considering this is a forum post.

Anyway, a old friend got me into roleplaying a LONG time ago... 10+ years ago. But we lost contact and I flat out haven't found another good partner... I used to have a group, but it never went anywhere. I had a room on a chat program thing that rarely had anyone in there.

I prefer original worlds, but there are some RARE exceptions to that... Say... If you invite me to a Universal Century Gundam RP? I'd probably be up for that... But it would have to start with The Battle of Loum (I think?) The Principality of Zeon's first attack on the earth. I think they dropped the first colony during that battle. I don't consider... Ah... Can't remember the name, but the one with the big, heavily armored Gundam that gets a nuclear bazooka. That one. Non-csnon, I won't be acknowledge it. The 08th MS Team? Yes. But yeah, Zeta is my favorite, I kind of identify with Kamille... Especially with his relationship with Murasame Four. They are just so cute!

I have a character written up now that is a , multiverse traveller. Basically I don't want to make a new character for everything... Aside from the U.C. concept I mentioned. Why? He can fit any situation. I don't have to keep more than ONE character in mind that way. Medieval setting? He can fit, he has the attire and gear. Sci-Fi? He can fit, he's got the stuff. In theory he COULD show up in a medieval period with energy weapons, but... No. He won't. He doesn't want to upset the balance of things. But he still wants to help out in taking down villain characters. He doesn't know magic, as it doesn't exist in his universe... But yeah. He MIGHT be able to learn and use it? I don't know.

I do better in a chat rather than forum posting... One, I can see people typing and such and can let them post, read it and post my stuff with that so it's fluid. IMVU would work best for me, despite rarely using it...

Anyway! There, introduction complete.
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