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I'm gonna need people to stop posting characters for a brief amount of time. I'm pretty inexperience and I have not much time to consult with the judge for this event. If you are interested feel free to post. But some thing need to be sorted out first, I'll have to re-review characters sorry about that.

In short, this is not a sign up until otherwise noted.
More detailed explations are up. I will be updating the list of participant entries here ina few moments...

So far entries (Those who rprovideded characters.)

1. Doc Doctor
2. Glass (Making me do extra work haha)
3. Xavier Bloodbayne

Am I correct in this listing
I will elaborate later this morning. The six-sided die may be a more appropriate remedy than editing the character. As for other characters I will look them over soon.

Of course! I will be using, Devil.

As for characters, I will review them in a few moments and edit this post when I am done.

EDIT: Doc your entry is fine. Glass, I especially worried about your character's pre-cognative Magical sight. This is is especially abusive. Since I would rule these abilities if used abusively would give you an extreme advantage. This advantage is especially devastating to different types of attack meta. Since you would be able to act to counter your opponent based on magical danger sense. I would prefer you re-construct this character. If you need any ideas or assistance please feel free to PM me.
I'd be glad to have ya both!
The Corpse-Grinder
You are all gathered from from different realities and time-lines. This individuals are prominent individuals in their own respective dimensions and universes. You are collected by an entiety simply known as “The Mutilator.' The cosmic representation of violence formed from the negative energy of all.It brought you here to the Nexus, it seeks to quench it's palette with blood and need for violence at the highest level. It gathers all walks of life and by pitting only the most capable combatants against each other for it's own twisted blood-sport. The goal is simply survival of the stronest indivudual! With the ultimate grand prize on the line. / Surviving till the next round becauseonly one competitor can walk away with their life!

Welcome to the Murderous Magnificent!The Corpse-Grinder!

The Location
In middle of the the Nexus of Realities floats the arena in which all will be competing. The fighting platform is triangular in shape the arena and is approximately 300 feet in it's area.
The flooring is made from ancient stone created and left behind by the“Original.”. The Stone is incapable of being moved or manipulated as willed b The Mutilator.Alien Plant-life make up the shrubbery and few trees that adorn this area. Yet, the bio-logy of the foliage is truly disturbing. The fruit of the Trees are reminiscent of screaming human heads. The trunk is made of rotting human flesh and the branches are instead replaces with pieces of a reconnected menagerie of skeletal remains. The shrubbery of the arena are merely an assorted patchwork of sharpened canine teeth. The area is protected by a dome of the screaming souls of murdered victims of various realities. This arena is one of many and are connected side by side obscured by the wall of shrieking essence barrier making it impossible to communicate with the outside world or other contestants.

This is going to be an active competition! As such all forum rules apply. My co-judge will be annoucned if there is genuine active interest in this.

Matches will be fought 1 vs one and are Single-Elimination

II would prefer to keep it Mid-ter levels of power as that can be explained and is easier for me to track.

Forbidden Abilities & Equipment

Light Manipulation
The ability to focus light for use as attacks. Since it travels extremly faster (Quicker then the Sound), Light based attacks woudld be akin to an auto-hit simply due to how fast it can travel also without the proper equipment would be undetectable..

Nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological or other weapon that can kill a vast amount of people in ant instant and bring significant harm to large number of humans or cause great damage to human-made structures, natural structures, or the biosphere. In closing mass destrucion weapons present a almost completely instantious method of victory. While devestating techniques are harder to determine. Weapons and techniques that are massivly destructive using for example: Nuclear war heads can and in most situations provide a win or force a draw due it's blast radius.

Psychic abilities that allow the the user to predict the actions of others and potentially uttilze out Out-Of-Character knowledge against their opponent. Knowledge they would not otherwise possess. This also covers such techniques such as mentally attacking an individual which is akin to auto-hitting for the user is usually not defended against easily.

Reality Maniplation
Users can create, change, destroy, or even alter the fabric of reality. Wbile their are varying degress of theis ability one can make changes from nothing. Depending on the power of a reality warper, they may alter something as tangible. The ability to bend reality it;s user's will and create or will things into existence will not be permitted here simply due to the nature of the ability and how abusive it can be.

The instantainous transportation of matter from one space to another. Due to the ability to use this ability both offensively and defensivelyis unquestionally ripe with abusive potential. Traveling faster than the eye can see or traveling as a form of energy are acceptable quasi-forms of this ability as it is lost over time and distance.

Time Alteration.
The ability to manipulate, slow down or accelerate time. Allowing a user to peform feats like reversing a fully grown adult into an infant or speeding up time to render an infant into an elderly individual for examples. This ability also covers halting time to turn an attack into an auto-hit or kill.

The act of replacing a user with another person or an animate object to avoid attacks.

Sitting in middle of the the Nexus of Realities sits the arena in which all will be competing. The fighting platform is triangular in shape the arena and is approximately 300 feet in it's area.

Disclaimer: Certain things may change in the Forbidden section or updates might be made for the finaly product. Until then I figured it would get more attention here. Sorry if that russles any jimmies.
Probably because of the heavy limitations. My interest sure decreased because of it.

Though, i'd like to point out that allowing a character with sound abilities is kind of an overbearing set. For a "balanced" tournament, considering that sound waves travel Way faster than ballistic weaponry. But technology and ballistic weapons aren't allowed?

EDIT : I'll reserve my entry until things are resolved
I will also be participating.
Thank you for the match! My apologies for any confusion.
There was no mentioning or acknowledgement of anything related to any kind of notice or acknowledgment of ANY sparkS. That's logical, if that actually did occur. Which the way you wrote it, it did not.

There was also no preperation for the lift, other than the suplex.

Sorry to sound direct.
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