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Right as Roxas was about to pay, Ophelia beat him to it. He felt a little bad, but didn't think to hard on it. Before they left for the forest, he went into the bathroom and changed into his cloak and put him mask in his pocket. They were going into a forest and looking for monsters. There was no way in hell he was going to go unprepared. He knew how well Ophelia could fight, but there was a possibility of there being more than a dozen. Once done, the four of them split up. Roxas and Ophelia left for the woods right away. Ophelia told him they were going to go to the south forest first which was fine by him.

Werewolf's aside, Roxas loved the forest. It was quiet and pretty. Everything he needed. "Alright where do you want to look first and what are we looking for?" He said in a serious tone. Missions were nothing to take lightly. He kept close to Ophelia at all times, pushing vines and brush out of the way. The forest was a little eerie and it felt a little too quiet. No birds or anything. "Tread lightly." He said low and deep. It was hard to prepare for something that he had never fought before. Although he did have help this time instead of all the others. Ophelia seemed to be sniffing out for the Werewolves while they were moving through the forest. At least one of them knew what to do. He did realize that Ophelia would know more about this since she was a Vampire and all. He'd just follow her lead through this.
Welkins was in mid change when he heard his phone go off. It was a text from Reia saying she made it safely. That was good he was a little worried about it. Once he got this professional guild uniform on, he grabbed his phone and sent a quick text back. "Be safe." He said. No need to worry her while she was on a mission. Once he was all ready, Welkins grabbed his rifle and new sabers then raced out of his house. This was probably the most he had ever had to run in one day. It didn't matter there was a problem and it needed to be dealt with. It took no longer than five minutes for Welkins to run full speed to the guild office. Once there he slammed his hands on the desk and startled Wendy. "Wendy we have a problem. I need you to grab Amleth and the others and have them meet me in my fathers office now."

Wendy looked Welkins dead in the eyes with confution. "Welkins what has gotten into you. It's past 3 in the morning why are you even awake at this time?" She said gently, but alarmed. Welkins just shook his head and grunted. "It's a matter of national security. I've spotted a scout. I don't have time to explain just get the guild masters now Wendy!" He was out of breath and ready to pass out. On top of running around most of the day, now he had to deal with the guild masters at 3am. They were not going to be impressed with him. Wendy just nodded and started to make calls to the other masters and Welkins made his way to his fathers study.

Once there Welkins grabbed a few more chairs and set them up. Kalona was the first to arrive and looked at Welkins. "What the hell? You look like you've seen a ghost." Kalona stopped and looking in concern. "No, but I may have seen what could be an invasion." He finished getting the three chairs set up and then sat at his fathers desk. "We'll wait for Felix and Amleth to arrive before I go more into it."

It didn't take to long for the other two to make it. Amleth seemed tired, but awake enough to hear what was going on. Felix never liked Welkins so he was just pissed. "What's the meaning of this Welkins. You do know it's past 3 almost 4 now." Felix said grumpily. Welkins waited for them to be seated before he started. "Okay since we're all here now I think I can relax a bit. I'm sorry to call you three out so late, but we have a problem. I was finally able to get around to doing the watch that Amleth asked me to do a few days ago and I saw a scout that was not our own in the distance. As you three know I can use magic and can enhance my vision with my eyepiece and I'm telling you I know what I saw. It was a man in a uniform I had never seen before." Kalona and Amleth seemed to get a little uneasy when Welkins was explaining what he saw, but Felix seemed to not really care to much. "Listen Welkins." Felix started. "I know you may think you saw.." Felix was immediately interupted by Amleth. "Felix shut the fuck up. You are the lowest rank here and we know damn well what Welkins is capable of. Just because you don't like him doesn't give you the right to start mouthing off or shutting down what he saw. If this is what we think it is then we have a really big problem."

Amleth really liked Welkins and would always take his side. Even though he was superior to Welkins, he still treated him as an equal. He knew that what Welkins was capable of and could trust him with his life. For this reason Felix didn't like him. "Okay fine." Was all he was able to manage. Amleth stared down Felix then looked back at Welkins. "I'm sorry Welkins please continue." Welkins smiled at Amleth knowing he was his favorite guild master. He was even told that he could take Felix's job if he ever wanted. Again another reason why Felix didn't like Welkins. "Thank you master Amleth. Now as I was saying I think we need to look farther into this or at least have someone on a night watch from now on. We would need four of us to cover all of Galia. I don't know if you guys have any idea's on who, but I will gladly be one of them." He smiled then looked at the other three. Kalona had been silent this whole time and finally spoke up. "Well I agree with both Amleth and Welkins on this one. I think we do need to take this seariously and place a few hunters on watch at night. Welkins you do enough as it is I think you need to get some rest now and again. You can't save anyone if you are tired. I know your father would tell you the same." Welkins knew he would say that so all he did was nod.

Felix seemed to just be annoyed at this time, but saw how the others were so he puckered up. "Alright well I think that we should hold a meeting with all the hunters and teachers tomorrow and see what they thing. We have a few on missions right now, but I'm sure there's still enough. Welkins I know you were just told not to worry about any of this, but if no one will stay up then we might need to take you up on your offer." Welkins nodded again knowing that Felix was only being nice to him now because Amleth got onto him. "Alright well we will reconvean tomorrow. Welkins I want you in your fathers chair tomorrow for the meeting. You saw everything so we are going to need you to explain it again to everyone else." Amleth said and with that got up and wished everyone goodnight. It was to be a long day tomorrow and they needed some sleep. Felix left right after Amleth and gave Welkins the stink eye. Kalona stayed back with Welkins for a bit and talked to him. "I really hope that it's nothing. We can't afford to get into this war." He said gently. "I know Kalona, but if we do then we'll need everone's help." Welkins said then started to clean up. Kalona just smiled then said goodnight.
Roxas nodded and listened to Jax as she laid out the plan after they ate. He was excited to get back to doing missions and even more excited to do it with Ophelia. "Sounds good to me. I don't mind taking the woods." He looked over at Ophelia and smiled. It was going to be interesting working with other people again so he was going to have to learn to cooperate with the others. After he finished eating he got up and looked over everyone. "Alright lets break then." He said with confidence eager to get going. He didn't really know much about this place so he figured for now he would lay low and follow Ophelia and Jax's lead. The only thing that bugged him was that they would have to cut off the search at 10. That would have been the best time to go though. Catch them in the act and follow them back to the Alpha.

It didn't matter much. If he wanted to, Roxas would go out and check for himself. Stealth was his middle name and all.
Welkins watched as the train pulled away. His heart was heavy and he didn't really know what to do. Once the train was off, he turned around and started to walk home. He took his time this time and decided to walk around and try to take his mind off of Reia. Was he in love with her? He wouldn't have acted like a fool if he wasn't. It didn't matter at this point. She was gone and told him what she thought. Regardless it still was going through his head. As he walked home some of the towns people smiled and greeted him. Welkins did his best to be friendly and smile back, but he just didn't have it in him. Instead of walking home right away, he went to the armory and got some more bullets and two new sabers. After buying everything and talking for a bit with the owner, Welkins started to make his way home.

It was dark by the time he made it. There was a small breeze and some clouds in the sky. Tonight Welkins was going to set up on top of his windmill and keep watch of the town. It was something he had been meaning to do, but never got around to it. He knew all about the attacks on the other towns and wanted to be sure no one was going after Galia. If that was the case then he wanted to raise the alarm and try to fend off who all he could. Using the magic in his eyepiece made it much easier for him to see at night. He didn't use it often, but it was always nice to have available to him. Once inside, Welkins made some dinner and then set up everything he needed outside. It was still summer so it wouldn't be to cold, but in the case that it was, he brought a blanket.

For the first few hours there wasn't much happening. Lots of animals and some farmers, but that was about it. It wasn't until around 3am that he saw something out of the ordinary. Someone was scouting out the town and he didn't know who it was. The uniform wasn't anything he had seen before either. The moment Welkins saw the guy, he disappeared. Welkins knew this wasn't good and got ready to run over to the guild masters and tell them about it.
Welkins Ran as fast as he could to the train station. He had to see Reia before she left. He had to know if his feelings for her were true. They must be if he was running so hard to see her. People looked in his general diraction as he passed by, but he didn't stop to say hello or anything. He was on a mission of his own. As he rounded the corner, he saw that the train was still there. 'I didn't miss it.' Welkins though as he started to slow down. Not but a few feet away now he could see Reia standing there talking. "Reia!" He shouted out trying to get her attention. She didn't hear him it seemed since she was just about to get on the train. 'Come on you can shout louder.' He thought to himself and then yelled again. "Reia!!"

Reia turned to look at him seeming a little shocked that he was even there. Welkins finally made it to her and was out of breath. "Reia.." He started, breathing heavly now. "Reia I can't let you go without telling you this." He coughed a little then stood up straight. "I'm in love with you. I don't know why and I don't know how, but I'm in love with you. I know it's only been a few days, but It's just how I feel. I've never felt this strongly about anyone before." Welkins looked at Reia in the eyes and smiled gently. He had no idea how she was going to react to him or even if she felt the same back. Why would she, they just met. This was ridiculous. The second he finished talking, his mind raced and though of all the possibility's that could happen right now. It didn't matter though since he wouldn't know until she said anything.
Welkins listened to Reia as she talked to him. "No everything's fine with Isara now. None of this was your fault." He said gently. She seemed to get it, but still felt bad. She haded him the key to her house and he took it with a small smile and agreed to watching it for her. "I hope you'll be safe." He said gently. "I really care about you and I don't want to lose you." Still feeling a little down he took her hand and smiled. She handed him her number and promised to call can keep in touch. "I'm going to have to hold you to that." He laughed a little to himself.

Reia had to go now and Welkins knew that she did. As much as he really didn't want her to. She came up and hugged him real quck before she left. As she was about to leave Welkins grabbed her hand and pulled her back into a hug. "Be safe." He said low and gentle then let her go. She smiled at him the turned to walk away. He watched until he couldn't see her anymore and closed his door. One the door was shut he walked over and started a bath. The bath was warm and it helped Welkins relax a bit. Once he got in, he leaned back and closed his eyes. He opened them again when he realized that he was tearing up. "What's wrong with me? I never get this emotional about people leaving." It puzzled him for a bit then realized he also never felt this way before about a girl. He realized that he was in love with Reia. This stunned him more than anything and he couldn't move for a bit due to the shock. Why was he in love he just met the girl three days ago. The second he was able to think clearly again, he drained the water and got dressed quickly. Once dressed he grabbed his rifle and ran out the door. He wanted to catch Reia before she left. He didn't want there to be a goodbye but to be a see you soon.
It didn't take Welkins long to walk the town, but he did it again anyways. He didn't feel like his usual happy and kind self. Right now he just wanted to go home and lay there. So after the second walk of the town he let Wendy know he was done and headed home. He didn't see Isara or Reia, so he figured both were busy. It didn't take to long for him to make it home on a normal day, but today he took his time. Something was bothering him, but he couldn't put his finger on it. It wasn't often that things got to him. Before he could think more on it, Reia stopped him outside his door asking if she could come by later before her mission.

Of course Welkins agreed to her coming and watched as she walked off. Once she was further away, he opened his door and walked into his house. Be didn't really feel like doing much so he placed his rifle and sabers down then made some food. Bacon was what Welkins would have when he was feeling down. Once it was all made and set, he ate and waited for Reia to come back. While eating, he thought long and hard about what was bothering him. It could be that Reia was leaving, but it had to be more than that. Was it that she was leaving on a mission? Maybe, but he couldn't figure it out. Not much really bothered him so when something did, he didn't know what to do. Normally he would talk to Isara, but this wasn't something he wanted to talk to her about. Mostly since it had to do with Reia. It didn't really matter though. The second he put his plate away, the door was being knocked on. Figuring it was Reia, Welkins walked over to open the door. As he opened the door, Reia was standing there waiting for him. "Come on in." He said gently. "I'm glad I got to see you before you left." He smiled a little as she walked in.
Welkins smiled as Reia was talking about how she wanted to do a mission the next day. "Of course lets go back then." He thought the date had gone well. Once they made it back to her place, Reia kissed Welkins on the cheek and left it that. He waved to her goodnight and then left to go to his house. As he got there he noticed that the door was slightly open. Welkins loaded his rifle and slowly walked into the house. The lights were off, but the fire was going. He kept his rifle at the ready and knew if it got up close and personal he would have to grab his sabers. As he walked into the living room, someone walked up behind him. He heard the footsteps and quickly turned around. Staring down the barrol of his gun was Isara. Realizing who it was, Welkins lowered his rifle and sighed. "Damn it Isara I could have killed you." He said a little harshly, not really impressed. "What are you doing in my house anyways?"

Isara smiled and sat down in the chair. "I didn't see you today after class Welks. I got a little worried about you." Welkins stayed standing and looked at Isara blankly. "I was fine. I was just out with Reia." He said still not impressed. Isara shifted and came up close to Welkins grabbing his arm a little. "Welks you know I don't like that tramp. She doesn't deserve you at all. Why can't you be with me?" Welkins could smell that Isara had been drinking, so he decided to dodge that last question. It was probably why she was like this now. Not even giving it a second thought, he made he let go of him then grabbed her some water. Handing it to her, he told her to drink it all. She did then sat down again. "Isara, Reia told me what you said to her and it wasn't right of you to do that. She's new here and she doesn't need you to get all up in her face. Judging how today went, she could probably kick your ass in a heart beat. So please stop it. And stop calling her a tramp." He walked back over to her and sat at the oposite end of the table. "But Welkins..." She started to whine a bit. "No whining. I'm telling you to stop this madness that has gotten ahold of you and back off Reia. Understand?" Isara nodded her head and then laid it down on the table. Welkins rolled his eyes then sighed, knowing he was going to have to carry her home.

The next day, Welkins got up and did his morning stroll through the town. Everything was all fine, so he walked himself to the guild building and waited for classes to start. He had wondered if Reia had gotten that mission she wanted. Even though she was new, she seemed to know what she was doing. Guess he'd find out in weaponry if she got it or not.

As the day went by, Welkins didn't see Reia at all. She must have gotten the mission and was sent out right away. Classes were boring as usual and when it came to it, his father still wasn't there. 'Might as well do my rounds.' He thought to himself, a little bummbed that Reia still wasn't there. He hoped that she was okay. During his round, he saw Isara walking around. Not really wanting to talk to her after last night, Welkins just kept going. She seemed to get it too, since she looked right at him.
Roxas heard the door open from the other room right as he was finished talking to Ifrit. It was Morthos coming in and he turned on the lights out in the main room. 'Damn it.' He thought to himself, knowing he woud have to get out soon. Ever since he got into this, he almost never had a second to himself. It was fine and all, but he could only take so much of Jax and Morthos', whatever they wanted to call it. It was tiring when they were together. Morthos knocked on the door and told Roxas the plan. He wasn't really hungry, but if they were going over the plan and finding Intel the it was probably a good idea for him to go. "Yeah I'll be out in a bit. Just getting cleaned up and whatnot." He got out of the shower and placed a towel under the door to prevent any light bleeding in.

After he was all clean and felt a bit more relaxed, Roxas got out of the shower and got dressed. Luckily he had some extra clothes and a new outfit that he didn't want to wear until later on. Seeing as it was the only clean outfit he had right now there was no choice but the wear it. Better than having on the battle garb all day. Didn't feel right without the mask. So he cleaned off the water and started to get dressed. As he was putting everything on he looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. "Man do I look hot in this one. Ophelia will love it." He kept smiling and put his glasses on. "Prick." Ifrit said in the back of his head, smirking a bit. "Oh shut up." Roxas said a bit louder than he wanted as he was walking out of the bathroom door. Morthos seemed to be looking at him since he probably heard Roxas. Trying to dodge it all together, Roxas smiled. "How do you like the new get up?" He said as he turned around a bit so Morthos could get every angle. "I'm ready to go if you are. I'm assuming we are meeting the girls in the lobby? If so I'm heading down there now." Roxas grabbed the things he needed for the day and headed down to the lobby. Some of the women that he passed gave him some looks while he was walking down. All he did was smile and greet them. Ophelia would probably get pretty mad if she was here. Figuring she would be protective of him. The thought of that made Roxas laugh a bit as he finally made it to the lobby. He found a nice chair and waited.

It didn't seem to take to long as both Ophelia and Jax came down. Jax was talking to a few of the locals, which was probably good. Roxas decided to wait a bit before going over to talk to them. They needed some time alone too more than likly. Once a few minutes passed, Roxas got up and fixed his front, then walked over to the girls. "Hey girls how are you?" He said mostly for Ophelia, but didn't want to be rude to Jax. He smiled and waited, hoping they would comment on his new outfit. It wasn't every day that he had something completely new. All the other clothes he had were the same with just a slightly different color to the blazers and plaid pants. "Anything on the werewolf's yet?"
Welkins continued to look out at the flowers. Not really listening to Reia. "I'm sorry, I was just lost in thought. I was thinking about my mother. She died when I was ten and her grave is apart of those flowers." He looked back at Reia and smiled gently, a small tear in the corner of his eye. After thinking about it for a little bit, he quickly changed the subject. "I couldn't find her after weaponry. I looked, but she was no where to be seen." He looked down feeling a little bad about what happened. "I'll find her and talk to her. Don't worry."

Once they were both finished with the food, Welkins packed everything back up in the basket. "No I like meat, but when I helped you with the grocery's the other day, I saw that you had a lot of veggies. So I made all this for you." Welkins got up and helped Reia to her feet. "Come on the flowers are more beautiful when you walk through them and can smell them all." Still smiling, he kept his hand with hers and walked to the field. There were all kinds of flowers. Tulips, Pansies, Roses, anything you could think of was there. "Reia I've had a really good time with you today. I hope you feel the same. I know it was a rough start, but it'g going to be better from here on out." He turned to her and smiled.
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