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Ophelia’s arms reached out as the bullet went through her chest and out through the back of her shoulder blade. She grabbed at the door frame, gasping as pain overtook her sensations. Blood began to pour down the front and back of her body. She let out a loud, guttural growl from her throat, her eyes shifting even darker than they had been previously.

She tried her best to focus, moving inside of the house further then. Her eyes came to rest on Roxas, who seemed to be unconscious or something in the living room. Ophelia could feel the wound begin to heal, her clothing stained with blood, and her cloak shredded against her back slightly. She staggered over to Roxas then and leaned down next to him, moving her fingertips to his throat to feel for a pulse. From what she could tell, he seemed fine, so with much effort, she lifted him up off the floor and brought him to his bedroom, placing him on his back on the bed.

Ophelia left the room momentarily once Roxas was on the bed, and went into the bathroom to try and clean the wound before it fully healed. She winced as the water entered the wound and she could tell she was lucky it missed literally everything vital to her life force. Once she was cleaned up slightly, she headed back to the bedroom quickly, sitting down on the bed and watching Roxas’ face intently.

Roxas’ eyes shot open and it took him a minute to figure out where he was. He felt around with his hand and concluded that he was in fact in bed. He moved his head around to check the room out and make sure that Eileen was gone. When he looked, no one was in the room, until his gaze fell on Ophelia. He almost couldn’t focus on her because his head still felt like a nuclear bomb had just gone off and the half life was going to be a round for a very long time.

He was able to see that her dress was all bloody and it took him a bit to figure out that what he saw was just a dream and he actually shot Ophelia. With all he could muster up, Roxas tried to open his mouth. “O..Ophelia, I’m sorry.” His voice was low and raspy. He was hardly able to even talk. Guilt shot through his heart as his head acted up again and grimaced. His hand shot to the side of his head and all he could do at the moment was look down at his legs.

Ophelia watched as Roxas came to suddenly, his gaze shifting around the room in almost a panic. Eventually his eyes met hers, and she stared at him quietly for a moment. She really had no idea what was going on. Why he shot at her, or why he was unconscious after. She listened to him apologize, and the sound of his voice sent a shiver up her spine. By this point her wound would be mostly healed, and she saw his eyes move downward, like he was embarrassed or something.

“I’ll be okay… Nothing vital was hit. But what is going on? You need to tell me, right now.” Her voice was nearly a whisper, but the intensity in it was apparent.

Roxas was shaking now and couldn’t stop it. The thought of Eileen being back scared the shit out of him and there was nothing he could do, but think about it. “Something… someone scared me. I.. I thought you were them.” His voice was starting to come back now. The headache was slowly going away and it started to make him think a bit. Normally he never has an episode like that. Something else must of caused it and it couldn’t have been Ifrit.

He looked up at Ophelia once more, the fear in his eyes couldn’t be hidden from her. “Someone I thought was dead.”

Ophelia’s brow furrowed together and she listened hesitantly. “Are you sure it was real? It could have been from something else, couldn’t it?”

Roxas shook his head gently. “It looked as real as you are right now. I guess I was too delirious or something and I could have just been seeing things, but still. I never want to see that again.” He was very tired at this point and rested his head on Ophelia’s lap. He curled up a bit and was still shaking. He started to mutter to himself as he closed his eyes again. “She shouldn’t be here. She should be dead. I killed her she should be dead.”

He opened his eyes again and looked up into Ophelia’s eyes then over to the blood stain. “I’ll get you a clean shirt.” He said gently as he tried to get up but, started to fall over, catching himself against the bedpost.

“I’ll get it…” Ophelia pulled Roxas back onto the bed carefully, then got up and went over to his closet. She grabbed one of his plain shirts and took her dress off, changing into the shirt and climbing back onto the bed.

She moved to lay next to him then, pulling the blankets up over her legs slightly, sighing softly. “What do you want to do? Is there something I can do to help?”

“Don’t go anywhere tonight please. Stay here and when you’re not with me, if you see someone in a crow mask with crow feathers for a cape, runaway. Do not fight her or go anywhere near her. Tell me the second you can.” Roxas looked over at Ophelia. "I won’t let her take you away from me.” He laid his head back down against the pillow then cuddled up next to her. “I love you. I don’t want you to die.”

“I promise I’ll be careful. And, for the record, I feel like you might die before me, if I’m honest.” A small smile played along her lips, and she moved to press them to his gently then. “Get some sleep?”

Roxas smiled back after she kissed him. “Don’t let me then. I’ll try my hardest to stay alive for you.” He took in as much as he could of Ophelia then shut his eyes. “I love you.” He said gently before falling asleep again.
Roxas waited patiently in his chair, gun in hand and ready to fire at anything that walked through that door. The headache he had after waking up was getting worse and there was no guarantee that he was going to be able to stay up much longer. This was the worst he felt in a long time. Normally the pain he felt after prolonged use of Ifrit's power wasn't so bad. Must have been to much for him this time. It didn't matter. Someone was approaching the door very slowly and it was almost agonizing having to wait and see who it was. Roxas gripped the gun to where his knuckles were turning white. In that second of pure heart pounding stress, the door slowly opened and in walked the scariest thing Roxes never thought he'd see again. Covered from head to toe, you couldn't see an inch of skin. A pointed hat with a long pointed mask covering the face. Clothes as black as night and cloak made of what looked like crow feathers.

"Eileen the Crow."

Roxas shot the gun as fast as he could, only able to get off one shot which seemed to pass right through the woman. He fell out of his chair and hit his head against the ground almost blacking out, but forcing himself to stay awake. This woman wasn't getting him. Not again.

"I see you've lost your edge Roxas. I'm a little disappointed in you. I thought we had something."

Even through the mask she had, her voice was as clear as it could be. She sounded like a siren with the way she spoke. Able to slay any man with a single word. Eileen walked over to him and giggled to herself as she kneeled down by him. Unable to move, Roxas just layed there, waiting to see what was going to happen.

"How are you here. I thought I killed you seven years ago. If I failed in doing so, why come for me now? What do you want from me."

Eileen only laughed then put his head in her lap, stroking his hair with one hand and taking his hand in the other. There was no way he could get out of this right now, he couldn't move an inch. All he could do was think about Ophelia and wish she was there right now. She may not be able to stand a chance against Eileen, but she would be able to help him get out of there and to a safer place.

"Oh my love, you know you couldn't kill me. We were meant to be together through fate has brought be here to you. I have looked for you for so long and now I have finaly found you."

Roxas grimaced, his stomach acting up again. As painful and probably fatal as it would have been, Roxas wished that his mask was on him. At least he could try to get away with that.

"I told you then and I'll tell you know, I am not interested in someone as evil as you. I will never love you and I will never let you use me again!"

He yelled but that only made her giggle more. She lifted her mask only slightly so you could see her lips. They were red like blood and smiling. She rain her fingers through his hair again then leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Just you wait. Nothing will keep us apart. No matter where you go I will find you and you will be mine. We will take over this world together. Starting with the SPA. Until then I will leave you for now. I will return so next time be a little more.. living."

She smiled again then moved the mask back down covering her mouth. After, she laid him softly onto the ground and walked out of the room. Roxas' mind was racing trying to figure out what had just happened. He had to tell the others and especially Ophelia. If Eileen found out that he and Ophelia were together, she would stop at nothing until Ophelia was dead. This scared the crap out of him and he almost began to cry out of fear. He was shaking violently now due to all the pent up stress from that encounter. Eileen was the most evil and psychotic woman he had ever met. She tried to use him once before for his power and now has returned to do it again. Seven years ago he thought he had killed her, but it doesn't seem to be that way. Why was she here now though? It just didn't make sense to him at all. Why wait seven years to find him. It's not like he moved all over the place to try to get away from her. As much as he wanted to ask questions, none of them would be answered now. He had to get to the others and tell them what happened. Their lives were now in more danger than they could imagine and he wasn't losing another team. Not again.

Roxas' eye's shot open and he was in his bed once again.
As much money as he had, Roxas was still pretty pleased with himself. It had been a while since he got a haul this large. Ophelia and Jax looked happy too, but Morthos looked like he could have cared less. Ophelia went off to do her own thing and Roxas asked if she wanted him to come with. She said no, but kissed him on the cheek. A little disappointed, he turned and looked at the others. Jax told Morthos to not be a stranger and he nodded and went his own way. She looked over at Roxas and told him the complete opposite. Joking obviously.

Roxas cracked a smile and laughed a bit. "I'm kinda dating your sister for life. You wont be able to get rid of me."

They both shared a laugh then went their own way. Roxas slowly made his way back to his house, buying essentials on the way. He stopped and looked at the weapons for a bit then decided to buy a new one.

"Hey Reggie got anything new and my style?" Roxas said as he entered.

"Let me take a look. I might be able to find something for you." Reggie disappeared into the back for a few minutes only to return empty handed. "Sorry Roxas, but if you want something newer than you already have you'll have to custom order it."

Roxas looked frusterated, but nodded and left. Nothing new today. It didn't take to long to get back to the house. It was still in the same order he left it in. Clean and ready for guests that would never come. The only people ever to come into his house were his new found team. Thinking about them made him smile a bit. It was nice to been needed and in a group he could trust again. That happiness was short lived though. Seconds after putting his bags down, his head started to pound. Roxas grimaced and fell to one knee. The pain was extraordinary and it almost made him throw up on the spot. Before he could though, he got up and ran to his bathroom. It couldn't have been timed better, but as he entered the bathroom and lifted the toilet seat, vomet started to come out. Luckily it all made it into the toilet, but it was violent.

"So this is what we have to deal with now huh?" He said to Ifrit after he was done. He flushed, but stayed next to the toilet in case there was another episode.

"It wasn't great for me either. I may have my own feeling still, but whenever you have an episode like that, I feel it too." Ifrit grumbled. "It's because of the other day. You used my power longer than you could handle. I'm a little surprised you didn't die."

Roxas just laughed then groaned and winced as his stomach was hurting now too. "I'm tougher now. I think I can handle a little more."

Ifrit just grunted then shut up. Withen the hour Roxas had thrown up four times and by the time he was finished the last time, it was all finished. After all that he walked over to the bed and laid down. He was exhausted after all that. The moment he had shut his eyes, they opened again and three hours had passed. It was still daylight, but it looked like the sun was going down. In that instance, Roxas knew something was wrong.

"Who's there!?" He shot up, head still pounding. He may not be able to sense who was around, but he could always tell when someone was in the house. It only took a second for him to get up and grab a dagger, but not before looking in the mirror. He looked like death. That episode really did a number on him and if someone was here and dangerous, then he might not be able to fight them off. Thinking about it for a second, he sat down at the desk, placed the dagger on top, and opened one of the secret drawers underneath then pulled out an old and very rare revolver. He may not be able to fight hand to hand, but someone's taking a bullet.
Sleep was the only way Roxas could get away from everything. Usually he would have a good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, but this morning he awoke to Jax giving Ophelia an ear full. He knew it wasn't his conversation to overhear, but it was kinda hard when Jax was very loud. She was pretty mad with Ophelia right now and so he decided to just stay still and pretend to sleep. Most of the conversation went in one ear and out the other, but there was one part he couldn't ignore. When Jax said she was going to break it off with Morthos, Roxas shifted a little. He knew it was going to happen at some point, but now that's just going to make things weird around them. Knew this was going to happen. He thought to himself as they talked. "Roxas you been listening to this? Haha. This is great! You know I actually had my money on them getting into a relationship, but I'm okay with this too." Ifrit was having the time of his life. It made sense though sense he thrived on people's pain and suffering. "Shut up." He said under his breath so the others couldn't hear.

Once Jax had left, Roxas waited a few minutes to "wake up". Ophelia was still there and he just smiled at her and gave her a little kiss before disappearing into the bathroom. "Good morning my love." He said as he kissed her. The shower was nice and hot and it made Roxas feel a little happier to get in. He didn't take to long though. Just a wash up only to realize that he didn't have any clothes in the room. A little annoyed at himself, Roxas grabbed a towel, wrapped it around himself, then made his way over to his room. "I'll meet you in the lobby. I need to grab my clothes." He stormed off over to his room only to notice that his bag wasn't there. Morthos was packing, muttering to himself. He knew what about. Jax must have broke it to him already. He chose to leave that alone for now. There was more important matters at hand. He was only wearing a towel! "Morthos?" He said calm but annoyed. "Where's my bag?" Morthos looked up at him for a second. He told him Jax had taken it and left it at that.

Roxas nodded and said thanks. He was now on a mission to rescue his bag from Jax and not walk around with only a damn towel. On his way down to the lobby, people were giving Roxas strange looks from the corner of their eye. Ifrit was laughing his ass off, but he paid it no mind. Once in the lobby he stood there and looked around. After not finding her in the first sweep, he just took a deep breath and yelled. "JAX!" His voice boomed through the lobby and people looked at him. Some of the girls giggled and the men laughed and walked away. Jax was sitting down in one of the chairs and looked right at him. She laughed at the sight of him as he walked over to her. "Give me that." He said annoyed. Jax looked like she was about to fall over in her chair. Roxas glared then stuck out his tongue at her. He quickly walked to the nearest bathroom and changed in the stall. This is embarrassing. He though as he zipped up the bag. Wearing his normal clothes, Roxas walked out of the bathroom back over to were Jax was.

Ophelia was there once Roxas made his way over. Jax was telling her about what had just happened and the two of them were laughing at Roxas. "Yeah yeah laugh it up." He said as he sat down, looking very unimpressed. Ophelia handed him the clothes he left in her room along with his mask. He quickly shoved the clothes in his bag and placed the mask in his pocket. Morthos came down not that long after and they all made their way to the train.
As the story ended, Ophelia started to get up and tell everyone it was about time to go. Roxas didn’t complain at all he was just as ready to leave as she was. It had been a busy and rough day. With the werewolves then him passing out and now the parents. Anyone would be exhausted. She went ahead and told everyone to go on ahead of her. Must be wanting to help out or talk to her parents alone for a bit. Roxas just smiled and nodded, leaving then waiting by the door. Once Ophelia had come back, and they all made their way to the hotel.

Everyone seemed like they wanted to pass out by the time they made it back. Ophelia on the other hand, made a move that surprised even him. It happened all so fast as she opened the door to her room then dragged him in and pushed Jax out. She closed then locked the door on her sister. Jax was pounding on the door for a few minutes yelling at Ophelia, telling her she would be in a lot of trouble. All Roxas could do was laugh at this.

“I don’t think she’s too happy right now. You think that was a good idea? You could have waited and just stayed with me when we got home tomorrow.” He laughed again then walked up and wrapped his arms around her.

“Not that I’m complaining though.” He smiled then leaned down to kiss her.

Ophelia stretched slightly before Roxas pulled her into his arms, and she looked at him. “I didn’t do it for me, I did it for Jax. She needs to talk to Morthos, and is being secretive about something else. I heard her talking to my parents when we were talking alone. I won’t pressure her to tell me, but she should at least give Morthos a little more information on why she is the way she is.”

Her voice sounded tired, and again she found herself wishing she could sleep, even for a little bit

Roxas let go of Ophelia only to slide his hand into hers as he took her over to the bed and sat down. “I don’t know too much about your sister or Morthos for that matter, but they seem to be getting closer by the day. If she’s as comfortable with him as I think she is, she’ll tell him. I’m not going to pry though. It’s not my business. I’m sure when she’s ready she’ll tell you too.”

He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. “Are you okay though?” He asked mostly because of her outburst at dinner. “I’m not going to pry into your past if you don’t want me to, but I at least want to know if you’re okay?” He looked at her gently.

Ophelia relaxed slightly when they sat down, and she listened to Roxas’ voice quietly. She simply nodded in response, and looked down at their hands for a moment. She felt weird, and shook her head ever so slightly to try and shake it off.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I had just had enough of her. I’m sure things will mend themselves now, though. One day maybe I’ll know why she treated me that way. But I’m not really worried about that right now, I’m just hoping that Jax is alright.”

She could feel his eyes on her face, but she kept her gaze down. She wanted to feel happy that she got a moment alone with him, but something was looming just outside of her ability to understand what it was, and it was bringing her mood down.

“I’m excited to go home soon,” she said, hoping to change the subject.

Roxas nodded then looked towards the door. “I couldn’t tell you why. I never had parents so this was kind of my first experience with them. As for Jax, she’s a strong girl. Whatever has her down now will go away soon. It’ll make her feel better if she tells Morthos too so let's hope for that.”

He could tell something was bugging her right now, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Right as he was about to ask, she changed the subject. Obviously she didn’t want to talk about it.

“Yeah tomorrow it’ll be nice to be home. Like I said earlier, you’re more than welcome to come stay with me for a bit if you want. My door is always open for you.” He looked back at her again and smiled. She was still looking at the ground though and this bothered him a bit.

“What’s wrong? I can tell something’s on your mind. If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine, but I’d hope you would eventually.”

Ophelia finally looked up at Roxas, her eyes slightly dark. She considered his words for a few moments, then took a couple more to gather her own thoughts. Finally she began to speak, her voice still gentle and kind, but stubborn in a way as well.

“You need to tell me more about what happened with your friends. With Celti. I understand the thing with Ifrit, but I don’t understand why you haven’t even tried to move on from it. All that’s doing is poisoning you…” She let her voice trail off slightly, and then waited for his response.

Roxas figured this was going to pop up at some point tonight. He did say he was going to tell her everything that had happened. It was his turn to look at the ground now. He wasn’t really ready for this talk, but there was no time like the present. After taking a deep breath, he looked up and opened his mouth to speak.

“15 years ago I joined the SPA hopping that I could start moving ahead in my life. I was only 13 at the time so my chances were slim. I grew up without parents and I had fought for everything I owned. Every meal, every place to sleep, things like that. I looked up to hunters from SPA and wanted to be just like them. It’s silly sounding I know, but for a kid like me it was the greatest thing ever. Well like I had said I had fought for everything so I was pretty strong for a 13 year old and very well rounded. I could use just about every weapon efficiently. So going in I thought I had really good chances. The only thing I was lacking was intelligence, but that could be changed if I got it. Well I went through all the tests they had for me to enter and I passed all but the written ones. That was to be expected, but they let me in anyway. I was so happy I signed up for classes as soon as I could. Each one of them trying to make myself better as a person and smarter. I wanted to know everything I possibly could. As soon as classes started, I got to know a few people and they all seemed pretty great. In one of my classes I met just about everyone from my team. All but Celti. I didn’t meet her until a year later.” He shifted a bit.

“When I was 14, I was taking this history class and there was a girl sitting in front of me. She was reserved and didn’t seem to have many friends. So one day I came up to her and asked her if she wanted to study with me. At first she shut me down, but eventually she said yes. Now that was weeks of asking. We only just started as study partners, but then we started to get closer and become friends. She told me her name was Celti and I gave her mine. She laughed at first when she heard my name. ‘Roxas? That’s a funny name. I like it.’ She told me that she had never heard a name like that before. Well coming from where I did. I thought that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Now we were both 14 at the time and it had turned out that she was a lot like me. How she grew up and all that. Skipping ahead a few years, at the age of 16 we had grabbed the strongest and best friends we had and decided to form a party. We wanted to be the Phantom Thieves of Heart. So we signed up for a few missions and pulled them off with ease. Now Celti was like Jax in the sense that she was an exorcist too. On one of our missions we went out to take on a few demons. That’s where I found this mask. It looked really cool and I had no idea what its actual power was. So until then I just kept it to look cool. All of us were very close, but not like Celti and me. We both really like each other, but didn’t say anything. That was mostly for the team though. We didn’t want to make anything weird if we broke up or anything. So we just stayed friends. Throughout the time we were in the party together, our fame became more known. We were the strongest party in the guild for a while and we were only made up of two 18 year olds and a few 20+ year olds. We worked our asses off on everything.” Roxas smiled thinking about it all then his mood switched as if it was a light switch.

“One day the guild masters came to us and told about this large threat coming our way to the guild. The god of hell Ifrit was on the prowl and coming to destroy everything in his path. Celti knew what to do about it and told up all that we had to use one of us to imprison him for awhile while we transport him back to the guild. It was going to be a rough fight and we all knew it. We were prepared for what could happen and we all tried to stay positive even though we knew a few of us were going to die. The day of the mission was here and we all made our way to the location given to us by spy’s. Ifrit was there just like we were told, but he was nothing like what we prepared for. 20 feet tall and stronger than any of us could imagine. The first of us to go was James. He got stepped on and crushed. Wrong spot at the wrong time. The second was Agitha, she was burnt alive right in front of me. It should have been me, but she pushed me out of the way. Third was Crash, he was ripped apart while he was trying to weaken him. Fourth was Yusuke, I don’t want to talk about what happened to him. Last was Celti…” He paused for a second. A tear rolled down the side of his face.

“Remember how I told you she was an exorcist right? Well she was also a spellcaster. The plan was to weaken Ifrit as much as we could so she could use a spell in imprison him into her while until we got back to the guild. Well that didn’t work out like we planned. While the others died I was to make sure Celti didn’t get hurt while she made the spell. The other’s weakened him down so that it would work. They died in the process, but it worked. Ifrit could see what was happening and shrunk down to my height. I was unable to keep him at bay and he flung me to the side. I almost blacked out, but didn’t only to watch as Ifrit plunged his hand into Celti’s chest. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t, the wind was knocked out of me. As she was falling to her knees, Ifrit laughed and started to come after me. Before she hit the ground, Celti finished the spell and used it on me. Ifrit was sucked into my soul and imprisoned within me. As that happened all my wounds healed and I could walk again. I ran over to her and rested her head on my lap. She was wheezing and didn’t have much time left. There was no way that I would be able to bring her back to guild for them to save her. She died seconds later in my arms. I was surrounded by my dead friends and the woman I loved in my hands. I returned to the guild only to be told there was nothing they could do to help me. I was going to be stuck with Ifrit for the rest of my life. It’s been ten years since then and I still haven’t been able to get over it. I guess I figured if I forgot about them than their sacrifice would have been forgotten too. It haunts me everyday and I still dream about it like it was yesterday.” He looked at his hands for a bit then closed his eyes seeing the last few seconds he had with Celti. More tears started to flow down his face, but he didn’t acknowledge them.

Ophelia moved and leaned back against the headboard of the bed while Roxas told her everything that had happened in decent amounts of detail. Some things he left out due to the nature, but she knew what had happened. From a lovers perspective, she wanted to be jealous. But instead, she knew that wasn’t appropriate and spoke gently.

“You don’t have to forget about them. You just need to accept what happened, and move on. You don’t need to remember them in a bad way, Roxas. I know it takes time to move on from something like that, but you need to try… Otherwise your new future will be ruined by things you are holding onto from your past.”

She tried not to sound insensitive, but wasn’t sure how well at that she was doing.

Roxas only sighed and laid down on the bed. He wiped his face then looked over at Ophelia and smiled softly.

“I know and I’m trying. I’m just glad I could tell someone about it.”

He looked back up at the ceiling then moved over closer to Ophelia. At this point he just wanted to be close to her. In that second he forgot all about Celti and thought about his new love. The one that was alive and right next to him. He made a promise to himself right there that he would never let anything hurt Ophelia an he would rather die first then let her die. But this was a new time in his life and it was time to move on. Maybe talking about it helped, he felt better about it all and just wanted to be happy. In that final moment of thought, Roxas said goodbye to Celti then opened his eyes and kissed Ophelia deep and passionately.

“I love you.” He said gently then kissed her again.

She wasn’t sure how to respond at first, so instead turned onto her side so she was facing Roxas. He was quiet for a few moments, lost in thought she figured. It was understandable given what he had told her. He moved closer to her and then kissed her, and despite being exhausted, she kissed him back.

“I love you too… Everything will be okay.”

Roxas laughed to himself while Ophelia's dad was telling the story. It was quite funny and very unexpected. Well not from Jax just Ophelia. Roxas looked over at Ophelia and grinned at her. "Never would have guessed that from you." He laughed a bit more then drank some water. Thinking about it he never really went to school when he was young. Everything that he knew came from reading every book he could in the library or in the book store. It was a rough childhood.

Thinking about what Ophelia must have looked like at that time made him laugh again. "I'm sorry I missed that." He just kept smiling and left his hand in hers. After soaking in Ophelia's features, he looked over at Jax and smiled at her. "So what possessed you to want to do all that in the first place?" He had never done drugs before so in a way he was actually curious how it was. Maybe it was like the rush he would get when using Ifrit's powers.
Surprise overtook Roxas as Ophelia leaned up and kissed him. Before he could open his mouth, she started to talk to him saying not to talk like he was and that she chose to be with him for a reason. She also told him that the past is the past and that she would help him with Ifrit. He listened to everything thing she had to say and knew she was right. "I promise I'll try my best to move on. I'm sorry for being so low about all this. I was just worried. I'm glad that you chose to be with me. Thank you." He smiled back at her and took her hand in his. Not to long after, Jax walked in. Ophelia went over to hug her and Jax commented on how she snapped at Lenora. She then walked over to Roxas and told him not to worry about what her mother was saying and whatnot. After she left to go back to the others. Ophelia walked back up to him and said she loved him no matter what he decided. She grabbed his hand then started to head towards the dinning room again, when Roxas pulled her back to him and held her close for a second. "I decide to be with you and stand by you till the moment I die. However long that will be, I will always be yours. Nothing will ever keep me from you." He smiled and in that second all his worries disappeared from his head. He leaned down and Kissed Ophelia gently then let her take him back to the dinning room. She seemed happy about what he said.

Once they returned, Roxas apologized for leaving with Ophelia quickly then started to eat. The table was very quiet and nothing really seemed to be going on. Everyone was deep in thought. He didn't care though. All that mattered was that he had Ophelia by his side no matter what. Nothing and no one was going to take him from her ever. He lokked over at Ophelia and smiled gently then took her hand again under the table.
Whatever happiness Roxas felt as he looked at the Photos left him as soon as dinner stated. Ophelia's mother almost instantly, as if perfectly rehearsed, started to give Ophelia a hard time. She made Ophelia run and go change into something more "fitting." It was crap though, Ophelia was beautiful no matter what and when she came back in her new dress, Roxas almost fell out of his seat. She was stunning. In that second everything around him was gone and it was just him and Ophelia. It was almost like he was falling in love with her all over again.

The moment was ruined quickly though by Lenora. All she could say was that it would look better on someone else. This pissed off Roxas to no end. Ophelia looked beautiful and all she could do was rag on her more. Weren't parent's supposed to love and support their kids? It wasn't over though. Once Ophelia sat back down, Lenora started to say how shit Roxas was. This wasn't a surprise. Mostly because it was all true. He was taited and fuck up. Nothing was going to change that. He had a demon in his head and it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Roxas wanted to say something, but decided it was better not to. She wouldn't let her off the hook about him though and for a moment Roxas reached in his pocket for his mask. 'No one talks to her that way.' He thought to himself, getting more and more annoyed. So much for pleasing the parents.

The argument continued on and Roxas was on the verge of exploding. How could someone hater their own child like this. For a moment there, he felt like he should have let Ophelia kill him that night. Maybe things would have been better off for her if he had. The thought of that sent a shiver down his spine. Right as he was about to open his mouth, Ophelia spoke up. What came next surprised even him. She defended herself nicely and it seemed to take her mother off guard. When she was done, he smiled up at her, proud of what she was saying. When she was finished though he still didn't feel any different about her killing him the night they met. There was a moment of silence then Roxas excused himself. He took Ophelia by the hand and walked into the living room away from the others.

She looked at him confused for a while. Probably wondering what the hell. Roxas waited for a moment before speaking making sure the others weren't listening. "Do you regret not killing me?" He said low, but enough for her to hear. "I don't want you to get crap because of me. I'm sure she's always like that, but she is right about one thing. I'm broken goods. I'm a ticking time bomb and there's no way to stop me. I don't know how to make it go away and I don't want to drag you down with me. You should be bonded to someone better than me." He said meaning every word. He didn't want to lose the one good thing in his life, but he would do anything to make her life better and happier. If that was without him then so be it. "I'm proud of you though. I'm happy that you got to stand up for yourself to her." He smiled at and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "That dress looks beautiful on you by the way. I don't think anyone else could pull it off." Deep down Roxas felt like he was going to cry. A wave of different emotions were flowing through him.
Roxas and Ophelia emerged from behind the curtain as Ophlelia's father was talking about being in a war. He stopped only to glare at Roxas for a moment before looked back at Morthos and talking again. It did't really bother him at all due to the fact that he was used to glares and people not liking him. The father wasn't even the one he was worried about. Ophelia's mother on the other hand just ignored them. It was almost like she couldn't be bothered to give them a lick of her time. Whatever, this didn't bother him at all as long as Ophelia was okay that's all that mattered to him. He wasn't scared of her or anything, but he was afraid of what might happen with her and Ophelia.

Jax came back and interrupted the end of the story and said that it was all good for them to leave. Good it was starting to get uncomfortable with the two of them there. As they all left, Roxas opened the door for Ophelia to get in the car then proceeded after her. Even though the seats covered their hands, he didn't want to start anything so he just stayed as close as he could to Ophelia. Jax was out right away as usual. Morthos probably loved that she was laying on him this time. The thought made Roxas laugh to himself and Ophelia looked over at him as he did with a questioned look. He looked down at her and smiled shaking his head a little basically saying 'it'd nothing.'

The ride wasn't to long and Morthos did his best to keep the parent's attention, but the father would occasionally ask Roxas a question or two every so often. Once they arrived, Roxas got out of the car then helpped Ophelia out as well. It wasn't difficult or anything to get out, he just wanted to be a gentleman. The six of them entered the house and almost immediately Roxas' eye's widened. All the Photos their parents had up of the two of them almost made him feel jealous. Baby Ophelia was one of the cutest things he'd ever seen and he would definitely bring it up later. As much as it made the girls blush, Roxas just smiled in aw. 'This must be what it's like to have parents.' He thought to himself then turned towards Ophelia and smiled.
Roxas could tell that Ophelia was mad at him now. He didn't want her to be, but it was unavoidable at this point in time. She asked him immediately about his two tattoo's on his arm and back. "The one on my arm is from my last party, The Phantom Thieves." He paused for a bit before talking about the one on his back. He shifted slightly so she could see all of it. "This is what keeps Ifrit imprissoned. It'll go away if he's let loose, but I have to die for that to happen." He really didn't know any other way to get rid of Ifrit. At least not any way that was safe. He turned around to look up back at her and grabbed her hand lightly. He locked eyes with her for a little while before he started to hear voices. Two of them belonged to Morthos and Jax. There were two more though that he didn't know. The must be the parents because Morthos was sucking up to the woman.

Ophelia went over to pull the curtain to the side and the male voice greeted her. She walked over to hug him and Roxas smiled a little bit. It was nice to see when people got along with their parents. At the same time it made him feel loanly sense he didn't have any parents of his own. In the second that the two of them hugged, the mood was ruined by her mother. Ophelia greeted her as well only to get a snobby responce back. She introduced Roxas to her family and he waved slightly. "Hello." He said as nicly as he could. "I'm sorry for the indecency." He smiled a bit. That didn't seem to matter because the mother started to already talk down to Ophelia. It wasn't nice of her to do that. She had no idea how the two of them met or how all this came to be. Regardless the comment pissed him off. The two of them bickered for a bit before the father said to see if they all could leave. It seemed like it was going to be a rough night for Roxas and Ophelia. Not but seconds of meeting and she already hated him. "Ophelia could you please pull the curtain back?"

As she did he started to get out of the bed nd find him shirt. When he got up he walked over to Ophelia before putting his shirt on. "I know you're angry at me right now, and I'm sorry. I know exactly what you're angry about and I know you are going to ask me why I haven't moved on. I know I should have by now, but I just haven't and having him in my head doesn't really help. I know that sounds stupid, but that's how it is." he put his shirt on then hugged her. "I love you Ophelia. I promise I'll try to get over it all and with you in my life now I think it will be easier. I also promise to tell you everything about my past after tonight." He brought his hand up to her cheek then kissed her gently. Regardless of all the blood he didn't care. He loved her and would do anything for her. after he pulled away he took her hand again then smiled. "I can see that you and your mother don't get along. Don't worry, I'll have your back all night. No one messes with you while I'm around. They have to go through me first." He smiled again then pulled the curtain back revealing the others getting ready as well.
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