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"Oh god this is painful as hell." Roxas winced after jumping back from an attack. Him sling wasn't helping at all for his arm. "Well you know if you use my power, that would heal up in a heartbeat." Ifrit said slyly. "Yeah no thanks not really jumping at that opportunity right now." Roxes jumped on a demons back and slit its throat. Ifrit just scoffed. Multiple demons surrounded him again and charged. Roxas lept into the air, spun around and stabbed into one. A wail slipped out of the demons mouth before it grabbed him and threw him into a rock. The air was knocked out of him and he almost passed out, but fought to stay awake. "I'm not doing so hot right now. Probably should have seen this coming."

One of the demons approached him while he was laying down. "You've been beat." It growled. "Give up now and we will let you live. Continue to fight and I will cut you down no.." Roxas lunged up and stabbed it in the chest. "I don't see giving up and option." Roxas grimaced as he slowly pulled the knife out. He sat back down for a bit to take a breath of air and rest for a second. He closed his eyes for a brief moment, hoping that by the time he opened them again everything would be over. Alas that wasn't the case. It would seem like he was going to die here. There where just to many demons for them to fight. He looked around that the battlefield to try and find Ophelia, but he could't see her. The other fighters they had where already dead. The last one got cut down right in front of him. Roxas closed his eyes again. If Ophelia was already dead then there was no point in fighting anymore.

Just as he was about to give up, Roxas heard a recognizable voice. He opened his eyes and saw that Ophelia was in the middle of a battle, looking glorious as always. 'She's still alive.' He smiled to himself. This was just what he needed to get back up and fight. He had to protect her anyways. 'Come on Roxas, if she can do it with a baby, then I can with a fucked up arm.' Roxas tightened the sling then ran back into battle. More and more demons fell to his blade as he cut through them. Thinking of Ophelia made it easier for his to keep going. After a little while of fighting, there was another moment of rest. In this time Ophelia came up next to him. She looked like she had been through just as much hell as him minus the shattered arm. "Hey my love. I'm glad to see you're okay." He smiled at her and they shared a moment. After, he turned his attention back to the demons. "We have to cut through them somehow. I don't know about you, but I don't think I can take much more of a beating like this."
Alexander was already late for work this morning. It had been a rough last few days with the case he had just finished not only yesterday. Double murder of a young couple in the back ally's of London. "This place really has gone to the dogs." Alexander would say to himself almost every time after a case. Due to some peculiar ability's he had obtained, he was able to solve cases in no time. The crime rate in his district was quite low. "I better get going. The car will be at the station soon and I don't want to leave a bad first impression." Alexander looked at the time. He quickly grabbed his coat and scarf then ran out the door.

At the station, Alexander barged through the front door out of breath. "Are they hear yet?" He looked at the chief. "No Alex you're quite early actually. I don't know why you ran here. we have cars now, you should go get yourself one." Alexander just walked past and into his office after catching his breath. "You know I don't like them. Besides, they are quite expensive and I have better things to do with my money." The chief just rolled his eyes then walked away. Alexander smiled then shut the door. If he was to still wait then might as well get his paperwork filled out from the last case.

About an hour had passed and Alexander had finished all his paperwork. Jealous friend couldn't handle that his best friend was happy with someone else and decided to off them both for it. The man tried to escape but a little dog had seen the whole thing. Once able to find that dog, Alexander was able to catch the culprit. He confessed right away too. Must have been feeling guilty that he murdered his best friend. To bad too. The man was on his way to becoming a very successful business owner. A light knock on the door snapped him back into reality though. "Come in?" Alexander said timidly not really expecting the knock. "Sir your ride is here." A short man in a uniform poked his head through. "Oh thank you Watson. I'll be right out." Watson nodded and closed the door. "Well I guess I'm off to some institution now. i hear there are a few others going too. I wonder if they are already in the car or not." Alexander shrugged, grabbed his things and then left out the door.

A man was waiting for him outside the station. "Mr. Randgriz I presume?" Alexander looked at the man and shook his hand. "Yes that is me. Are the others in there too?" The man nodded his head then opened the door for him. "Oh thank you." He bowed his head lightly in thanks then got in. There were three other people in the car with him, all looking at him as he situated himself. "Oh hello. My names Alexander Randgriz. It's nice to meet all of you. From what I hear we will be working closely together for some time. I hope we can all get along."

Roxas watched as Morthos walked up. When he thanked them, Roxas scoffed a bit then walked off towards the east gate. "I'm not doing this for you anymore." He muttered in frustration. At this point it was to finish the mission and get Ophelia back home safe. He trusted in her ability's but, with a baby on the way, he wanted her to stay safe for now until they could talk more about it. Once at the gate he looked over the group of people that was gathered there. He sighed not really impressed but, as long as they could do the job he needed them to do, everything would be fine. "Okay here's the deal. I'm going to be in charge right now. Most of you are going to come with me and fight the demons in front of the cave. The rest will go with Jax to make sure she doesn't get killed in the process of capturing the Arch demon. If you all have family's then you need to say goodbye to them now. I don't know how many of you will come back. This is important so if you want out then leave now."

As Roxas finished talking a more than half of the people there left. "Okay well there you have it. I'm not going to give you some brave speech about how this is for the glory of whatever or that you're deaths will mean something because there is a high chance that they won't and that this is all for nothing. that being said I will be the center of attention in this battle so if your a spellcaster, do what you can to help me. If I die it's all over. Now, let's go." Roxas turned to leave for the cave when he came across Jax, Ophelia, and Morthos. "I'm heading out now. Ophelia if you're feeling up to it you can come with me and help fight. I feel like it will be more dangerous in the cave with Jax. Morthos, I want you to stay with Jax. Do what she tells you to no matter what. This is bigger then the last battle we had and I don't want to have any more team deaths under my coat. I like you guys to much. Jax, I know I've kinda taken over here and I'm sorry about that. You know what to do. Give him hell for me." He smiled at Jax, gave Morthos a nod, he was still annoyed with him, then kissed Ophelia on the cheek. "If I die, then I want you all to abandon the mission and run as far as you can. Tell everyone you can to evacuate because what will come out of me is scarier then what's in that cave." That was probably an over exaggeration, but he wanted them to be safe.

Roxas started to leave with the few warriors that was given to him, well the ones that followed. One spellcaster and two fighters. The rest left with Jax and Morthos. 'Okay Roxas what's the game plan here?' He thought to himself. He was already prepared for battle, knifes out with his glave on his back. 'Alright so we'll charge in head on and cut down as many as we can before they start to overrun me, if the spellcaster does his job then I can prevent having to use my mask. I'll keep it on just in case, but if something goes wrong then I'll have no choice. The two fighters should be able to hold out for a while as long as they stay back and take on the stragglers. As for Ophelia, I trust her to yell at me if she needs my help. I'll have one of the fighters stay with her.'

Before he could finish thinking out his plan, they reached the outskirts of the cave. Hundreds of demons were waiting for them. Roxas turned to the others and explained the plan out to them. "Okay does everyone understand? If we follow this to the T, then I can keep you all alive, but you have to trust me and follow my lead." Everyone nodded in response and Roxas kissed Ophelia before he ran in. "No matter what happens, know that I love you with all my heart. I'll protect you and fight for you until the day I die." he kissed her again then turned to look at what awaited him.

Without hesitation, Roxas charged into the hoard, Glave in hand. The demons were waiting for him and instantly surrounded him on all sides. Roxas only smiled as he started to cut them down one by one. The demons fell with ease at first which didn't come to a surprise to him. They probably planned too. This didn't bother Roxas at all, instead it made him smile even more. 'How cute. You think you can plan over my plan?' He scoffed at this as he sliced the head off of a hell hound. To the left a flyer tried to swoop down on him, but he didn't expect Roxas to pull his knife out and trow it into it's chest.

There was a short break after the first round of demons. Roxas looked over at Ophelia who seemed to be doing fine. The spellcaster started to cast a spell on Roxas who started to feel his energy return to him. The first fight didn't really tire him out at all. One of the fighters had been clawed up pretty bad but not enough to kill him or hinder him from fighting. Before Roxas was able to yell out to Ophelia, more demons started to attack. Ophelia pulled out her whip and started to take out some of the ones from the sky. That was a big help. Roxas smiled his evil smile then charged in again. Stabbing, slicing, breaking, everything that he could get his hands on. It was a blood bath. Behind him, he could hear a scream as if someone was getting mauled. It didn't sound like Ophelia so he didn't pay any mind to it. He had enough problems as it was. Six hell hounds charged at him on all sides. It was a tight spot and Roxas had to think quick. 'Come one come on come one. Think you fool you only have a split second.' The hounds were getting closer and closer and at the last second, Roxas back flipped over the one behind him, causing them to slam into each other. One of them stopped before the collision happened and was ready as soon as Roxas landed. It lunged at him before he could react and chomped down on his right arm, sinking its teeth into him deeply. Roxas let out a yell as this happened then pulled out his other knife and stabbed it multiple times in the gut. Finally it let go then exploded.

Roxas's arm went limp and was bleeding uncontrollably. 'This isn't good. I wasn't planning on that.' He thought to himself. No matter. The enemy wasn't stopping so nor was he. Before running back into the fray, he ripped some cloth off his outfit and wrapped up his arm into a sling. It wasn't much, but it was better than letting it hang. he had to leave his glave behind sense he could use it with one hand. It also just so happened to be his bad hand. instead he just held onto his knife and kept fighting.
Roxas looked out towards the cave where Fear was pointing to. Thousands of demons were surrounding the outside. 'So that's what I have to deal with.' He already started to plan for the attack. He would walk up and take out as many as he could before having to use his power. They didn't look like very powerful demons, but could see why they would have an issue with them. Of course for him it wouldn't be a problem. Well, the outcome might, but that was a problem for later. Jax was talking to him and he only really heard a little bit of what she was saying. He didn't really snap back into reality until he heard his and Ophelia's name. "What was that?" He looked over at Jax and she repeated what she said. "I'll be fighting all those." He pointed to the hoard. "Because of what I might have to do, I'd rather not have you guys close to me. I don't know how much control I'll have since I'll be using a little more power than I normally do. But if you fight with me then I might not have to use it."

Roxas thought about this for a second. If Ophelia helped him, then he might not have to use Ifrit. The only issue is that if she does fight with him then something bad might happen. More like she could die or the baby could. He shook that thought out of his head and sighed. "Okay, but if I say run. Run." He looked at her then back to Jax. "As for when we get into the cave, I'll probably have a little more fight left in me to distract the arch demon while you try to catch it. We will only have one chance at this so lets hope that you won't get wiped out." A lot could happen in this mission. It seemed like they would be down Morthos which will make things a lot harder. Thinking about this he instantly changed his plan. Looking at Fear he spoke frankly. "I would like you to let me have your best men. For more than one reason. I'm going to need help and I really don't have to use my power. If I can have the help then I won't have to use it as much. As for the other reason." He looked over at Ophelia. "She is the most important person in my life. If something were to happen to her, that arch demon will be childs play compared to what I would do. The need to keep her safe while we fight can we make this happen?" Roxas looked deep into Fears eye's. He didn't think that he would say no, but there was the chance.

Fear nodded in agreement and left to go inform the men. Roxas smiled then turned to Jax and Ophelia. "I think I might have just got us some help."
Once the plan was sort of set, everyone got up to leave. Ophelia spoke up and Roxas nodded his head in response. Ophelia pulled him aside ready to feed more than likely. Roxas did say that she could feed from him after everything was finished. He quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching then looked back down at her. "Okay." He said softly as he tilted his neck. She didn't waist time at all. The moment his head was tilted she started to feed. Though at first it was painful, Roxas really had grown to not really feel it anymore. It was more like a gentle prick sometimes. After a little while of Ophelia feeding, she pulled away and whipped her face. "Feel better?" He asked, gently whipping the remaining blood from her lips. She nodded then the two walked to meet up with Jax and Morthos, hand in hand. Though the last day or so had been trying, they still loved each other.

It didn't take to long for the two of them to catch up. Morthos had come back from where ever he disappeared to and Jax was with him waiting in the room. "Okay so do we actually know how many demons are surrounding this cave or do we just have to guess and hope they don't overtake me. I can take on thousands of those things if I have to but, I'd rather not have to do that. That would force my hand to do something I really don't want to do." Of course Roxas was talking about going all out. The others had only seen a glimpse of it once back when they first met. Back when they all did the coliseum at SPA when he lost control and almost killed Neptune. Sense the he had learned to control it more thanks to Jax placing a stronger seal on him but, still not something he really wanted to do.

'What's wrong? Afraid you wont regain control again?' Ifrit seemed a little put out still from this morning, but Roxas didn't care. "Shut it." Roxas said under his breath, the only one close enough to hear was Ophelia. "Anyways we really need a plan. I feel we should do some recon first to see what we're up against. If it's not to overwhelming then I can distract the grunts while you guys sneak past to the cave. If you see me have a hard time, just keep going. If my memory serves me well then taking out the grunts should weaken the larger demon. That's what we did for this guy." He tapped at his head in reference to Ifrit. Ifrit just scoffed. "Jax you need to be the one to take on the main demon if it's there so you can recruit him. Or however that works." After everything was said, Roxas realized that he was acting like the leader. "Sorry that's just what I think we should do. It's up to you ultimately Jax."
Before walking away, Jax had come up to Roxas and talked to him. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I understand why you're mad but, I want you to think about it real quick. This woman scares me Jax. I'm scared. You know me by now when am I ever actually scared? This is coming from the man who shares a body with the king of hell. I really am sorry I didn't tell you Jax. You're my best friend and I do trust you. I'm just scared." He looked her dead in the eye and could tell he was giving off a hint of fear. Jax raised her fist and he bumped it back. "We'll talk more about it after the mission." She sighed then walked to Morthos. So much for keeping that secret.

Roxas listened to Morthos explain everything as they all walked down to the dinning hall. Ophelia was next to him and he held her hand gently. It was one of the only times he felt safe. Not that he couldn't take care of himself or anything like that, it just set his mind at ease. As they reached the dinning hall, Aunty Em, of that's what Morthos introduced her as, came in and talked to them. "Hello, I'm Roxas, Ophelia's partner. It's nice to meet you." Roxas shook the woman's hand then sat down next to Ophelia. He saw all the food that was around and his mouth started to water a bit. He thought he was a good cook but this was something else.

Once he had a plate full of just about everything, Roxas looked over at Ophelia. It then dawned on him that she hadn't fed yet and was probably getting hungry. He tilted his head then leaned in to her briefly. "You can feed of me after if you want." Gently smiling at her he squeezed her hand before starting to eat. About halfway through his plate, Ophelia started to talk. He listened to her as she was talking about missions being fatal and that she had something she wanted to tall them all. What came next wasn't was he was expecting and he almost choked on whatever he had in his mouth. Ophelia looked at him for a second before saying anything, then stated that she was 99 percent sure that she was pregnant. Roxas started to cough and choke a bit on his food. She continued to say that she was still going to help ad fight in the mission. This wasn't going to fly. First she says that she's pregnant with no warning at all. Then she says that she's still going to be able to fight?!

Roxas swallowed the food then drank the water next to his plate. "Why didn't you tell me you thought you were pregnant?" He was trying to stay calm. They literally just had a conversation about communication the night before. He didn't want to sound like an ass but, this was big news. Everything that was about this mission just got thrown on hold for him. No scratch that it was thrown out the window. Roxas slowly but surely started to freak out. Ophelia was pregnant and he was pretty sure there was going to be a huge fight at the end of this mission. If anything happened to her.. There was no telling what he would do. The room started to feel a little condensed and it was getting a little hard to breath. "I'm sorry I need some fresh air." Roxas got out of his seat then walked into the next room. He didn't want the eyes of the others on him at this time. He had to think.
Roxas woke the next morning by himself. He looked over and saw that Ophelia wasn't there. 'Must have gone to talk to Jax.' He thought to himself as he started to get up. Walking towards the door, Roxas hear Ophelia's voice quietly through the wall. Instead of walking out and interupting them, he just went to take a shower and change. To his surprise all his clothes were hung up in the closet. "Umm. Okay?" Roxas felt a little odd about the situation, but didn't bother to care. All that mattered was he didn't have to use someone else's clothes.

The shower didn't take to long, just an in and out kind of deal. He wanted to go and talk to Jax and apologize to her. He should have been open with her about everything from the start. She was his best friend and all. Once all changed, Roxas made his way to the door again. This time the voices sounded a little more hysterical than normal. Before he could make out what they were saying, they stopped. It sounded liked Morthos must have made his way out the door. Guess it was his turn to make and entrance. He opened the door then the other three greeted him. "Good morning." He said in a more neutral voice. "What's going on? You two seemed a little freaked out before I came out." He moved and stood beside Ophelia.
Roxas watched as Jax left the room. Her words lingered with him for a while. They angered him more than he had been in a while. “I knew this team thing wasn't going to work.” He said lightly under his breath. His words were shaky and his fists clenched. Before leaving the room to find something to punch, he gave a look to Ophelia then left. He had no idea where the hell he was, just that he wanted to leave.

After walking around for a while, Roxas finally found a training room which seemed to be empty. “Good.” Was all that needed to be said. The place was already set up with a punching bag which made things easier. Roxas took out his mask then placed it on his face. He walked over to the punching bag then slowly ripped off the mask. It was painful but, felt great in this moment.

A loud scream escaped his mouth then he was engulfed in blue flames. The bag didn't even stand the first punch which was a let down right off the bat. Roxas looked around the room then saw Ophelia standing at the door. He was still covered in flames and didn't bother to put them out. “Hi.” A mix of his voice and the demonic voice rang through the room.

When Roxas didn’t come to the bedroom right after her, she decided to go find out where he had gone to. She roamed the hallways searching quietly. She wasn’t super worried that something might be wrong, but she also knew she needed to talk to him about the stuff that had happened before arriving here, and after they did.

Finally she heard Roxas scream and she appeared outside the room in a moment’s time. She stood in the doorway, and Roxas greeted her. Though the voice wasn’t fully his own. He was also completely engulfed in blue flame, and he wore the mask that she recognized only too well by now. It was burned into her memory from the night she first met him.

“What are you doing?” Ophelia said. Her voice was neutral, only wavering to worried at the end. Her blue eyes watched him and her stomach felt tight. She breathed in slowly, barely recognizing Roxas’ scent. His aura was strange and she felt uneasy.

Roxas could see that Ophelia was uneasy so he slowly reached up and took off the mask. The flames disappeared quickly and all was normal again. “I was blowing off steam.” He said in a low voice. “I figured you'd be asleep by now.” His words a little harsh but, more hurt. He was still angry but, he didn't want to take it out on Ophelia. Though he was mad that she held the sleeping potion from him. What happened to telling one another everything?

Ophelia watched as Roxas shifted back to normal. He answered her question directly and honestly, for the most part. But it was the second comment that stung. She immediately wanted to get angry. How would he even know what it’s like to never be able to sleep next to the person you loved and cared about? It was such a mundane thing, but to her it was everything, almost.

“Is there something wrong with wishing for that?” She asked him, her voice small, though not timid.

Roxas just looked at Ophelia as she spoke. “I'm not angry that you want to sleep, Ophelia. I'm angry that you didn't tell me. I've been open with you with everything and you couldn't tell me this. I wouldn't be so mad if you did.” His voice calm but, his fists were clenched again. His nails dig into the palm and they started to bleed. Not badly but, enough to notice. It hurt. Not enough to care.

“I didn’t tell you because of two reasons. The first being I knew if I told you, you wouldn’t have let me go gather the items to make the potion. And the second being, that sleeping is something your kind is so used to, you don’t even think twice about it. But to me, Roxas? It’s almost unheard of. Maybe if you weren’t so selfish and weren’t thinking about other women and bullshit, you’d realize that.”

At this point Ophelia could smell his blood and she watched as it slowly moved from his palm and fingertips, downward and onto the floor. The sound of it falling and splashing wouldn’t of been heard by any human. But her eyes narrowed in on it and she was angry again, even more so than before. Her eyes shifted from blue to black almost within seconds, and she realized she was instantly thirsty. And that mixed with anger was fatal.

“You want to hit me? Go ahead.”

At Ophelia's last comment, Roxas lost it. The knives he had hid in his sleeves slipped out and he hurled them at the glass walls behind him. The glass shattered instantly and the knives crashed to the ground. “You think I would stoop so low as to hit you?!” He yelled then turned around. “You seem angry enough! How about you just rip my throat out? Finish what you started day one!” At this point Roxas was seeing red. He tried to calm himself down by breathing slowly.

Once calm Roxas closed his eyes for a second then opened them back up. “I would have gone to help you.” He said. More calm now than before. “I know you can't fall asleep and I've always felt bad about it. I even tried to stay up with you a few times. You also know I don't think about other women. I only think about you and I've only ever wanted you since the day we've met. You know this.” He wanted to walk towards her but, couldn't move.

Ophelia let herself feel the anger coursing through her. She hadn’t truly felt this way in a long time, and it was very, very strange. She breathed in slow and deep through her nose. The mixture of Morthos’ home, and Roxas’ blood surrounded her. Then she finally spoke again, after what seemed like a long time. Except this time her words came from right in front of Roxas.

Her face was millimetres away from his. And her breath which was cool and sweet, moved against his lips. Her fingers were around his throat and her long nails pressed to the skin at the back of his neck.

“Maybe I should have just killed you then, if that’s how you truly feel.”

“Then do it.” Roxas looked right into Ophelia's eyes. He wasn't afraid of her. There wasn't many things he was afraid of. The moment seemed to last forever before anything happened. He continued to look at her and waited.

Ophelia’s grip tightened for just a second, and then she let go of his throat, only to reach and grab his wrist. She brought his arm up and spread his fist out into an open palm. The movement was easy beneath her strength, and she brought her lips to his hand. The slice from his nails was fairly small, but either way she was able to drink from him.

As she calmed down, she let his hand drop to his side again. She looked at him, though didn’t say much of anything at this point. Her voice felt weird, almost sore even though she hadn’t been shouting. She took a step away from Roxas then.

Roxas let Ophelia drink from his hand, at this point he was used to it. It was almost a warm feeling having her drink from him. When she was done, his hand fell back to his side and Ophelia took a step back. “Feel better?” He closed the gap between them then pulled her into a hug. “I'm sorry.” He said gently. He wasn't sure how she was feeling right now but, he was tired of being mad and just wanted things to get better.

Over the last few weeks, the time between Ophelia’s feedings were growing shorter. She figured it was due to all the missions and schooling that she was doing. It felt like she hadn’t fed in weeks rather than just a few days. Her anger was mostly gone now, and her throat was beginning to slowly feel better, and Roxas pulled her into a hug.

“Please don’t be upset with me for something so harmless… You wouldn't of understood.” She said, her voice gentle and even.

“I'm not mad at you anymore. It was stupid of me to be mad at you. I was just upset that you didn't tell me. It doesn't matter now. Nothing's worth getting angry to the point of that argument.” Roxas held her tight then took her hand in his. “Also for the record. I'm with you because I want to be.” He smiled.

“Even so, maybe something about you scares me. I was worried. But next time I’ll try my best to tell you,” Ophelia spoke again. She felt sick to her stomach suddenly and her eyes moved to the ground.

“Ophelia, I wouldn’t tell you ‘No you can’t get what you need to sleep.’ I know how important it is to you.” Roxas noticed as Ophelia’s eyes hit the ground. She did seem a little off today. “Is something wrong? You’ve been looking really sick all ever since we got here.” He took her hand gently. He didn’t know if she was able to get sick or not, he never really asked.

The moment that Roxas mentioned that she looked really sick, she leaned forward and vomited on the floor next to him. She growled slightly when she was finished. She felt annoyed and exhausted and was tired of feeling sick and not knowing why. Her eyes stung with tears and she kept her gaze away from his, feeling embarrassed and annoyed.

Roxas took a step to the side as Ophelia vomited all over the ground. He quickly grabbed her hair and held it back for her. Once she was done, she wouldn’t look at him. Probably not wanting to after that. “I’m starting to get a little worried. We should get you to bed if you’re feeling sick.” He took his sleeve then wiped her mouth with it before picking her up and carrying her to their room. Once she was down on the bed, Roxas grabbed a cold wet towel and placed it against her forehead. He didn’t really know what to do past that. Neither one of them knew what was wrong. Instead he just tried to lighten the mood. “I’m guessing whoever goes into that room tomorrow is going to wonder what the hell happened.” He smiled and laughed a little, trying to make her feel a little better.

Ophelia nodded gently and let Roxas carry her to the guest room. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and then curled up in the bed. Roxas placed a cool, wet cloth on her forehead. Roxas joked gently with her and she barely heard what he was saying before she fell asleep. The first time in her Vampire life, without the sleeping potion.

Roxas noticed that Ophelia had fallen asleep and he smiled at her. He loved her and felt really bad about getting mad and yelling. He walked over and sat by her before changing and getting into the bed. Gently pulling the covers over them, Roxas kissed Ophelia then fell asleep. “I’m sorry.” He whispered one more time before passing out.

When Ophelia woke up the next morning, she knew she would need to speak to Jax. She sighed softly and looked over beside her for a moment to see Roxas still asleep next to her. She smiled a little and then leaned close to kiss him. She kissed his lips and then kissed his cheek and forehead before getting up out of the bed and heading across the hall to Jax’s room.
Roxas went from zero to 100 in a second. Jax was yelling at him and walking towards him as if to kick his ass. It had been a while sense he was in a real fight. His eyes turned red and in that second he was ready. Morthos stepped in the way and stopped Jax from getting any closer. "Let her come Morthos I'm ready." The demonic voice of Ifrit, that everyone knew to well, had surfaced. His eyes blood red unlike ever before and Roxas could feel he was trying to take over. Before anything could happen though, he slapped himself hard in the face and went down to the floor. "Shut up go away." "No. I've been cooped up to long." Another slap. "I said leave!" Roxas was louder this time. Ophelia had started to walk over to him but, he held up his hand to stop her. "I'm fine." He said in a low voice. That hadn't happened in a long time almost more than a month actually.

Roxas slowly got up by himself then looked back over at Morthos and Jax. "I didn't mean to shoot her. I didn't even know it was her. Do you really think I would shoot Ophelia on purpose?" He was a little frustrated at this point. Most of it pointing towards Ophelia for telling Jax. He had completely forgotten about being mad at her before until now too. There would be a long conversation in their future. "I thought she was someone I thought was dead a long time ago. When I got home after our last mission I went into shock and started to hallucinate. I tried to sleep it off but, it didn't work. When I had woken up I heard someone in my house and walked over to grab my gun. I knew at that point that I was not okay and that if someone was in trying to rob me or kill me then they were getting a bullet. When the door opened, a woman by the name of Eileen walked in. I knew she should have been dead and I shot at her. From there Ophelia told me I fell out of my chair and was knocked out." The events of that night started to play in his head. He wasn't happy about what he did and still felt bad about shooting Ophelia. She never brought it up but, it still hing over his head.

Knowing that they were going to ask, Roxas started to talk about Eileen. "Eileen's full title was Eileen the Crow. She was a very powerful woman who I worked along side with for a few years. When I first met her, she told me that there was a way to help get rid of Ifrit and keep my life. It wasn't long after Celti died, so I took her up. When really endded up happening was that she used me. I was her puppet in this game she had. Once I finally figured it all out, I knew something had to be done. She was getting more powerful by the day and if she were to let me lose at the time... Well lets just say it wouldn't be a good outcome. So I killed her." Roxas clinched his fist. Obviously there was more but, he wasn't going to say anything else after that. "If you want to know why I've been on edge lately, it's because I think she might be following us. I didn't say anything because I have no proof of this and it could just be another hallucination. Also before you say 'Lets kick her ass' I'm going to tell you right now she would kill you in a second." This wasn't how he wanted to tell everyone. Yeah he was hurt by Jax's comment but, he tried not to let it show. Jax was his best friend aside from Ophelia and the last thing he wanted to do was piss her off. It didn't matter at this point. She was pissed but, he told her what she wanted. Now all he wanted to do was go lay down.
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