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Before walking away, Jax had come up to Roxas and talked to him. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I understand why you're mad but, I want you to think about it real quick. This woman scares me Jax. I'm scared. You know me by now when am I ever actually scared? This is coming from the man who shares a body with the king of hell. I really am sorry I didn't tell you Jax. You're my best friend and I do trust you. I'm just scared." He looked her dead in the eye and could tell he was giving off a hint of fear. Jax raised her fist and he bumped it back. "We'll talk more about it after the mission." She sighed then walked to Morthos. So much for keeping that secret.

Roxas listened to Morthos explain everything as they all walked down to the dinning hall. Ophelia was next to him and he held her hand gently. It was one of the only times he felt safe. Not that he couldn't take care of himself or anything like that, it just set his mind at ease. As they reached the dinning hall, Aunty Em, of that's what Morthos introduced her as, came in and talked to them. "Hello, I'm Roxas, Ophelia's partner. It's nice to meet you." Roxas shook the woman's hand then sat down next to Ophelia. He saw all the food that was around and his mouth started to water a bit. He thought he was a good cook but this was something else.

Once he had a plate full of just about everything, Roxas looked over at Ophelia. It then dawned on him that she hadn't fed yet and was probably getting hungry. He tilted his head then leaned in to her briefly. "You can feed of me after if you want." Gently smiling at her he squeezed her hand before starting to eat. About halfway through his plate, Ophelia started to talk. He listened to her as she was talking about missions being fatal and that she had something she wanted to tall them all. What came next wasn't was he was expecting and he almost choked on whatever he had in his mouth. Ophelia looked at him for a second before saying anything, then stated that she was 99 percent sure that she was pregnant. Roxas started to cough and choke a bit on his food. She continued to say that she was still going to help ad fight in the mission. This wasn't going to fly. First she says that she's pregnant with no warning at all. Then she says that she's still going to be able to fight?!

Roxas swallowed the food then drank the water next to his plate. "Why didn't you tell me you thought you were pregnant?" He was trying to stay calm. They literally just had a conversation about communication the night before. He didn't want to sound like an ass but, this was big news. Everything that was about this mission just got thrown on hold for him. No scratch that it was thrown out the window. Roxas slowly but surely started to freak out. Ophelia was pregnant and he was pretty sure there was going to be a huge fight at the end of this mission. If anything happened to her.. There was no telling what he would do. The room started to feel a little condensed and it was getting a little hard to breath. "I'm sorry I need some fresh air." Roxas got out of his seat then walked into the next room. He didn't want the eyes of the others on him at this time. He had to think.
Roxas woke the next morning by himself. He looked over and saw that Ophelia wasn't there. 'Must have gone to talk to Jax.' He thought to himself as he started to get up. Walking towards the door, Roxas hear Ophelia's voice quietly through the wall. Instead of walking out and interupting them, he just went to take a shower and change. To his surprise all his clothes were hung up in the closet. "Umm. Okay?" Roxas felt a little odd about the situation, but didn't bother to care. All that mattered was he didn't have to use someone else's clothes.

The shower didn't take to long, just an in and out kind of deal. He wanted to go and talk to Jax and apologize to her. He should have been open with her about everything from the start. She was his best friend and all. Once all changed, Roxas made his way to the door again. This time the voices sounded a little more hysterical than normal. Before he could make out what they were saying, they stopped. It sounded liked Morthos must have made his way out the door. Guess it was his turn to make and entrance. He opened the door then the other three greeted him. "Good morning." He said in a more neutral voice. "What's going on? You two seemed a little freaked out before I came out." He moved and stood beside Ophelia.
Roxas watched as Jax left the room. Her words lingered with him for a while. They angered him more than he had been in a while. “I knew this team thing wasn't going to work.” He said lightly under his breath. His words were shaky and his fists clenched. Before leaving the room to find something to punch, he gave a look to Ophelia then left. He had no idea where the hell he was, just that he wanted to leave.

After walking around for a while, Roxas finally found a training room which seemed to be empty. “Good.” Was all that needed to be said. The place was already set up with a punching bag which made things easier. Roxas took out his mask then placed it on his face. He walked over to the punching bag then slowly ripped off the mask. It was painful but, felt great in this moment.

A loud scream escaped his mouth then he was engulfed in blue flames. The bag didn't even stand the first punch which was a let down right off the bat. Roxas looked around the room then saw Ophelia standing at the door. He was still covered in flames and didn't bother to put them out. “Hi.” A mix of his voice and the demonic voice rang through the room.

When Roxas didn’t come to the bedroom right after her, she decided to go find out where he had gone to. She roamed the hallways searching quietly. She wasn’t super worried that something might be wrong, but she also knew she needed to talk to him about the stuff that had happened before arriving here, and after they did.

Finally she heard Roxas scream and she appeared outside the room in a moment’s time. She stood in the doorway, and Roxas greeted her. Though the voice wasn’t fully his own. He was also completely engulfed in blue flame, and he wore the mask that she recognized only too well by now. It was burned into her memory from the night she first met him.

“What are you doing?” Ophelia said. Her voice was neutral, only wavering to worried at the end. Her blue eyes watched him and her stomach felt tight. She breathed in slowly, barely recognizing Roxas’ scent. His aura was strange and she felt uneasy.

Roxas could see that Ophelia was uneasy so he slowly reached up and took off the mask. The flames disappeared quickly and all was normal again. “I was blowing off steam.” He said in a low voice. “I figured you'd be asleep by now.” His words a little harsh but, more hurt. He was still angry but, he didn't want to take it out on Ophelia. Though he was mad that she held the sleeping potion from him. What happened to telling one another everything?

Ophelia watched as Roxas shifted back to normal. He answered her question directly and honestly, for the most part. But it was the second comment that stung. She immediately wanted to get angry. How would he even know what it’s like to never be able to sleep next to the person you loved and cared about? It was such a mundane thing, but to her it was everything, almost.

“Is there something wrong with wishing for that?” She asked him, her voice small, though not timid.

Roxas just looked at Ophelia as she spoke. “I'm not angry that you want to sleep, Ophelia. I'm angry that you didn't tell me. I've been open with you with everything and you couldn't tell me this. I wouldn't be so mad if you did.” His voice calm but, his fists were clenched again. His nails dig into the palm and they started to bleed. Not badly but, enough to notice. It hurt. Not enough to care.

“I didn’t tell you because of two reasons. The first being I knew if I told you, you wouldn’t have let me go gather the items to make the potion. And the second being, that sleeping is something your kind is so used to, you don’t even think twice about it. But to me, Roxas? It’s almost unheard of. Maybe if you weren’t so selfish and weren’t thinking about other women and bullshit, you’d realize that.”

At this point Ophelia could smell his blood and she watched as it slowly moved from his palm and fingertips, downward and onto the floor. The sound of it falling and splashing wouldn’t of been heard by any human. But her eyes narrowed in on it and she was angry again, even more so than before. Her eyes shifted from blue to black almost within seconds, and she realized she was instantly thirsty. And that mixed with anger was fatal.

“You want to hit me? Go ahead.”

At Ophelia's last comment, Roxas lost it. The knives he had hid in his sleeves slipped out and he hurled them at the glass walls behind him. The glass shattered instantly and the knives crashed to the ground. “You think I would stoop so low as to hit you?!” He yelled then turned around. “You seem angry enough! How about you just rip my throat out? Finish what you started day one!” At this point Roxas was seeing red. He tried to calm himself down by breathing slowly.

Once calm Roxas closed his eyes for a second then opened them back up. “I would have gone to help you.” He said. More calm now than before. “I know you can't fall asleep and I've always felt bad about it. I even tried to stay up with you a few times. You also know I don't think about other women. I only think about you and I've only ever wanted you since the day we've met. You know this.” He wanted to walk towards her but, couldn't move.

Ophelia let herself feel the anger coursing through her. She hadn’t truly felt this way in a long time, and it was very, very strange. She breathed in slow and deep through her nose. The mixture of Morthos’ home, and Roxas’ blood surrounded her. Then she finally spoke again, after what seemed like a long time. Except this time her words came from right in front of Roxas.

Her face was millimetres away from his. And her breath which was cool and sweet, moved against his lips. Her fingers were around his throat and her long nails pressed to the skin at the back of his neck.

“Maybe I should have just killed you then, if that’s how you truly feel.”

“Then do it.” Roxas looked right into Ophelia's eyes. He wasn't afraid of her. There wasn't many things he was afraid of. The moment seemed to last forever before anything happened. He continued to look at her and waited.

Ophelia’s grip tightened for just a second, and then she let go of his throat, only to reach and grab his wrist. She brought his arm up and spread his fist out into an open palm. The movement was easy beneath her strength, and she brought her lips to his hand. The slice from his nails was fairly small, but either way she was able to drink from him.

As she calmed down, she let his hand drop to his side again. She looked at him, though didn’t say much of anything at this point. Her voice felt weird, almost sore even though she hadn’t been shouting. She took a step away from Roxas then.

Roxas let Ophelia drink from his hand, at this point he was used to it. It was almost a warm feeling having her drink from him. When she was done, his hand fell back to his side and Ophelia took a step back. “Feel better?” He closed the gap between them then pulled her into a hug. “I'm sorry.” He said gently. He wasn't sure how she was feeling right now but, he was tired of being mad and just wanted things to get better.

Over the last few weeks, the time between Ophelia’s feedings were growing shorter. She figured it was due to all the missions and schooling that she was doing. It felt like she hadn’t fed in weeks rather than just a few days. Her anger was mostly gone now, and her throat was beginning to slowly feel better, and Roxas pulled her into a hug.

“Please don’t be upset with me for something so harmless… You wouldn't of understood.” She said, her voice gentle and even.

“I'm not mad at you anymore. It was stupid of me to be mad at you. I was just upset that you didn't tell me. It doesn't matter now. Nothing's worth getting angry to the point of that argument.” Roxas held her tight then took her hand in his. “Also for the record. I'm with you because I want to be.” He smiled.

“Even so, maybe something about you scares me. I was worried. But next time I’ll try my best to tell you,” Ophelia spoke again. She felt sick to her stomach suddenly and her eyes moved to the ground.

“Ophelia, I wouldn’t tell you ‘No you can’t get what you need to sleep.’ I know how important it is to you.” Roxas noticed as Ophelia’s eyes hit the ground. She did seem a little off today. “Is something wrong? You’ve been looking really sick all ever since we got here.” He took her hand gently. He didn’t know if she was able to get sick or not, he never really asked.

The moment that Roxas mentioned that she looked really sick, she leaned forward and vomited on the floor next to him. She growled slightly when she was finished. She felt annoyed and exhausted and was tired of feeling sick and not knowing why. Her eyes stung with tears and she kept her gaze away from his, feeling embarrassed and annoyed.

Roxas took a step to the side as Ophelia vomited all over the ground. He quickly grabbed her hair and held it back for her. Once she was done, she wouldn’t look at him. Probably not wanting to after that. “I’m starting to get a little worried. We should get you to bed if you’re feeling sick.” He took his sleeve then wiped her mouth with it before picking her up and carrying her to their room. Once she was down on the bed, Roxas grabbed a cold wet towel and placed it against her forehead. He didn’t really know what to do past that. Neither one of them knew what was wrong. Instead he just tried to lighten the mood. “I’m guessing whoever goes into that room tomorrow is going to wonder what the hell happened.” He smiled and laughed a little, trying to make her feel a little better.

Ophelia nodded gently and let Roxas carry her to the guest room. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and then curled up in the bed. Roxas placed a cool, wet cloth on her forehead. Roxas joked gently with her and she barely heard what he was saying before she fell asleep. The first time in her Vampire life, without the sleeping potion.

Roxas noticed that Ophelia had fallen asleep and he smiled at her. He loved her and felt really bad about getting mad and yelling. He walked over and sat by her before changing and getting into the bed. Gently pulling the covers over them, Roxas kissed Ophelia then fell asleep. “I’m sorry.” He whispered one more time before passing out.

When Ophelia woke up the next morning, she knew she would need to speak to Jax. She sighed softly and looked over beside her for a moment to see Roxas still asleep next to her. She smiled a little and then leaned close to kiss him. She kissed his lips and then kissed his cheek and forehead before getting up out of the bed and heading across the hall to Jax’s room.
Roxas went from zero to 100 in a second. Jax was yelling at him and walking towards him as if to kick his ass. It had been a while sense he was in a real fight. His eyes turned red and in that second he was ready. Morthos stepped in the way and stopped Jax from getting any closer. "Let her come Morthos I'm ready." The demonic voice of Ifrit, that everyone knew to well, had surfaced. His eyes blood red unlike ever before and Roxas could feel he was trying to take over. Before anything could happen though, he slapped himself hard in the face and went down to the floor. "Shut up go away." "No. I've been cooped up to long." Another slap. "I said leave!" Roxas was louder this time. Ophelia had started to walk over to him but, he held up his hand to stop her. "I'm fine." He said in a low voice. That hadn't happened in a long time almost more than a month actually.

Roxas slowly got up by himself then looked back over at Morthos and Jax. "I didn't mean to shoot her. I didn't even know it was her. Do you really think I would shoot Ophelia on purpose?" He was a little frustrated at this point. Most of it pointing towards Ophelia for telling Jax. He had completely forgotten about being mad at her before until now too. There would be a long conversation in their future. "I thought she was someone I thought was dead a long time ago. When I got home after our last mission I went into shock and started to hallucinate. I tried to sleep it off but, it didn't work. When I had woken up I heard someone in my house and walked over to grab my gun. I knew at that point that I was not okay and that if someone was in trying to rob me or kill me then they were getting a bullet. When the door opened, a woman by the name of Eileen walked in. I knew she should have been dead and I shot at her. From there Ophelia told me I fell out of my chair and was knocked out." The events of that night started to play in his head. He wasn't happy about what he did and still felt bad about shooting Ophelia. She never brought it up but, it still hing over his head.

Knowing that they were going to ask, Roxas started to talk about Eileen. "Eileen's full title was Eileen the Crow. She was a very powerful woman who I worked along side with for a few years. When I first met her, she told me that there was a way to help get rid of Ifrit and keep my life. It wasn't long after Celti died, so I took her up. When really endded up happening was that she used me. I was her puppet in this game she had. Once I finally figured it all out, I knew something had to be done. She was getting more powerful by the day and if she were to let me lose at the time... Well lets just say it wouldn't be a good outcome. So I killed her." Roxas clinched his fist. Obviously there was more but, he wasn't going to say anything else after that. "If you want to know why I've been on edge lately, it's because I think she might be following us. I didn't say anything because I have no proof of this and it could just be another hallucination. Also before you say 'Lets kick her ass' I'm going to tell you right now she would kill you in a second." This wasn't how he wanted to tell everyone. Yeah he was hurt by Jax's comment but, he tried not to let it show. Jax was his best friend aside from Ophelia and the last thing he wanted to do was piss her off. It didn't matter at this point. She was pissed but, he told her what she wanted. Now all he wanted to do was go lay down.
Roxas listened to everyone but didn't really take in what was being said. His mind was on something else. The fact the Eileen was following them bothered him a lot. She must be planning something. That being said, no one else saw her and there was still something in his head telling him it was all just a hallucination. There's just no way. He would think I killed her with my own two hands she can't be alive.

His thought prosses was interrupted once they all started to move. The man mansion was massive. Roxas looked ovwr at Morthos as they entered and felt a little envious of him. Of course he already knew that he was rich but, didn't think it was like this. Again, his thought prosses was interrupted. This time by Jax hinting towards Eileen. He didn't know if she knew anything about her at all so he wasn't really sure how to react to the statement.

"Well I'm sure we'll do fine." Roxas smiled, hiding the way he really felt. If Eileen was here and she desided to show herself, they wouldn't do fine. In fact, the others would be quite dead. When that thought went through his head, he gripped Ophelia's hand tightly and kept her close. He wasn't going to lose the one good thing in his life.
Roxas followed the others and looked around the forest. It was a little creepy and he could feel something watching them. He followed up the rear and kept an eye on his surroundings. Many things could happen in a foggy forest. When the group made it to the gates, Morthos started to talk to the guards. He said something about a lord then something appeared in the corner of his eye. Roxas' head shot to the left and saw the outline of a person. The figure vanished suddenly right as Roxas saw it. "Keep an eye out Roxas. She's here." Ifrit said low in his head. Roxas knew exactly who he was talking about and a slight shiver went up his spine. For a second there whatever frustrations he had with Ophelia st the moment vanished. A bigger problem arrived and he didn't want anything to happen to Ophelia.

Roxas heard Ophelia's voice then snapped his head back forward. A lot was going through his mind right now. He was still mad at Ophelia but, with this new found knowledge of Eileen being present, all he wanted to do was be close to her. Roxas made the decision that right now was not the time to be mad and he'd talk to her about it later when they were't in danger. He moved close then grabbed Ophelia's hand bringing her close. "She's here." He said under his breath to her. He had explained once before who Eileen was to Ophelia and he had hoped that she would get what he said. Jax seemed to overhear him too and glanced at him real quick before looking back at Morthos. Roxas wasn't sure if Ophelia had told her anything or not but, he was ready to explain if needed.
Roxas listened while Morthos explained everything. Everything kind of made sense while he talked. Then he started to count down as if they were about to take off or something. Without finishing, he started the jump. Things started to feel a little odd and he really didn't like the way this was going. Colors weren't looking right and it was almost as if he was on lsd. Just like that though, they arrived at their destination. Roxas started to feel sick to his stomach then grabbed Jax's Shoulder and threw up all. It took a minute or so for him to quit. For a second there Ifrit took control and under his breath, "If you ever do that again I'll rip your throat out." No one was able to hear except for maybe Jax. The voice wasn't Roxas' either. After that quick second he looked up at Jax then nodded as to say he was okay. Roxas took in the surroundings which wasn't much. Fog enveloped the whole land and you couldn't see anything. Morthos made a little fireball then had everyone follow him.
Roxas loved Ophelia's show and when it came time to see her after, he rushed over to her and kissed her lightly. "The show was fantastic. You were amazing." Everyone else complemented her for her performance too. After awhile though it was time for the two of them to go to the after party. Roxas really wasn't sure about that part but, he figured it would be okay. He wasn't going to leave Ophelia's side most of the night anyways.

The party had turned out to be fun just like he though. There was food and music and he got to dance with Ophelia for a bit but, he was ready when it was time to go home. The two of them made it back just in time to hear Jax yelling about chicken being done. This kinda startled him but, laughed a bit after. Ophelia had left for a minute to get changed into some pj's and Roxas just waited for her to retuen. It wasn't like they haven't changed together before but with Jax around he decided to just stay in the living room. Once she came back though, he went into change as well. He figured tonight he'd stay with her. It didn't take to long for his to change but he kinda wished it did because the second he came out, Ophelia started talking about how she wasn't feeling well and Jax replied with, "Maybe it's that sleeping pill thing you've been taking." Roxas stopped in his steps and stared right at Ophelia. She never told him that she was talking a sleeping potion. Normally he more than likely wouldn't have cared. She was always looking tired and he really felt bad that she couldn't sleep. Now that it was out in the open and a month later no less, he was a little pissed off. She had wanted him to be open to her and he was. He told her everything she wanted to know and didn't keep anything from her. The fact that she had been hiding it for god knows how long really put him off.

"What." Roxas said in a low and very unimpressed tone. He was just about to say something more, when Morthos popped in rammbling on about something. What impeccable timing. He thought to himself. "Mothos I'm right here what's the problem?" He really didn't want to deal with this right now and wanted to get answers out of Ophelia but, he said something about his mom being in danger and he could ignore that. "Here take deep breaths and slow down. Why is your mother in danger and why do we have to leave right now?" He said as he walked up to him trying to calm him down. Which was kinda rich because Roxas wasn't calm at all at the moment. Once Morthos was calmed down a bit, Roxas shot Ophelia a glare that pretty much said, "We're talking later."
Ophelia’s arms reached out as the bullet went through her chest and out through the back of her shoulder blade. She grabbed at the door frame, gasping as pain overtook her sensations. Blood began to pour down the front and back of her body. She let out a loud, guttural growl from her throat, her eyes shifting even darker than they had been previously.

She tried her best to focus, moving inside of the house further then. Her eyes came to rest on Roxas, who seemed to be unconscious or something in the living room. Ophelia could feel the wound begin to heal, her clothing stained with blood, and her cloak shredded against her back slightly. She staggered over to Roxas then and leaned down next to him, moving her fingertips to his throat to feel for a pulse. From what she could tell, he seemed fine, so with much effort, she lifted him up off the floor and brought him to his bedroom, placing him on his back on the bed.

Ophelia left the room momentarily once Roxas was on the bed, and went into the bathroom to try and clean the wound before it fully healed. She winced as the water entered the wound and she could tell she was lucky it missed literally everything vital to her life force. Once she was cleaned up slightly, she headed back to the bedroom quickly, sitting down on the bed and watching Roxas’ face intently.

Roxas’ eyes shot open and it took him a minute to figure out where he was. He felt around with his hand and concluded that he was in fact in bed. He moved his head around to check the room out and make sure that Eileen was gone. When he looked, no one was in the room, until his gaze fell on Ophelia. He almost couldn’t focus on her because his head still felt like a nuclear bomb had just gone off and the half life was going to be a round for a very long time.

He was able to see that her dress was all bloody and it took him a bit to figure out that what he saw was just a dream and he actually shot Ophelia. With all he could muster up, Roxas tried to open his mouth. “O..Ophelia, I’m sorry.” His voice was low and raspy. He was hardly able to even talk. Guilt shot through his heart as his head acted up again and grimaced. His hand shot to the side of his head and all he could do at the moment was look down at his legs.

Ophelia watched as Roxas came to suddenly, his gaze shifting around the room in almost a panic. Eventually his eyes met hers, and she stared at him quietly for a moment. She really had no idea what was going on. Why he shot at her, or why he was unconscious after. She listened to him apologize, and the sound of his voice sent a shiver up her spine. By this point her wound would be mostly healed, and she saw his eyes move downward, like he was embarrassed or something.

“I’ll be okay… Nothing vital was hit. But what is going on? You need to tell me, right now.” Her voice was nearly a whisper, but the intensity in it was apparent.

Roxas was shaking now and couldn’t stop it. The thought of Eileen being back scared the shit out of him and there was nothing he could do, but think about it. “Something… someone scared me. I.. I thought you were them.” His voice was starting to come back now. The headache was slowly going away and it started to make him think a bit. Normally he never has an episode like that. Something else must of caused it and it couldn’t have been Ifrit.

He looked up at Ophelia once more, the fear in his eyes couldn’t be hidden from her. “Someone I thought was dead.”

Ophelia’s brow furrowed together and she listened hesitantly. “Are you sure it was real? It could have been from something else, couldn’t it?”

Roxas shook his head gently. “It looked as real as you are right now. I guess I was too delirious or something and I could have just been seeing things, but still. I never want to see that again.” He was very tired at this point and rested his head on Ophelia’s lap. He curled up a bit and was still shaking. He started to mutter to himself as he closed his eyes again. “She shouldn’t be here. She should be dead. I killed her she should be dead.”

He opened his eyes again and looked up into Ophelia’s eyes then over to the blood stain. “I’ll get you a clean shirt.” He said gently as he tried to get up but, started to fall over, catching himself against the bedpost.

“I’ll get it…” Ophelia pulled Roxas back onto the bed carefully, then got up and went over to his closet. She grabbed one of his plain shirts and took her dress off, changing into the shirt and climbing back onto the bed.

She moved to lay next to him then, pulling the blankets up over her legs slightly, sighing softly. “What do you want to do? Is there something I can do to help?”

“Don’t go anywhere tonight please. Stay here and when you’re not with me, if you see someone in a crow mask with crow feathers for a cape, runaway. Do not fight her or go anywhere near her. Tell me the second you can.” Roxas looked over at Ophelia. "I won’t let her take you away from me.” He laid his head back down against the pillow then cuddled up next to her. “I love you. I don’t want you to die.”

“I promise I’ll be careful. And, for the record, I feel like you might die before me, if I’m honest.” A small smile played along her lips, and she moved to press them to his gently then. “Get some sleep?”

Roxas smiled back after she kissed him. “Don’t let me then. I’ll try my hardest to stay alive for you.” He took in as much as he could of Ophelia then shut his eyes. “I love you.” He said gently before falling asleep again.
Roxas waited patiently in his chair, gun in hand and ready to fire at anything that walked through that door. The headache he had after waking up was getting worse and there was no guarantee that he was going to be able to stay up much longer. This was the worst he felt in a long time. Normally the pain he felt after prolonged use of Ifrit's power wasn't so bad. Must have been to much for him this time. It didn't matter. Someone was approaching the door very slowly and it was almost agonizing having to wait and see who it was. Roxas gripped the gun to where his knuckles were turning white. In that second of pure heart pounding stress, the door slowly opened and in walked the scariest thing Roxes never thought he'd see again. Covered from head to toe, you couldn't see an inch of skin. A pointed hat with a long pointed mask covering the face. Clothes as black as night and cloak made of what looked like crow feathers.

"Eileen the Crow."

Roxas shot the gun as fast as he could, only able to get off one shot which seemed to pass right through the woman. He fell out of his chair and hit his head against the ground almost blacking out, but forcing himself to stay awake. This woman wasn't getting him. Not again.

"I see you've lost your edge Roxas. I'm a little disappointed in you. I thought we had something."

Even through the mask she had, her voice was as clear as it could be. She sounded like a siren with the way she spoke. Able to slay any man with a single word. Eileen walked over to him and giggled to herself as she kneeled down by him. Unable to move, Roxas just layed there, waiting to see what was going to happen.

"How are you here. I thought I killed you seven years ago. If I failed in doing so, why come for me now? What do you want from me."

Eileen only laughed then put his head in her lap, stroking his hair with one hand and taking his hand in the other. There was no way he could get out of this right now, he couldn't move an inch. All he could do was think about Ophelia and wish she was there right now. She may not be able to stand a chance against Eileen, but she would be able to help him get out of there and to a safer place.

"Oh my love, you know you couldn't kill me. We were meant to be together through fate has brought be here to you. I have looked for you for so long and now I have finaly found you."

Roxas grimaced, his stomach acting up again. As painful and probably fatal as it would have been, Roxas wished that his mask was on him. At least he could try to get away with that.

"I told you then and I'll tell you know, I am not interested in someone as evil as you. I will never love you and I will never let you use me again!"

He yelled but that only made her giggle more. She lifted her mask only slightly so you could see her lips. They were red like blood and smiling. She rain her fingers through his hair again then leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Just you wait. Nothing will keep us apart. No matter where you go I will find you and you will be mine. We will take over this world together. Starting with the SPA. Until then I will leave you for now. I will return so next time be a little more.. living."

She smiled again then moved the mask back down covering her mouth. After, she laid him softly onto the ground and walked out of the room. Roxas' mind was racing trying to figure out what had just happened. He had to tell the others and especially Ophelia. If Eileen found out that he and Ophelia were together, she would stop at nothing until Ophelia was dead. This scared the crap out of him and he almost began to cry out of fear. He was shaking violently now due to all the pent up stress from that encounter. Eileen was the most evil and psychotic woman he had ever met. She tried to use him once before for his power and now has returned to do it again. Seven years ago he thought he had killed her, but it doesn't seem to be that way. Why was she here now though? It just didn't make sense to him at all. Why wait seven years to find him. It's not like he moved all over the place to try to get away from her. As much as he wanted to ask questions, none of them would be answered now. He had to get to the others and tell them what happened. Their lives were now in more danger than they could imagine and he wasn't losing another team. Not again.

Roxas' eye's shot open and he was in his bed once again.
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