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8 said
Nat, these are dumb. This is just as serious as your normal posts, by which I mean, not at all. Making a "serious" thread doesn't mean it has to be controversial.

8 I understand your point of view, but it is far off topic, and uncontroversial.

So i am suggesting, you get controversial or leave the thread.
Alex said
ew who are you

It's what the sherlock dragged in.
genghismike said
Do you really have a picture of what seems like a sheet with spongebob bent over and what appears to be beans behind his ass to look like shit?

ahh that picture.

I found that went surfing the internet, and the story behind it was.

The person who took the picture saw it after eating beef stew, and couldn't stop laughing.
Lucian said
This is a really tough choice. Specify a genre and then I'll answer.

They just added a s at the end of there to make it soles.
Well sherlock had to close my old controversial thread about abortion early when No one adding to it in a respectable manner was done.

So here a another one we can talk about, and let's hope SherHitler doesn't rain on our parade again..
Dervish said
Because this shit always turns out well. It's not like we collectively haven't had this discussion dozens of times already and enlightened approximately no one.Have fun with the impending lock.

Sherlock wanted a serious discussion that I started, she got one.

Even then the only bad things in this thread are people like you, who keep saying stuff like that.
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