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So first up, I wanna apologize for something. I’m a bit new, and probably should have done some research on my part, and kinda just… started. Really sorry about that. As I said, I’m new, and not just to this server, but to the website as a whole, so if you see a random text bubble with nothing in it, please ignore it, or even better, delete it. But, as you know now, I’m interested in this server and hope I can join in on some RP. If not cuz that one little accident, it’s fine, I screwed myself on that one, but other than that, yeah. Hope I can join in on this, because I’m REALLY intrigued. I just started replaying Bloodborne, and after 4 years, it feels like I’m going in blind again, and I love it. I did do some research for my OC though, so no worries about some boring old generic hunter guy. I’m creative. So, uh yeah. That’s about it. Again, sorry for the screw up in IC, my bad.

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