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Current Just finished Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. It's always such a bittersweet feeling to finish a show, more so a good one.
2 mos ago
Welp, it's my 20th Birthday. Starting the day properly with a stupidly big bowl of cereal and latter there shall be porkchops!
2 mos ago
Decided to buy PUBG. First game I got two kills and was in the top ten. All the while fighting lag, so ha! Should make sure to solve my lag issues before playing again though.
2 mos ago
What do you know, pickles jars are really hard to open. Needed to actually stab the bloody jar with a lid until it gave, damnable thing. On the plus hands, the sweet pickles are mind.
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2 mos ago
Starting a magical school slice of life RP, if any of you are into that sort of thing.…


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Greggory was patting himself down, ensuring that aside from the stab wound that he was alright. He was going to give some sarcastic remark regarding the way out before a dark shadow passed overhead, giving Greggory pause. Then the bastard that had stabbed Greggory moments earlier shouted and ran off. Greggory raised his hand and began to mumble a warning about sticking as a group but already the git was a ways off.

Crossing his arms Greggory states, "Well, we could go that way, maybe there's an elevator or something. He seems certain enough about it." While nodding towards the thief as he grows farther and farther away. "Though, for the sake of avoiding burning exhaustion perhaps we should walk rather than run." Taking a deep breath of the stifling air Greggory continues, "That said, methinks introductions are in order, at least for my sake. I'm Greggory, I'm sorry in advance for forgetting your names."
Hearing people moving about below Greggory, still pressing the hot blade against himself, raised his free hand, shouting out in response to how shocking everything was, "You can bloody say that again!"
Pulling the blade away, it stuck slightly to his skin, and Greggory winced again as he pulled/ripped it away from his fragile flesh. Staring at the knife Greggory fiddled with it until he figured out how to both retract and extend the blade, then pocketed the knife. It was left inside him, and with the person who put it there busy looting the fallen Greggory figured that made it his. Tying his blood coated shirt around his waist to hide the wound Greggory pulled himself up and half ran half stumbled down the hillock of corpses.
"So... Anyone have any idea what just happened?" Greggory asked optimistically.
I've nothing else to do at the moment, so no post can come from me until the situation changes.
At least the floor was cold. It was a pleasant counter to the throbbing heat in his gullet. Those were among Greggory's final thoughts before everything went black. He didn't even have time to respond to what would have been his heroes statement before he felt his everything become nothing.

It was dark. Was he falling? Greggory certainly hoped not, falling to death with a knife in his gut was most certainly not his preferred method of exiting the world.
Then again, the void brought up the easy question of if he was in fact dying or dead already? True be told, Greggory had expected it to be a slower, gentler process, not a sudden cut to black void and gut tearing emptiness.

Then it was much less cold. In fact, it was quite the opposite. And then Greggory regained his sense of smell, and it was quite foul. Thick, nauseating, and with a tint of metal. Something quite heavy was up top of him, and with some effort Greggory managed to push the weight off of him, only for it to roll down the hill he appeared to be on. Holding onto his still bleeding gut Greggory blinks his eyes a few times, trying to bring the landscape into focus.
That was when he noticed what he was on top of, and what was on top of him.
Greggory was now the top of a pile of bodies, most of which were broken and twisted, with limbs at inhuman angles and the great heat already bringing the once living flesh to a sizzle. It was then that bile was added to the mix, as Greggory couldn't hold back his disgust. Noting the blood mixed with his puke, and holding back the urge to hurl again, Greggory noted further the environment that he was now in.

Of course it was stupidly hot, that much was apparent. Greggory noted the red stone at the base of the corpse hill, and the jagged environment which hid from sight the horizon. Fire danced up between the rocks, granting illumination to the area, which allowed Greggory to see that there were several other corpse piles, all the them made up of the classmates Greggory had yet to meet. One figure was standing though, that brigand from before stood, and gazed at a wooden sign.
Not able to make it out, Greggory quickly reached around the nearby bodies, quickly finding and placing on his glasses, though grimacing again at the feeling of pain in his stomach. Gritting his teeth Greggory gripped the handle of the knife, which he quickly let go of, realizing how hot it was. Locking his jaw, Greggory tightly gripped the metal knife, and in one painful motion pulled it out, before letting out a scream of pain.

With blood now making an attempt to escape his body Greggory awkwardly pulled off his soiled shirt and, with no better plan, pressed the flat of the warming knife against the wound. It was at this moment that a near constant stream of cusses left Greggory's lips, most of them f**k or some variation there off.
As Greggory approached he saw a girl punch one of the more dunderheaded types in the face, and then the mugger was running towards him and...



Falling to the ground, Greggory takes a few deep breathes as he experiences the sensation of a foreign piece of metal inside of him. Then he makes note of the beginnings of a proper fight breaking out near him, and with great effort dragged himself towards a nearby table, conveniently empty, and pulled himself under it, grimacing as the knife moves about with him as he contorts into position.

Then Greggory looked down. Yep. That is indeed the handle of a knife. No mistaking it nosireebob.
And the red around it? Greggory held back the urge to puke when he saw the sight of his own blood. Perhaps it was best he just kept that where it was...

"She better be alright." Greggory said to himself as he moved a hand down in an attempt to push down on the wound. The attempt did not last long, as the moment he placed his hand over the wound he pulled it away, wincing in pain. "She better be really f**king alright" He quietly shouted to himself, continuing almost in an effort to forget the pain, "She better be so f**king alright, about to be named queen of the lunch room, f**king perfect, f**k!" He stammers.
Looking down at the handle of the knife, Greggory really hoped that someone would break up the fight, and more so that someone would notice him. He really didn't want to have to pull himself out from under the table. Though, he didn't really want someone else to have to pull him out either now that he thought about it...
So, how's it goin? Everybody having a good time?
Greggory was taking a long gulp from his drink, contemplating a video game he had been playing the last few days, when he saw the two figures standing by one another. They were an interesting pair to say the least, one was a fairly upstanding looking girl, was she reaching for the table? Maybe she had trouble standing.
The other one looked like some trash. Oi! Greggory corrected himself, don't be rude, you bloody bigot. he thought, as he sized up the boys stance. Was he holding something?...

Oh. OH. What was to be done? Hmm, ahh, err.

"Hey, what's going on?!" Greggory shouts over the din of the other students. Not sure if he was heard, Greggory pushed back his tray, stood up and started marching towards the encounter. He's going to stab me. I'm going to get stabbed. If I get stabbed, than she won't. S**t. Okay. he thought, and half mumbled to himself, as he strode closer to the pair, hoping that he wasn't about to get stabbed.
Clearly the greatest of plans, preforming an armed robbery in the middle of a crowded room. I see no way Junk's plan could possibly go wrong.
It was the first day of school.

And Greggory was running late.

His dad was at work early in the morning, and with his brother staying at a friends Greggory had no secondary line of defense when his alarm clock failed him. When he did awake, it was in a bolt, as he quickly and awkwardly scrambled to get ready for school.
Luck would have it that Greggory moved rather quickly when rushed, and despite a few simple mistakes, such as a forgotten pencil and a few moments where he stood still doing nothing trying to sort out his thoughts, he actually managed to arrive at school in the nick of time. Mind he was exhausted as he ran into his first class of the day. But aside from having to catch his breath he faired as well to be expected once class began.
The next two classes as well were quite easy. That could of course be due to how little attention Greggory found himself devoting to the classes in question. Not that he wasn't interested, but he simply could not find himself caring about it. When the lunch bell rang Greggory was off, ready to get some food inside him, though that required navigating the harsh crowds. Hanging to the side of the hall to avoid bumping shoulders with too many people Greggory in time made his way to the cafeteria, and after retrieving a tray and receiving the days meal made his way to a nice empty table in the corner of the room, far from other people.
Of course, the table wouldn't remain empty long, but Greggory could hope he thought as he began his meal.

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