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2 mos ago
Current Mercy it's been eight months since my last status, perhaps it is time to find a RP and get a spot more active for awhile.
11 mos ago
Just finished Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. It's always such a bittersweet feeling to finish a show, more so a good one.
11 mos ago
Welp, it's my 20th Birthday. Starting the day properly with a stupidly big bowl of cereal and latter there shall be porkchops!
11 mos ago
Decided to buy PUBG. First game I got two kills and was in the top ten. All the while fighting lag, so ha! Should make sure to solve my lag issues before playing again though.
11 mos ago
What do you know, pickles jars are really hard to open. Needed to actually stab the bloody jar with a lid until it gave, damnable thing. On the plus hands, the sweet pickles are mind.
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Thank ye kindly, I look forward to learning of this plot you are weaving, and I look forward to seeing how I may add my own thread into it. Out of curiosity what do you think of the team? I'll admit to a general lack in experience in competitive pokemon battling and so I doubt my team makeup is particularly amazing but as far as flavor is concerned I think it is suiting.

I'll throw together a side character or two if you don't mind, if only to sate my desire to build teams and to help round out the roster for this tournament.
Well, I think this should do. I wish I had an image for appearance and I did look but sadly finding images that I like never seems to work out for me. I also feel I could have written some bits better but it shall serve and I shall live. Let me know if I made any mistakes, or share your thoughts in general.

This is something I have become more interested in, I'll be working on my character sheet and it should hopefully be done tomorrow at the latest.
Hmm... Pokemon RP, and what promises to be an interesting plot. A chance to use Chandelure. The only problem being a piles of rules that I'll need to learn, understand, and adapt my brain to. I would like to express some interest but at the same time I am very wary and uncertain.

I have added a weapon and some fears. I still need to write up a physical description to go alongside the image graciously provided to me by 13, and do some formatting to make it look a spot prettier, and figure out his semblance. But still, progress. If anyone has any thoughts I beg that they be shared I am interested in what people think. Also if anyone has any ideas on what would be a good semblance for this guy, ideas are always useful to review and consider.
I'm perfectly alright with taking advantage of obvious resources, and making use of discord for fast easy communication while we coordinate and think seems a delightful idea to me.
So far as images go I don't want too much. Personally I normally avoid using images entirely when it comes to such things but I feel this case it may be best to have one. As for what I want from it... Frankly I'll take any and everything you have that could possibly look like the eldest child of Ren and Nora. Just share a massive pile of images with me, pm me if you feel they are too many, I like having a wide selection to pour over and consider.
Okay, so maybe three posts on top of each other could be considered poor form, but I feel it is better than editing an entire paragraph into something I wrote two hours ago.
On that note, in the course of two hours, with a heavy helping of procrastination, research, and staring blindly into nothingness, here is what I have so far.

The formatting could probably be a bit better, but I'll worry about that last. That said, anyone have any thoughts on him?
On that note though, I don't suppose anyone had their hands on a bunch of art for a son of Nora and Ren sitting about? Preferably in the eighteen to twenty age range appearance. I don't like googling for roleplay character appearances.
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