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Current i will be roadtripping for spring break starting tomorrow! first road trip by myself!! so exciteddddd gonna visit so many friends (will be home april 8th)
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thinking about men


im alexei!

24 / he/him / male / gay / trans


i live in southwest USA and am a former nursing major turned animation major. school and work takes up a lot of my time, but im always online at the end of the day (usually). ive been passionate about OCs for .... my whole life?? ive been writing books and drawing for them as well. im a high adrenaline person who likes loud music and action. people are my passion.

and just so we get this out of the way:
- 420 friendly
- far leftist

i consider myself both an artist and writer. i've been roleplaying for well over 11 years now. i'm looking for more partners! however, it's important that you meet these bullet points:

- please be 21+.

- i have a very strong interest in roleplaying with people who belong to the LGBT community.

- if we do couples, i have a strong preference for MxM. i can do all orientations, but as a gay man, i like to rp who i am in that sense. however, some of my favorite OC couples with friends have ended up being MxF or FxF! so, don't hesitate to ask

- i like to rp smut. ya i said it. however, if we talk, i can elaborate if you want. (this is not a requirement)

- a lot of my characters are trans because i am as well. the respectfulness towards these OCs (and myself) is detrimental.

- i prefer Fantasy. anything with magic is cool! whether thats past, present, future - modern, medieval, sci-fi - i like larger than life.

- not a requirement, but i like to draw our OCs that we make together. if you're also an artist who likes to do that, that would be awesome.

- willing to do a majority of RP on discord. HOWEVER i love forum rp too. we can do that to start if you want.

- interested in forming friendship as well :^) i like to be friends with my partners

- preferred themes: Cyberpunk, Medical, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Violent, Horror, Dystopian, Vigilante, Mystery, Slow Burn Romance, Enemies to Lovers trope


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oh and i also know that i kinda mentioned it above but i definitely want to mention that i love the idea of arena stuff. just a quick raw battle. that rules, dude. i got a bunch of awesome guys to smack around a bit. what? they might be good at punching but they also have very punchable faces. idk, man. think about it. <:^)

and also the idea of short gay smuts is cool too but i prefer a long talk of boundaries and expectations and getting to know you first thank u.
Welcome aboard, fellow Alex! Fingers crossed that you'll find what you're looking for here. Stay awesome!

thank you, alex! ^__^ much appreciated! thank you!

thank you! ^____^

* hey there. i'm alexei, and i'm looking for an RP partner to do original roleplays with :^)

* you can find my roleplay partner expectations / wants in my bio!

* i have a world of my own that i love to pieces and i would love to do a cross over RP with your world and mine. i also would love to create a brand new world with you :^)

* to start, we could do smaller RPs like one-shot fights. those are sooo fun to me.

* pretty much all of my premade OCs are made for a dystopian, cyberpunk setting! we would be best compatible if thats what youre looking for, too!

* im a little bit of an oddball for this one, but i like both Script Style and Paragraph Style roleplays. for script style, i like to have them be detailed and thought out, not just "Dude: *walks over and smacks tf out of you*" LMAO??? but i also love to write paragraphs and structured thought, so don't worry. i just like it all!

* lmao yes. i do smut. but that will come later. i prefer to develop trust with a partner as a person first before doing that. please be 21+! im 24 ffs!!!

* i like gay men and would be very interested in prioritizing some gay boys :^)

*please have a Discord!

writing example

hi there!

im alexei / alex. im an artist and writer and i roleplay my OCs that i make for my worlds. im definitely here to hopefully seek out another roleplay partner to do longterm OC roleplays with.

nice to meet you :^)
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