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Family left today. Getting drunk. If you knew my family you'd know why. After the movie tomorrow I intend to finish editing my CS. Sorry for the delay.
Hey guys, little update. I forgot that I was having family come into town for this week so I'm a little delayed on editing my CS. I've given some more details to Brand on my characters CS, stuff that I don't necessarily want overtly known. But I have everything all thought out, just don't have it written down yet.
Gowi said
Not a GM, but I personally wouldn't mind bits of the CS being elaborated on when you have the time such as this section:Might be me speaking from perspective/experience, but that could be fluffed out to a length paragraph or two. Posted. Lol, and Brand said it takes too long! :F

Yea, I'll start working on that as soon as I can. If I'm not too burned out from work I might be able to get that fleshed out a little more tonight. If not tonight or tomorrow night I have thursday off.
Alrighty, edited it to give as much detail as I could imagine for Hark. Let me know if I need to add more.
Going through my CS, I feel like I'm missing something. In any case, it's pretty much done.

Name: Hark Blackwater
Gender: Male
House Name: Blackwater
Age: 25
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 280 lbs
Hair: Long Auburn
Eye Colour: Dark Green

Hark, like his father, has grown into a man of stature. The sheer size of the man would lead most to stand aside as he walks by, but his appearance as a veteran combatant can make men quiver. His face has been hardened beyond his years. The elements have turned what is already a rugged appearance into something one would describe as fierce. His naturally pale skin has been darkened from years of sun exposure. Most of the time Hark has at least some stubble, years of wind and storm have taught him that a small amount of facial hair helps to prevent irritation. Small scars, hardly visible, line his face, as well has much of his body. Dark bags under his dark green eyes show a restless nature, where sleep holds no comfort for a man hunted by those he does not even know. His neck so thick with muscle that it is difficult to tell where the neck ends and the shoulders begin. Below his heavy plate armor lies a fearsome body, with arms thicker than most men's thighs. He does not have the lines and contours that some men in excellent shape have, but make no mistake, beneath his skin lies the thick muscle of those who spend all their days in the field and all their nights training for battle. His hands are covered in thick callusses, particularly around the knuckles from extensive sword practice. The tips of his fingers are slightly discolored, presumably from flipping through books with pages made of treated vellum. His body is rarely not coated in bruising. If Hark raises his arms above his head you see a distinctive "V" shape as his upper body is so much larger than his legs. However, years of walking and lifting have forced his legs to become nearly as muscled as his upper body. His long auburn hair falls over the top of his shoulders, and is rarely without sweat and grease. His wavy hair is often tangled and otherwise unkempt.
In combat Hark wears a dented full steel plate, a gift from loyalists of Gorgon. He still uses his old steel broadsword. When he was younger he used to wield it in two hands, now he wields it in just his right hand. In his left is a thick steel kite shield, any markings that could have once been used to identify its crest has been hammered off, not through intent, but through use. Over his back is a long cloth cloak, although finely made, is nothing special, it simply shields him from the winds. The cloak has patches of discoloration as it has been repaired several times. On his feet are tall and thick leather boots that extend up to his shins. Years of slogging through mud and dirt have left them permanently caked in a layer of dirt.

Homeland: Gorgon
Race: Mage
Spells: Blessings, limited purification
Hark was born to Hale Blackwater, Arthur Blackwater's cousin, and Isabelle Valallen a noble from Valeal. Although far down the chain of succession, Hark grew up wealthy. That, however, did not mean that he was pampered as a child. As his father was a great warrior, so too, would Hark become one. From the time he could walk Hark was expected to walk with a sword in hand. As Hark grew in size, so did his sword. As he grew in strength he was handed a shield.

His mother, however, saw to it that Hark would have a social life. At every opportunity to remove Hark from the barracks he was taken and brought to events ranging from knighting ceremonies to balls to jousts. Although they did not live in the capital, they visited King Blackwater often. During these visits Hark would often spend time with the royal family. There were even rumors of talks of Hark being a suitor to the young princess. The visits would continue until Arthur Blackwater would head north.

Hark was six when he began to show signs, performing simple blessings. As his mother was Valean she insisted that Hark be sent to the tower. His father, however, wanted Hark to fight for Gorgon, and joining the tower would prevent him from doing so. As Hale had final say in the matter, Hark was never to go to the tower. Instead, he was to be trained by two men, the court mage Thulian, and the knight Ser Owen.

The court magician was a capable Restos mage, and as Hark had shown Restos abilities he was left under Thulian's tutelage. It was during this time that Hale had begun to make frequent trips to the capital. It would turn out that Gorgon was gearing up for war, and Hale was entrusted to be a general. Hale would entrust his master-at-arms, Ser Owen, to train Hark in the ways of martial prowess.

Due to anti-magic sentiments Isabelle thought it was best to remove Hark from the city, and have him trained away from most of the populace. It was during this time that Gorgon officially committed themselves to the war effort in the north. Little did Hark know that he would never see his father again. Eventually word reached Hark and his tutors of the Briar's betrayal.

They rushed back to their keep, to find its banners aflame and its walls besieged. Three men could not break this siege. As young as Hark was, he was still trained well. He knew that there was no hope unless the main force in the north returned. Unfortunately fate would not have it be, as their way through was blocked by the Briar army. They could only do one thing, flee and hope that the Blackwater's would be victorious. It would not be so.

For nearly two decades Hark and his tutors have wandered this world, doing their best to keep a low profile. With valeal in full civil war they could not return to his mother's family. Hark had no choice but to move from town to town, performing small jobs for coin when they could. Thulian and Ser Owen would make sure that Hale's last orders were carried out, "Make Hark strong."
Yea, I made him slightly more distant. Now Hark is Arthur's Grandfather's Brother's great-grandson.
I suppose, subject to approval of course. I could always make him a little more distant.

Honestly, I'm not familiar with what makes a marriage like this suitable or not. I have no problem going a couple steps further, after all, he is pretty far down the chain of succession. Maybe make him a 4th or 5th cousin.
So this is how I pictured it, not so far-fetched I suppose: I am Arthur's uncles grandson. That sound okay to you all?
I'll have my CS posted within 2 hours. However, Gowi was suggesting that we be childhood friends, so I want to point out that it will be subject to change if Gowi doesn't like anything I put into it.

I just decided that it'd be easier to make a basic tree to show where I am supposed to be in the blackwater's family tree in relation to Arthur Blackwater and Gowi.
Well, I like the idea of political machinations and schemes in my family history. Since you talked about our characters being marriage candidates it's put the idea into my head that maybe another nation married into the blackwater family with the intent on furthering political bonds. After all, having a direct descendant of yours be a candidate to marry a princess makes you much more powerful.
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