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Neth’s Nest
Hello! Welcome to my little nest on here where I search for like-minded roleplayers. Let’s just get right to it.

About Me
- For the curious: I’m a 22 year old girl who lives in America.
- I’ve been roleplaying on and off for about 6 years.
- I try to post everyday, sometimes multiple times a day if I can, although sometimes I go on spurts of not posting for a few days when my boyfriend visits each month.
- I usually go for a more lighthearted feel with my writing style, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t harsher/darker themes within it.
- I have a discord.

- Fantasy, Horror, and Slice of Life are my main favorite genres to do.
- I prefer male partners who are 18 and over.
- Romance/Sexual Themes: Sex can be detailed or more surface level. I prefer sex/romance to come about naturally in ways that make sense.
- Casual: 1-2 Paragrahps at Least
- Daily to every other day posts.
- Communication: Whether it’s informing each other of a hiatus, discussion on the direction of the story, or something we don’t like about the roleplay.
- Full Creative Direction: I enjoy keeping the story interesting, and sometimes spontaneous. We both have full freedom to take the story where we like, and if one of us isn’t feeling it then we can discuss and change it.
- I typically play a more submissive role, but an open to a bit more dominance depending.
- I prefer very masculine men with broad feautures. No slim, feminine boys here. Large age differences are also cool if they make sense.

Witch (me) x Class of Your Choice
A sort of MMORPG type roleplay, from the view point of our characters. They’d start at level 1, and quest together from there.

Suductress Elf (me) x Wise Muscle Orc
An unlikely pairing, but together able to pull off some amazing heists. How far can they go before it all comes crashing down?

more to come...

Feel free to suggest your own pairings/ideas or shoot me a link to your search thread if you think we’ll line up well!
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