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Uhhhhhh... what? Just be sure to keep that stuff to DMs.
From within the walk-in closet came a cacophony of servos whirling, bolts being pulled back, and start-up chirps. An obsolete humanoid servant, missing an arm and silicone flesh gracefully walked out and began prepping their morning soy-based gruel. From within sat the combat rigger, working on a combat drone while humming a lullaby. In AR, Inu-tan (in coveralls this time) held schematics, repair manuals, and presented diagnostic information. Their favorite firearms were disassembled, cleaned, and loaded half an hour ago.

"You should really be nicer to your robotic servants. They can feel pain you know, they just don't show it. There's enough vileness in the world. Anyway, go take a shower, I'm just about done with breakfast." Adam was quite the rigger. Through his fiber-optic datajack and command console, he could micromanage up to a dozen drones, and step into their aluminum and titanium bodies if the task required a human touch. He closed the top panel of the Nissan Roto-drone. He heaved it up to his face and said, with a coo, "All better. Now you can actually see."

"Boss lady wants us to take her to a fancy cafe today. Then we're to 'accompany' her to some ritzy charity luncheon. After that, she wants to unwind by snorting nova-coka off of a male stripper's abs at the Electric Rose again. Eat a light lunch." In AR, Adam pat the little head of his assistant and got dressed himself. It was gonna be another one of those days.
"Oniiiii-chaaaan! It's time to wake up! You're gonna be late for wooooork! Standing above the scared man with lifeless eyes was a girl in a bright white and blue schoolgirl uniform. She had floppy dog ears and making puppy eyes at him, as usual."Alright Inu-tan. I'm up, I'm up!" The man was floating in a black, featureless room. he simply re-orientated himself to be standing. Inu-tan took out a little tablet and filled the walls with holographic screens. She rattled off the usual. "You have five new messages! One from your boss and... the rest are ads, sorry. Today's going to be a freezing 35 degrees Fahrenheit, Pweaaase wear a jacket today! The time is currently 0430AM" Adam Dietrich preferred to sleep in the wired. His brain operated faster here, and the only noise was the kind he invited. Here, there was no outer world, just him, and his personal assistant/sister/daughter. Well worth the three months of pay he needed to save for her. After tending to his morning business, he jacked out.

Now he found himself back into meatspace, and in his meat. He slept in a military surplus Rigger Cocoon. Meant for drone operators who jacked into their drones directly. It was a bulletproof shell, a Faraday cage, and sensory deprivation tank all in one. With a satisfying WOOSH the hermetic seal was broken, revealing a shabby, 500 square foot studio apartment. It was a coffin with only a single window looking at nothing, but it was... a place to rest your meat.

After Adam got reacquainted with the flesh, a the wolf girl stood besides him in augmented reality, now wearing yoga pants,a loose hoodie, and a whistle around her neck only he could hear. "Shake the atrophy away! You'll need to be in peak physical condition if you wanna protect that dragon lady! Hup-to! Hup-to! And so they begun their morning calisthenics. Adam suppressed his breathing as to not wake his only friend Nektarios up, but in the parallel world of AR, his now instructor and workout buddy could cheer him through the pain and exertion.

The mind/body duality imposed by being Combat Rigger was always tempting him to leave his body behind. The feeling of becoming the machine he was piloting, and being able to send your mind everywhere at once was more addicting than nova-coke for him. If he didn't have someone reminding him that he still had a corporeal form, he would have died long ago.
[center][h2] Neo-Babylon : Sin, Sleaze and the desolation of Souls [/h1][/center]

The year is 2050. To some, Seattle is a paradise of free love, free money, and all the useless gizmos you can integrate into your smart condominium. To the rest of us, It's a slum littered with excrement, used needles, and used condoms, washed away only by the perpetual rain. Unfortunately, the human filth never washes away into the sea. Every pleasure of the flesh, every vice, and every bad thing that makes us feel good is catered to in this city. With a simple "Alexa, order a me the usual", you can get whatever you heart desires, delivered by drone, to your hole-in-the-wall coffin.

As for our hapless protagonists, they're single, broke men working dead-end jobs for a boss that hates them and pushed just over the edge...
@PopeMaddi Are you implying that I pulled up? Because I went on foot to be sneaki breeki.
Quick Question: To spur a bit of conflict, could I play a werewolf hunter? An antagonist to drive the two together and get the plot going?
0700 Hours

After donning his masked battle dress,finding a lead wasn't all that hard. There aren't many places who sold industrial water pumps, and with a list of people of interest, it wasn't hard to narrow down a suspect. The shopkeepers he'd saved from a few armed robberies before were happy to finger the anorexic manlet by the name of Vin. While Nikolai was confident in his abilities in combat, the weaklings never fought fair. Fortunately for him, he stopped fighting fair in South Africa. After making a few suspicious purchases of his own, He left town for the industrial park. Cliche, but scum of all kinds just seem to love his favourite arenas. The huge concrete ruins makes for great backstops, he can go all out without having to worry about any bystanders getting hurt in the crossfire.

0730 Hours

Nick rolled up to a vacant machine shop in the Vigrid industrial district. It wasn't much, but it was his base of operations, and in just the perfect spot for the events to come. His souped-up but shabby looking '99 Honda Civic was the perfect, unassuming vehicle for an assassin. While he wasn't exactly squatting, the $100 bucks a month he paid to live here was barely worth it. It wasn't comfy in the slightest, but the electromagnetic shielding the place provided, along with its obscurity meant that he was a living cypher when he wanted to be. Nikolai ripped open the tube of caffeinated, sugary gel in his hands and slurped it down. It helped sober him up and fuel his brain for the surveillance to come.

Since this whole district was his home, and his enemies were legion, he had rigged up an entire network of surveillance devices (with the greasing of a few palms for permission of course). Little self-powered audrinos slaved to his master laptop means that he can see and hear everyone that his cheap Chinese phone cameras and microphones can pick up. Nikolai quickly scanned through the past 24 hours of surveillance footage for anything unusual, and there he saw it. The woman in the little commuter driving up to an abandoned factory was very unusual indeed. Though the irony was not lost on him, he had little time to contemplate. The mercenary grabbed a heavy ALICE pack of equipment, his trusty Maxim 9 pistol, and bolted out of the door for some further reconnaissance.
u r a yuge dork
Alright, made my first post. I'll be playing off more of the noir side of this city. The seedier,grittier bit. Y'all can take whatever tone you'd like. Did the best with the info I had.
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