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@PopeMaddi Are you implying that I pulled up? Because I went on foot to be sneaki breeki.
Quick Question: To spur a bit of conflict, could I play a werewolf hunter? An antagonist to drive the two together and get the plot going?
0700 Hours

After donning his masked battle dress,finding a lead wasn't all that hard. There aren't many places who sold industrial water pumps, and with a list of people of interest, it wasn't hard to narrow down a suspect. The shopkeepers he'd saved from a few armed robberies before were happy to finger the anorexic manlet by the name of Vin. While Nikolai was confident in his abilities in combat, the weaklings never fought fair. Fortunately for him, he stopped fighting fair in South Africa. After making a few suspicious purchases of his own, He left town for the industrial park. Cliche, but scum of all kinds just seem to love his favourite arenas. The huge concrete ruins makes for great backstops, he can go all out without having to worry about any bystanders getting hurt in the crossfire.

0730 Hours

Nick rolled up to a vacant machine shop in the Vigrid industrial district. It wasn't much, but it was his base of operations, and in just the perfect spot for the events to come. His souped-up but shabby looking '99 Honda Civic was the perfect, unassuming vehicle for an assassin. While he wasn't exactly squatting, the $100 bucks a month he paid to live here was barely worth it. It wasn't comfy in the slightest, but the electromagnetic shielding the place provided, along with its obscurity meant that he was a living cypher when he wanted to be. Nikolai ripped open the tube of caffeinated, sugary gel in his hands and slurped it down. It helped sober him up and fuel his brain for the surveillance to come.

Since this whole district was his home, and his enemies were legion, he had rigged up an entire network of surveillance devices (with the greasing of a few palms for permission of course). Little self-powered audrinos slaved to his master laptop means that he can see and hear everyone that his cheap Chinese phone cameras and microphones can pick up. Nikolai quickly scanned through the past 24 hours of surveillance footage for anything unusual, and there he saw it. The woman in the little commuter driving up to an abandoned factory was very unusual indeed. Though the irony was not lost on him, he had little time to contemplate. The mercenary grabbed a heavy ALICE pack of equipment, his trusty Maxim 9 pistol, and bolted out of the door for some further reconnaissance.
u r a yuge dork
Alright, made my first post. I'll be playing off more of the noir side of this city. The seedier,grittier bit. Y'all can take whatever tone you'd like. Did the best with the info I had.
It was 0630 hours, the sun had begun to rise. Nikolai however had been up for hours. The free waffles he was munching on in the Dive Bar/Wafflehouse Der Panzerwaffle always tasted like the best he ever had. It'd been a full year since he last hat to pay to eat here. With a raised beer or coffee mug, depending on the person, he'd always gotten his breakfast or dinner given to him. A reward as thanks for another job well done. This week's target, some punk who killed a little girl in a drive-by shooting. He begged for mercy, but refused to admit he did anything wrong. Not even the liveleak video of the event was enough to convince him of his guilt. Another easy $500, another piece of filth out of the picture, and another plate of the best chicken and waffles on the west coast. The drizzling rain outside of the tinted windows fell like almost weightless crystals. The lightning danced among the clouds, there were definitely advantages to being trapped in slo-mo. The vigilante could see the refractions in each rain drop as the gently fell to the ground, it was a familiar sight in this part of Washington state, but with his gift (and curse), he could experience it in all of its glory.

Then, a familiar, portly officer stopping in for his morning joe took a seat across from him. Nick hated talking to people, but it was something that just couldn't be avoided. Every syllable sounded like a distorted parody of an imbecile, but it really was just him. "Hey buddy, I got a lead on something incredibly fishy you might want to take a look at." At a mile a minute, like a chipmunk hopped up on Adderal, the mercenary replied. "Hey Deckard, been a while, you should really lay off the powdered donuts if you ever want to make your physical. You only ever talk to me when you're a weeping mess, or have some justice for me to dispense." The officer had to take a second to process what he just said, but failed to. "...anyway," he pulled out a manila folder from a laptop case. "...we've seen quite a few suspicious purchases from hardware supply stores in the area. Miles of acrylic tubing and Plexiglas, water pumps of all shapes and sizes, all sorts of suspicious chemicals, all either paid in cash, or with crypto. We'd like you to look into it, just in case we got a wannabe mad scientist or a chemist cooking all kinds of poison." Nick ripped the folder from the officer's hand, and thumbed through the pages at a blistering pace. Before the last page even settled, he slammed the folder onto the table and passed it back. "Tell the boys to scrounge up a rack and a half, I'll need equipment, plus hazard pay in case I have the whole fucking triad jump down my throat.Keep me update if you fellas find out anything." With a tip of his hat, the officer picked up his folder, coffee, and assorted box of donuts, and then left.

Nikolai then shoveled the rest of his food down his gullet, slammed the last of his ale (booze slowed his mind down somewhat) and headed off through the door. Since the regular patrons overheard the whole thing, they raised their drinks and their weapons and shouted "GUTE JAGD!"
Miraculous Mercenary: Nikolai Poklonskaya

Nikolai is a man who's seen the worst humanity has to offer. Having served as a mercenary in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and finally the Ukraine, Nikolai has seen every depraived and sadistic act a human can commit. From bacha bazi, to marines defending poppy fields, to outright genocide, he was forced to sit by and watch. Eventually, he couldn't take it any longer. While under the command of the Ukrainian military, the unit he was attached to was ordered to launch artilery against a civilian population. Nikolai couldn't cross that line. He'd let numerous attrocities happen before, but he couldn't bear to see his own people die. So, he snapped. One by one, he killed the to-be war criminals in his unit. Whenever Nikolai faced death, time slowed, his movements quickened, and his aim was true. In the first noble act of his life, this feeling was multiplied. It was trivial to land the shots, dodge the bullets, and stop the murderers of his unit. In the end, all that remained were 30 corpses, thousands of bullet casings, and a broken man.

After his treason, Nikolai escaped to neutral territory and booked a flight back home. After a week of dodging both enemies and former allies, his slowed sense of time became permanent. While useful, every moment became hours. Any wound was drawn out into what felt like months of excruciating pain. It also gave him more time to reflect, which hurt him worse than any gunshot ever could. After his plane touched down at Ellicott International, the old ex-mercenary tried to go back to civilian life, but he was only good at killing, and at the age of 40 and a resident of nowhere, he couldn't go to college.

Luckily for him, and the rest of this city, he'd be able to apply his talents. After a deal with some old contacts in the police department in a wafflehouse, Nikolai got his first extra-judicial contract. A single shot was fired from an abandoned building, and a monster was off the streets.

Thus began his career as the Miraculous Mercenary. Where the law failed, he would prevail. Whether it's slaying a fiend, gathering evidence, protecting a victim, or anything else less-than-legal, Nikolai would be there just in the nick of time. With a full company of mercenaries, and sympathetic good cops on his side. For a small "donation", or the right circumstances, his targets can be chosen, and justice delivered a little more swiftly.

Special Ability: Psychic Overclocking

Whether through a biological anomaly, psionic ability, or just happenstance, Nikolai percieves time 10 times slower than the average person. He can't punch through walls, shoot lasers from his eyes, or run at the speed of sound, but he can think and react faster than anyone. From catching a coffee cup knocked off a table, aiming a handgun between the eyes of an enemy, or dodging falling rubble, he has 10 times the time to to think about it. Unfortunately, he can never turn it off. Wounds feel like they bleed 10 times longer, and feeling like you've been awake for 200 hours straight can drain you completely. Because of his perception of time, he tends to speak faster than anyone, powerwalk everywhere, and otherwise act like the most impatient man in the world.
Wait, @PopeMaddi I forgot a very important question, what city does this take place in to begin with? I can't interact with the rest of the players from the other side of the world.
@PopeMaddi Do you have a specific character page format you'd like us to follow or should we just do our own thing?

@Scrambled Art I'd prefer if you replied faster than that.
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