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I'll write up my character as soon as I have the opportunity C: I'm so excited!
I'm most definitely interested, however I only have a vague idea of a character in mind. I hope that's not too bad.
I might have to take you up on that offer c:
Err... I'm new here. Been a while since i've been on an RP site! I started roleplaying when I was young, if you can even count LARPing. Started online when I was eleven or so, and now I just turned seventeen! I used to be on a website for a few years in the past, but I had abandoned it to just roleplay with some friends over e-mail and Skype. As that died down and they became busy I went out of practice for quite some time, recently getting back into the swing of things. A friend had urged me to join this site, and behold I am here. I do not hope to disappoint any that deem me worthy of RP. c:
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