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Current @Poi I bet you were playing as a dirty, disgusting Anathema. Glory to the Scarlet Empress! (Wherever she is...)
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I'm already familiar with both of those things, now give me the painfully sweet nectar of forbidden knowledge.
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You have to know that that will only make me more curious. I need to know now.
8 mos ago
I think I missed something. What is "diapergate"?
8 mos ago
Candlejack? That's a name I haven't heard in-


So, I'm NewShoesForever, natch. I enjoy hiding in the shadow of tall things and praying no one sees me.

I am an absolute fanatic for fantasy adventure fiction; the more outlandish the better. I'm also all about collaborative worldbuilding, so hit me up whenever for that if you're interested.

My primary likes include Magic The Gathering and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I can be seen lurking around any thread in which I am even tangentially involved like an obsessive-compulsive poltergeist.

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I'm back and ready for action. I'll have something up by day's end.
I'm still game, though the introduction seems like it'll be a bit abrupt. I'll try to work something out by Monday night.
Here's me trying to take a more active role in the goings-on. You guys cool with that?
Panopticon sat quietly, feet exactly one foot apart, staring at a blank wall in an empty room. He knew he could not have any distractions as he focused on the mission at hand. He looked coldly through the bank security footage and heard the commotion through the police radios. The situation had not yet escalated past manageable proportions, yet he felt there was more to be gained from this.

Panopticon reached out through the crowd of huddled hostages to a man with a bluetooth. Perfectly ordinary. No particularly powerful quirk.

His bluetooth crackled and shrieked with disorienting noise and feedback, knocking him off balance.

A short, brusque message played through the headsets of the Dark Tree officers. "When this one gets up, don't shoot. He's mine."

A voice came through, low and droning. "It is your obligation to fight the heroes. If you do, you will be a legend. Don't you want to be famous? Don't you want to be remembered when you die?" Compelling and consuming. So right.

So right.
Is there something I should be doing? IC, I thought the orders were for Panopticon to just fry their comms to evade pursuit, i.e. a part of the plan that isn't happening yet.
Speaking of: do you folks think that I should start putting up the OOC yet?
Looks good!

I'm not super into the idea of players having multiple characters, but he could easily be an NPC under your control.

Also, fyi, there is no Wicca in this universe any more than there is Christianity or Islam. There are only a couple of constructed religions with varying levels of similarity to real world ones.

But the character himself seems really fun and interesting, so go ahead and add him to Malthus's bio!
Also, a note on human mages: their powers derive from Vestitures. Essentially, they all have some kind of supernatural patron and that's where they get their powers. The breakdown is like this:

Fae - Enchanter
Djinn - Sha'Ir
Demon - Warlock
Angel - Theurge
Archon - Heirophant
Qlipphoth - Thaumaturge
Otherworlder - Alienist
Looks good! I should mention, however, that this world is constructed, and thus has no real-world history. Other than that, though, it's quite cool!
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