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So, I'm NewShoesForever, natch. I enjoy hiding in the shadow of tall things and praying no one sees me.

I am an absolute fanatic for fantasy adventure fiction; the more outlandish the better. I'm also all about collaborative worldbuilding, so hit me up whenever for that if you're interested.

My primary likes include Magic The Gathering and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I can be seen lurking around any thread in which I am even tangentially involved like an obsessive-compulsive poltergeist.

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Ah, yes. But on the internet, nobody knows I'm made of bees.

Come again? I don't see where I'm alluded to in the IC.
No shooooooes @LordofthePies

Well I'll just see myself out, then.

Sorry to be a hassle. Here's my new character submission. Here's hoping it's a little less tonally incongruous.

Got it. He obviously can't have any kind of armor or anything. Has to blend in with the time period.

Again, if the whole thing doesn't work from a conceptual level, I can try something else.

Hmmm... I see. The idea was actually that some other, more subtle/obscure event was causing the time anomaly, not the Weeping Winter itself. Still, if that doesn't pass the smell test, I can try to think of a more viable workaround.

Definitely has my attention. I'll have my character sheet in by the end of the night.
Hi five recieved
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