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You still looking for a mecha rp by chance?
Honestly I've a couple of cravings lately, but just haven't felt like running it. I love zombie RPs, but a friend that I tried to teach to rp just kinda ruined those by building a god character (not invincible to bites or the virus, but constantly built bigger and better custom weapons and vehicles to where nothing could get within 30 feet of him without dying)...

Also have wanted like a Final Fantasy VIII or IX styled game, but really don't have the energy or time to try and write the plot out to something like that right now.
I'd be down for this if it's still open.
Thank you!
So I've been writing and rping off and on for the better of about 15 years now. I used to use the site a while back, but honestly just lost all motivation to write for the longest time... Mostly due to losing all the work I had done on personal writing projects from them being destroyed. Nowadays, I've been having that itch again and gave it a test run with a friend... Which worked out amazingly well. So I thought I might come back and see what's been going on in the site since I left a long time ago.
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