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tbf I didn't exactly mean I was interested per say, just stating something no-one but myself would understand. Why did I then? Making myself feel better, I suppose.... So, if someone else wants my slot they can have it.
Reminds me of a RP called Lone Tree High School from another Forum I was on.
<Snipped quote by NiceScourge>

...Looking forwards to it.

And damnit man, Rylee gets his fancy little title, but me? Oh, I'm just the Manson. Although, to be fair, this name Lichthart is pretty poor - far too straight-on for my tastes, and it ain't even 5 syllables!

Hey bro, you're the one who put in his TCF siggy "Just call me Manson, damnit.", i'm just followin' what'cha say to do!

And Raptor always seems uncomfortable with his name bein' thrown out there, but if I must, then call him Rylee I shall.
Who am I to deny the requests of the Sweatlord himself ;)
Screw it, Manson and Raptor got me all hyped with our little RPing in Discord. I'll finish an app sometime in the span of the next few days.
I find it funny how Raptor tells me about a RP on another site that he's excited about, and I hardly bat an eye. But when my boy Manson (or Lichthart here, trying to deny his own LoL account by a measly two letters) gets hype in the Discord chat, my own interest piques, if not to RP than only to read more content of his. Anyway, I'll just be checking in occasionally to read and/or comment on how things are going. This is shaping up to be an intriguing experience, and i'll let you know if I ever get arsed to put another RP on my platter. For now though; keep up the good writing, everyone!
Yeah, I probably should. I have it saved to my computer, but I can't copy it from there, so yeah. I have it as my profile pic over there tho
Apologize for the small size, but I can't figure out how to upload it a bit larger.


As the peppy girl slowed her pace to keep the others ahead of her - she figured Masaru was leading them, or someone else back there at least - she started to pay more attention to the scraggy-kept man, who started checking the alchemist out. Lilita gave a nervous giggle, subtly hoping he wouldn't start looking around herself. While she didn't want to be rude, the alchemist's chest was rather...flat compared to her's, and Lilita didn't have the strength or the heart to ward him off if he did. So, she instead simply watched on as the Kitsune extended her hand outward to give a snake-head to the alchemist, trying to stay a small distance, but close enough to still be a part of their lives.

The box she was carrying still felt rather light, and her worries intensified with each step. I don't want to be known as the girl who brought nothing to camp... She thought to herself, clutching the box like it was her lifeline.
Gimme another day, I keep getting dragged to family gatherings for the past 3 days. It's getting ridiculous.
"or we gonna have to look deeper?"

....I'm so sorry.
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