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Out of sheer frustration, and a bit of ambivalence Sinai left squad 2. In fact she intended to leave the serireitei as a whole had she not run into the nurse that had treated her at squad four. She was yelling at a man with a strange mark on his head but she stopped when she noticed Sinai. Sinai wasn’t sure if it was the same woman but the multicolored hair wasn’t really a common style.
“You’re in squad two right?” the nurse asked Sinai with a sweet voice unlike the one she had spoke to the man with
“Technically” was Sinai’s response. She barely counted herself a member. On top of being new she had also never been on a mission with her squad mates. She really only knew three of them, and only two of them by name. So technically seemed to be the most honest answer she could muster up.
“How is your skill in Hakuda?” the woman asked but Sinai noticed the man roll his eyes and mumble something under his breath.
“I’m pretty good” Sinai looked directly at the man as she spoke but he didn’t say a word. It was the woman who kept speaking
“Good so you can teach him something.” That wasn’t a question, Sinai could tell that much and clearly so could the man since he was glaring at the woman. But she didn’t seem to care. “Let’s go”
Again the man rolled his eyes but this time he spoke to Sinai. “Feel free to say no. she aint the boss of everyone” the comment was met with a slap upside his head. “Get out why you still can” he continued and was hit again.
“Are you two….together?” Sinai had to ask.
“NO!” the answered at the same time.
“My name is Giovanni Cain, Lt of squad five”
“Technically” the woman added causing him to glare at her again.
“and this cranky nurse is Genesis Rain from squad four” Gio introduced her.
So is she Good to go?
Zane620 said
Training with someone worse than you, wont get the mark to go away any faster XD

oh nooo. she wont be training him. she will be putting him back together, at first anyway. XD
AbigailTenshi said
Is she in Squad 4 still? If so she can be 10th seat o3o

yep she is still squad 4. There is a good chance that wont be changing.
I am turning one of my NPs into an actual character. So im not sure if she is still unseated, but for her its far from impossible.

Zane620 said
"Mostly the tore up all the shit you've been doing, but yes smartass." Mok said as he then listened to his question and would have respond if it weren't for the bakudo being thrown at him. Mok shook his head and snapped his fingers." Bakudō #81. Dankū" Which made four White barriers around him blocking the bakudo and attacks from Gio. Mok took the time to go back to Gio's question, now that he wouldn't be interrupted. "Simple. Even though I barred you from using kido. You are still using it and I have so far beaten everyone. This leads me to think that if kido is your best, what does that say for everything else? Now I would train you in those areas, but Hakuda Im seated level at most. While zanjustu is lieutenant level. I excelled my Kido to the point I could be considered the second best. Pretty much. I want you to surpass me one day Gio. How are you going to do that by becoming an exact copy?" Mok said as the barriers faded with Mok tapping the ground with his blade. "So seriously, do I need to put a seal on you, to prevent you from using Kido? I want to be able to trust you, to listen to orders you know."

Gio listened to Moks answer while resting his blade on his shoulder. "its not that i mind the ban. Though a seal might not be a bad idea...unless i find myself up shits creek.. and given my track record, thats pretty likely. can you do one that make it harder to use kido." he offered "my hakuda is better than my zanjutsu. only because infusing energy into hakuda is easy. As for zanjutsu... i get caught up in my zanpaukto skills usually. " he tapped the blade on his shoulder for emphasis. "and as a rapier its not quite as simple as a katana. even sealed its a nodachi. we have a really good instructor in squad five too. cuz i was really shit in zanjutsu before i met her. i put her in charge of training the kido corps when they officially merged with squad 5 openly. " Gio noticed he was rambling " sorry, got sidetracked."
Zane620 said
Mok stared at Gio as he gave his explanation, it made him stare off blankly into space as his eye twitched again. Mok though to himself as Mok held his own sword down stopping Gio's in its track while a blue orb formed to the point Gio was about to kick and repelled him. "I will say this. If you were faster you might have been able to pull off that kick, by the way. Being smart with a man, who will literally use Bankai just to make you wet yourself, is not a wise idea. Now next move little one. In fact lets go back to the day you meet me." Mok said as a kido stump formed under Mok as he sat down.

Back to the day they met? "you mean when you arrived, tore up everything i spent almost two years doing and made me cook the best dinner of your life?" he asked from withing the smoke. Normally Gio wasnt THIS much of a smart ass. Something about Mok brought it out of him, along with the smile that was on is face. Despite the insurmountable odds he was allegedly facing, he was actually enjoying himself. "before my next move, i have a question. I'm all for training in my weak areas...but why totally progress in my strongest? " of course he didnt wait for an answer. "bakudo 62. hyapporankan" he spoke quietly to add a bit of surprise as the multiple spikes shot out of the smoke. Gio followed among them in a flash step. It would seem that Gio hoped the bakudo would open up moks guard for him to strike. But Gio was now testing Mok in a sense. it probably wouldnt work in either way but Gio moved into a flurry of slashes and kick among the bakudo. it was by no means a pretty blend, but the kicks were getting a bit quicker as Gio surreptitiously used his zanpakuto ability to reduced wind resistance. normally he used it to fly faster but now it was kicking.
Gio used the smoke to hide his movements but wasnt really surprised when Mok gripped his arm. Gio couldnt help but chuckle as he was thrown "you said training, hollows gillians and anyone who can make it useless... so far the one i used worked." he flipped and flew back at mok in an arch trajectory, coming under him with a upward sword strike. The momentum helped Gio throw the rest of his body upward to execute a kazaguruma kick toward Moks head. Gio knew that zanjutsu was his weakest skill point. he had only recently began working on it in the interest of improving. Before that it was hakuda that he dabbled in, only because of he opportunity to enhance strikes by embedding energy into them. He gauged himself at about a seated level in both with hakuda being slightly higher. then there was Hoho, which he demonstrated by shunpoing back into the smoke.
Zane, the thrusting stabs werent fakeouts...they were stabs.
With no reply from the captain of squad 10 Sinai simply slid her report under the door and went on about her business. Naturally she really had nothing to do to squad 4 to tend to her wounds and bruises. It was her first time in the hospital in her life but it wasn’t really a fascinating experience. She had to wait to be seen, which didn’t really bother her but then she got reprimanded by the nurse that tended to her about waiting so long to get looked at. The nurse never asked about the mission, or what happened she just said she should have come sooner. In little to no time she was out of that place an on her way to the squad 2 barracks….with absolutely nothing to do. Her commanding officers still weren’t back so she asked a random Shinigami if they could bring her to any seated officer to speak to since she didn’t know anyone’s position yet.
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