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In Nico's Art 1 yr ago Forum: The Gallery

Some digital paintings and traditional sketches. Paintings were done with a mouse (before I got a tablet). Maybe I'll get some newer ones uploaded soon.

Now, if you folks would help me out: I'm trying to up my game by designing characters/environments/whatever for fellow RP'ers. Above are a couple characters I did by request (these are someone's original characters, please don't use for anything). I'm not asking commission, so don't expect deadlines to be met. This is just for practice, and you don't have to use it if you think it sucks. No hard feelings. I also don't know what kind of response to this I'll get here, but if it's overwhelming, I'll just have to pick ones I think will be fun to do. This just seems like a good way to start giving back to a new community right off the bat.

Some have had a hard time deciding what information to give me in order for me to design something. I've done pieces from as little as a two sentence description in an RP to a full page bio. Whatever you think is important for the character or setting, include it in the post or PM. The pieces I've most enjoyed were from a decent description that outlines the vibe of a character but still gives me some artistic license to create.
Well, hey there, folks. I'm Nico, or whatever else you'd like to call me. But those are the only two things I'll answer to.

I dove into the RP world about...carry the one...9 months ago. So, still learning. I've been browsing some new sites and like the setup you've got here.

I have little preference of genre so long as the story and characters are there. I'm still checking out the RP's here, but came here for a slower, quality-over-speed type project. I don't have as much time as I'd like to write (but probably just have too many hobbies). I also like writing contests and prompts to get the juices flowing.

Bonus stuff:
I'm 32 with a wife and 6-year-old, and a carpenter by trade in Louisiana. I play guitar/sing. Oh, I just got a drawing tablet so I'll probably be hitting the artists' section sooner or later. There, that should be enough rambling about myself.

So... It's great to meet you all.

P.S. I've read on the development thread a bit, but did you guys ever get the mobile version of the site worked out? It might just be my browser.
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