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Current I am back from my hiatus; though I have limited capacity for RPing.
6 yrs ago
Sorry I haven't been on. I had a death in the family and have been trying to work through it.
6 yrs ago
Sorry for another delay guys. No real good reason aside from just having trouble braining lately. I'm working on responses now and I hope you will all see something within the next day or so.
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6 yrs ago
Sorry to everyone waiting on responses. Was out of the house/unable to get on my computer pretty much all day. I'll get to responses tomorrow.
6 yrs ago
Furnace fixed...but dealing with sleep deprived and sick me. Please be patient!


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I don't know why, but I've kind of been liking the idea of a love triangle / reverse harem idea. Anyone with me?

Me and my expectations:
  • This will be over PM; it's easier for me to keep track of. That means one thread for OOC stuff, including plotting and just general chat, and one thread for the RP.
  • I'm an adult with a life: I can reply at least once every other day (sometimes more, sometimes less) even if I may be online more frequently than that (I have other partners that deserve their fair amount of attention as well.)
  • I am aiming for 2+ paragraphs per character that moves the story forward, and hope for at least 2 paragraphs from my partner. Sometimes this can be less, but I'd like us both to aim for about that.
  • I won't say I have perfect spelling or grammar (spelling mistakes mostly when using my phone to post) but I will say I'm pretty decent. I expect the same from my partner (spelling being that I understand what word you were going for, grammar that I'm not getting frustrated because you keep using the wrong form of 'to' or 'there' etc.)
  • I prefer my partner is 18+. These may or may not involve smut (not just that we may or may not write it out, but even fade to black scenes may not really occur) but they may involve adult themes such as violence, physical and/or psychological abuse, harsh language, and...well...smut. I would prefer having a partner that can handle all these aspects.
    If you are under 18, please let me know because - ya know - I'm an adult and don't want to get flagged because of an RP.

Still with me? I hope so...
I would prefer to play the guys for the RP; no real reason other than preferring to play guys lately. Must be my NaNoWriMo-novel having focusing on the guy rather than the girl.
So I'm looking for someone who can play a female. I don't care if you are female or not; all that matters is that you either can, or would like to play (because I'm okay with people that want to try their hand at playing one even if they have little to no experience with it,) a female.

Okay, so, that's all out of the way. Here's a bit more:


As far as this goes, unless otherwise noted, I'm looking for us to use OCs instead of the canon. They're mostly because I liked the setting and want to borrow it. Your OC can be based off the canon if you want, because mine will be in the ball park just filling the roles the canon sets.

We don't have to do a reverse harem. I could be just a love triangle. I just want to RP with someone that is interested in romantic conflict.

Reverse Harem Fandoms:
Dance with Devils
Diabolik Lovers (I don't mind playing the Sakamaki characters if you are interested)

Non-harem Fandoms we could use:
X-Men Evolution
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson

Make a suggestion: I prefer supernatural/magical settings, and although I know there are a few other settings that could work, I can't think of other fandoms I'd be interested in doing. Worst I can say is that I'm not interested in that setting, right? (There are some fandoms I may reference later in here that I didn't post, mostly because I don't like their rules on demons/vampires whereas I like Dance with Devils and Diabolik Lovers because of their lore.)

Original Plots

Man, I got a bit incoherent at the end, huh?

Anyways, if you're interested, please PM me with a small bit about yourself (essentially if you prefer love triangle / reverse harem situation or a polyamorous *threesome type* situation, what level of casual you can handle, RP idea...Something more than just 'hi, wanna RP?') so I know at least a little about who is looking to involve themselves with me.
I won't be checking this very often, so responses here may go unseen.
One last bump attempt.

Willing to open it up to all OC cast. Still would like this to be a reverse harem Vampire x Human RP with potential sado-masochistic themes. (This can be made lighter for a more PG-13 vibe rather than adult.)
Still looking for someone to play a female that has been sent to live with a set of brothers that turn out to be vampires *bare basics of the plot, other things will come up* and either she decides to stay close to one over the others, or they can bid for her time/devotion.

Bump. One more partner, again - preference on someone that knows the source material, but I'm willing to explain to someone that doesn't.

Looking for one more partner. Someone that knows the source material preferred. Willing to explain for someone that doesn't.

Reopened. Looking for 1-2 people.

You can call me Kat. I'm in in the EST zone (-5:00 UTC for those that don't know where that is) and kind of feel like slumming it from the high casual to advanced range I tend to do. I've been RPing for a little over fifteen years now, work full time, and have a family as well as a few other RPs going at the moment, but...

I've had this enormous craving lately to do Diabolik Lover based RPs.

I'd prefer someone that knows the source material, but I'm willing to explain it to someone that doesn't.

Bare basic: it's a reverse harem Vampires x Human sado-masochistic pairing.

What I'm looking for in a partner:
  • Can post at least one paragraph. I'd hope for more, and some characterization, but at least one paragraph is fine.
  • This is for MxF relationships only.
  • Must be 18+ due to the nature of this RP.
  • PM only. This contains mature themes including abuse, potential for emotional triggers, and potential for adult content beyond violence. We would use separate PMs to for OOC and RP.

As far as the RP is concerned, I'm interested in playing the Sakamaki brothers (Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Raito/Laito *Japanese/English version*, and Subaru). I'm looking for someone that is interested in playing an OC female for the setting that somewhat follows the anime. We can create our own plot instead if you'd rather, but I happened to like the overarching plot of the Dark Bride series, and we could get into More Blood if desired. This can also include choosing to be more like the CD Dramas where the others are mostly background and for tensions while it focuses on just the relationship building between the Female and one of the 6.

If you're interested, PM me with a bit about yourself (I like to know a little bit about who I'm getting in RP bed with ahead of time) and any questions/statements/whatever you have regarding this particular ad. I prefer you PM me if you're interested rather than post here even if you @mention me.

So, yeah.

Happy RPing, mates.
@Firkle there's no real age limit, but just keep in mind most are college age, as most characters attend Reinforce, though we do have a few that are older as town folk.
There are a few characters that are up for adoption as well (see wanted hider on the first page and the teacher list in the character tab).

Also, to everyone, just remember if you have a character you would like to put a character up for adoption, just let me know and post up something like you see in the wanted tab.
@Oni_ feel free to use the link at the top to check out the RP and submit a character or three.
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