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Current Weeeeelllp. I'm not on too often. But, perhaps we'll talk soon!


Welp. I don't really RP anymore. I'm a newly wed. Life is kinda busy. That's about it.

FYI I used to be ShelteredIdentity.

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Sooo since it is a movie discussion, after all...

Both my husband and I loved it. Great bit of nostalgia. I appreciated the humor placement, considering it has gone to Disney now, and even laughed with it. It was ALMOST everything I wanted it to be.

But other than that, I'd see it again. Can't wait for the next one!
I think the first five are pretty much only in order. After that...well...just as they come to me.

1.) James Cameron's Avatar - hands down, my favorite movie of all time.
2.) The Hunger Games movies.
3.) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.
4.) Tangled - favorite animated movie of all time.
5.) Harry Potter movies.
6.) You've Got Mail.
7.) The Last Song.
8.) Salt.
9.) Interstellar/The Martian - cause, really, you could flip. Interstellar is more fantasy while The Martian is more realistic. I loved both!
10.) Lord of the Rings.

I think I basically love any movie that after watching it, feel like it has changed me in some enormous or even insignificant way or I can take something away from it.
I saw "Doctor Who" and had to pop in. Also, I know of all like, five people who like Doctor Who that consider themselves geeks. It is a rather loose term nowadays.
Thank you, Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmesdale Dimmadone. ;)
I would love to be able to feed everyone a full meal. However, not in my budget, unfortunately. That Chex Mix sounds fantastic though!
Oh, yes. I've discussed many times that I don't feel like it is necessary to invite people who have not touched our lives in some way, just as I feel that inviting nearly the whole church (which the body is 300 people itself) just because they go to the same church is unnecessary. However, I have been told in response to those times that there are family friends and people from his parents lives that they want to invite that they feel should get an invitation. So, as far as decreasing the guest list, it's apparently not going to happen.

We aren't serving a full meal, I can tell you that much. That's why we are sticking to "finger foods" and the like, fortunately. They know the wedding budget in total amount but I have yet to actually figure out the budget of different aspects of the wedding.

Thank you for the advice!
Hello, Guild-goers! I've been on a small bout of hiatus this past year due to personal reasons, but now I'm back - for the time being, at least. I still remember the start of the good ole Guild. Forgot how much it had changed!

One of the most exciting things to happen to me over 2014 was that my boyfriend proposed. But now I run into a dilemma I've been trying to come up with a solution for, for 3 months now. And as such, I seek all of your knowledge!

I've never even so much as stepped foot into a wedding. So, that being said, I am all but at a loss on what to serve for food. >.< Our budget is only 1K, and I haven't found a reception location yet or a dress or much of anything. So we want to keep food limited and inexpensive. The guest list is over 300 people and it is still growing. ...Yeah, I know. Apparently it is customary for the parents to invite everyone and their dog even though they have nothing to do with my fiancé or myself. Who knew, right?

The ideas so far are:
1.) A three tiered wedding cake (I am buying, only about 150), a three tiered grooms cake (his mother is making), 3 sheet cakes, homemade cream mints, and nuts.

2.) Both cakes, 2 sheet cakes, pies, cookies, and other homemade desserts I can't think of - but am more than willing to take ideas for!

3.) Both cakes, 2 sheet cakes, and a snack bar/stations consisting of stuff such as chex mix, pretzels, nuts, that popcorn recipe on the back of the Old Dutch bags.

I guess I'm asking for suggestions and what, if you were a guest/have been a guest to a wedding/had a wedding of your own, you would like to see and what you have seen! And don't worry, it isn't until October so I'm not exactly pressed for time yet.
Cady is still alive and kicking. :D Enjoying life and hoping for some big changes in the near future.
Cady is feeling quite bummed, ready for this week to be over.
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